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The Best Solar Fountain Pumps for Your Yard

Large solar fountain sprinkler display in large pond

If you have a birdbath or pond on your property, a solar fountain pump is a great eco-friendly way to elevate the beauty of your yard with an elegant water display that both birds and humans will love. However, there are a number of factors to consider when shopping. We made this guide to showcase some of the best products out there so that you can find the perfect solar fountain pump for your outdoor space.

Shopping for a Solar Fountain Pump

Here are some things to look for:

  • Battery Backup: If a solar fountain pump includes a battery backup function, it will be able to operate at night or during overcast days by storing solar energy during daylight hours. Additionally, these models can pair nighttime use with LED lighting for beautiful, energy-efficient light displays.
  • Nozzle Variety: A variety of nozzles or sprinkler heads will help ensure you have an option that works for your unique usage. For instance, some sprinkler heads may shoot your water right out of the birdbath, while others limit the spray radius for an elegant and functional display.
  • Durability: To ensure your fountain pump lasts as long as possible, look for a model that includes auto-shutoff technology so that it does not continue operating when it runs out of water or gets clogged. Additionally, finding a model that is constructed of durable material such as aluminum is a great way to get extra life out of your purchase.

Best for Birdbaths: Kandice Solar Birdbath Fountain Pump

Solar fountain pump with circular design, 8 nozzle heads, and water shortage protection

If you are looking for a solar pump for your birdbath, the Kandice Solar Birdbath Fountain Pump is a great choice. Ideal for small to midsize birdbaths, this product thrives in direct sunlight and features a 900-mAh battery so that it continues to work when it’s overcast outside. It also automatically switches to protection mode when a lack of water threatens to cause it damage. With this pump, you also get eight nozzles for a variety of effects, making it more likely that one will be a perfect fit for your birdbath.

Best for Birdbaths

[All Day Operation]Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump, Can Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Anniversary, Wedding Floating Fountain Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Anniversary, Wedding

Featuring eight fountain nozzles and a 900-mAh battery backup, this solar fountain pump can keep working even in cloudy conditions if sufficiently charged.

Best for Small Ponds: Sunlitec Solar Fountain

Solar fountain pump with large rectangular solar panel, 4 nozzle heads, and brushless motor

The Sunlitec Solar Fountain features an amazing price for a solar fountain of its quality. Featuring a 20,000-hour estimated lifespan and a brushless motor to limit power consumption, this pump requires less routine maintenance than similar products and is ideal for areas that get lots of direct sunlight. Because it doesn’t sport battery backup, it will not operate during overcast or nighttime conditions. However, its four sprinkler heads offer plenty of variety for those who like getting creative. Additionally, the sprinkler’s height is perfect for your small, decorative pond.

Best for Small Ponds

Sunlitec Solar Fountain with Panel Water Pump for Bird Bath Solar Panel Kit Outdoor Fountain for Outdoor Small Pond, Patio Garden and Fish Tank

This solar fountain pump comes with four unique spray heads and is capable of water heights over 25 inches.

Best with LED Lights: ZOTO Solar Fountain Pump

Circular solar fountain pump with six multi-color LED lights, anti-collision pipes, and 7 spray nozzles.

If you want to transform your fountain at night with a beautiful LED light display, the ZOTO Solar Fountain Pump is your best choice. Under ideal daylight conditions, this pump can operate for up to four hours at night, thanks to its 900-mAh backup battery. Additionally, the LED light display automatically powers on after sundown, meaning less work for you. This product also scores points for its stabilizer legs that do well to keep it centered in a birdbath, as well as its water shortage protection feature.

Best with LED Lights

ZOTO Solar Fountain Pump, 3W Solar Water Pump with Built-in Backup Battery, 6 LED Lights and 7 Spray Nozzles for Garden Decoration

The LED lights on this solar fountain pump automatically switch on at night for colorful water displays that utilize its 900-mAh backup battery.

Best for Large Ponds: ECO-WORTHY Solar Fountain Water Pump Kit 20 W

Circular solar fountain pump with six multi-color LED lights, anti-collision pipes, and 7 spray nozzles.

If you have a large pond, you will need something a little more powerful to get the most out of your solar fountain pump display. Thankfully, this 20-watt offering from ECO-WORTHY can move a lot of water during daylight hours and uses its 6-foot lifting height to glorious effect. While this pump doesn’t include a battery or LED lights, it is very simple to disassemble for routine cleaning, and its solar panel is top-notch. This pump also features durable aluminum construction, giving it added longevity to justify its higher price tag.

Best for Large Ponds

Best with Battery Backup: Kaven Solar Fountain with LED Lights

3.5W LED-illuminated solar fountain pump with 2000mAh backup battery for nighttime use

The Kaven Solar Fountain features a 2,000-mAh backup battery and gorgeous LED lights so that your illuminated fountain display can last long into the night during your next outdoor party. This solar fountain pump also comes with seven different nozzle heads that offer great variety in terms of the sprinkler’s height and pattern. Additionally, this product features some handy anti-clogging measures to somewhat limit the number of times you will need to clean it so that it operates flawlessly.

Best with Battery Backup

Kaven Solar Fountain with LED Lights, 3W 2000mAh Battery Solar Water Fountain Pump with 7 Nozzles, 4 Fixer, for Bird Bath,Pond, Pool, Outdoor, Garden

Featuring an impressive 2000-mAh backup battery and gorgeous LED lights, this solar fountain pump is great for nighttime illuminated water displays.

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