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The Best Solder Wire for DIY Projects

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Solder wire is a versatile and useful tool. It comes in different materials, each suitable for different uses. Whether you’re using it to do plumbing work, work on computer parts, or even make jewelry, solder wire can be an important factor in all of these DIY scenarios. Check out the information below for guidance on finding the right solder wire for your specific needs.

How to Choose Your Solder Wire

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your solder wire:

  • Material: There are two main types of solder wire: lead-based and lead-free. Each of these types has its advantages. Lead solder wire is ideal for reducing cold joints, while unleaded solder wire works well in moist environments. Before choosing your solder wire, decide which property will work best for your project’s requirements.
  • Alloy Ratio: Lead alloy solder wire is a mixture of lead and tin, and it typically comes in two different alloy ratios: 63/37 or 60/40. While both ratios are ideal for working with electric and plumbing components, 63/37 is more eutectic, so it is useful when the components move while cooling.

Best for Electrical Work: MAIYUM 63-37 Tin Lead Rosin Core Solder Wire

A roll of solder wire in a blue and white holder

This solder wire is a great choice for anyone doing electrical work or working on computer parts. The 63/37 alloy ratio gives the wire a low melting point to help make working on parts less tedious and more manageable. The wire itself is strong and durable by nature. It is ideal for working on circuit boards and many other DIY or home improvement projects.

Best for Electric Work

MAIYUM 63-37 Tin Lead Rosin Core Solder Wire for Electrical Soldering (0.8mm 50g)

This solder wire has a 63/37 alloy ratio that makes it perfect for taking on many electrical DIY projects.

Best Multi-Pack: AxPower 5-Pack 63-37 Tin Lead Rosin Core Solder Wire

Five rolls of solder wire in yellow and black holders

If you’re a plumber or engineer by profession, investing in this multi-pack of solder wire is just what you need. You get five rolls of solder wire for about the standard price of two rolls. Each solder wire includes a built-in flux core that helps the wire flow easily into the joint to create a strong soldering point. To make this set even more useful, it comes in five different diameters to cater to your many soldering needs.

Best Multi-Pack

AxPower 5 Packs 63-37 Tin Lead Rosin Core Solder Wire for Electrical Soldering 50g Diameter 0.5mm 0.6mm 0.8mm 1.0mm 1.2mm (5 PCS)

This five-pack of solder wires comes in five different diameters to help with your many soldering needs.

Best for Jewelry: Bedrock Jewelry Plumb Silver Jewelry Solder

a loop of solder wire for jewelry in a package

A fun fact about solder wire is that it can be used to make jewelry, too! If you’re a fan of DIY crafts and home projects, this product would be a great addition to your crafting collection. It comes in four different solder levels, so you have options to choose from when making your creations. Made of quality silver material, you can be sure that the wire you’re getting will help you make equally high-quality jewelry.

Best for Jewelry

Plumb Silver Jewelry Solder Easy, Medium or Hard … (Hard Solder) / Plomada para joyería de Plata Soldadura fácil, Media o dura (Soldadura dura)

This solder wire is made of a high-quality silver material that makes it perfect for crafting jewelry.

Best for Welding: IceSpring Solder Wire Tin Lead Rosin Core Flux Iron Welding Tool

Four coils of solder wire

This coiled solder wire is an innovative take on a classic tool. It is made from a non-corrosive material that helps promote good solderability. The product has insulation resistance and a non-spattering element, helping it maintain its high-level functionality. It’s offered in a variety of sizes and quantities, so you’ll be able to find the best version that will help you conquer your next DIY venture.

Best for Welding

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