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The Best Soundbar Mounts for Your TV

The immersive audio quality of a soundbar enhances the enjoyment you can get from your TV by transporting you into the action. However, for those with mounted TV setups, finding the right mount to affix a soundbar to your TV or wall is not always easy. A great soundbar mount should not only be durable and secure but easy to install and compatible with your existing hardware. We made this guide to showcase the best soundbar mounts on the market today to simplify your search for the perfect product to add to your entertainment setup.

Shopping for a Soundbar Mount

Consider these key factors when looking for your new soundbar mount:

  • Sturdiness: A great soundbar mount will securely fasten to your soundbar in order to prevent it from moving, vibrating, or crashing to the ground. Look for a soundbar mount that is constructed of durable materials, and check its weight capacity to ensure it is a good match for your TV and soundbar.
  • Ease of Installation: An otherwise great soundbar mount is not worth much if it’s impossible to install without the help of a professional. Thankfully, many great soundbar mounts are out there with quick and easy installation processes that minimize the amount of tools and labor you will need for a secure mount.
  • Size & Design: Mounting your soundbar to your wall or television is definitely not a one-size-fits-all affair. For this reason, be sure to check if a soundbar mount is compatible with your TV mount, TV size, soundbar width, and soundbar weight. The good news is that the best soundbar mounts are compatible with a massive range of hardware, so finding a perfect option for your needs should not be hard.

Best Overall: Mounting Dream Soundbar Mount

The best-selling Mounting Dream Soundbar Mount snags our Best Overall award, thanks to its unique design, which makes finding the perfect setup for your hardware a breeze. This mount features detachable long and short extension plates that can swivel up to 180 degrees in order to reach the mounting holes on your soundbar. It is also compatible with fixed, tilting, and full-motion TV wall mounts, making it one of the more versatile options around. While its 22-pound weight capacity is somewhat lower than many other soundbar mounts, it is still more than sturdy enough to securely accommodate a vast majority of soundbars in use today.

Best Overall

Mounting Dream Soundbar Mount Sound Bar TV Bracket for Mounting Above or Under TV Fits Most of Sound Bars Up to 15 Lbs, with Detachable Long Extension Plates MD5420

This soundbar mount features a simple, hinged design and a 22-pound weight capacity. It is easy to install and is compatible with a wide variety of TV mounts.

Best Value: WALI SBR202 Universal Soundbar Mount

For budget-savvy shoppers looking for a great soundbar at the lowest possible price, the WALI SBR202 Universal Soundbar Mount is the standard-bearer. This soundbar mount is constructed from black brushed steel and features a 33-pound weight capacity, making it sturdy enough for almost any soundbar you can throw at it. It can also be easily configured in multiple ways depending on your hardware and whether you wish to mount your soundbar above or below the television. Given this product’s simple installation process and wide compatibility (it fits most 23-to-65-inch TVs), it’s the best you can get at its low price point.

Best Value

WALI Sound Bar Mount Bracket, for Mounting Above or Under TV, with Adjustable 3 Angled Extension Arm, Fits Most 23 to 65 Inch TVs, up to 33 lbs (SBR202)

This product features steel construction and a 33-pound weight capacity and can be configured in a variety of different ways.

Best for Larger TVs: WALI SBR201 Universal Soundbar Mount

It can be a struggle to find quality mounting equipment for extra-large flat-panel TVs. Thankfully, the WALI SBR201 Universal Soundbar Mount makes mounting your soundbar simple for those with TVs between 32 and 70 inches. This soundbar mount features black brushed steel brackets with a 33-pound weight capacity, making it strong enough for a vast majority of soundbars on the market. Sporting a unique curved design, this model is very simple to install, with an average installation taking around 10 minutes or less. This soundbar mount can be installed in multiple ways depending on your hardware and preferences and looks great whether you choose a top-mount or bottom-mount configuration.

Best for Larger TVs

WALI Sound Bar Mount Bracket for Mounting Above or Under TV, Fits 32 to 70 inch TVs, 33 lbs. Weight Capacity (SBR201), Black

This soundbar mount fits most TVs between 32 and 70 inches and features a curved, low profile design. It can also be installed quickly and easily.

Easiest Installation: YIWAN Universal Soundbar Brackets

For those who want to avoid messing with their TV when installing their soundbar mount, the YIWAN Universal Soundbar Brackets are a great choice. Featuring durable metal construction and a 30-pound weight capacity, this is one of the easiest soundbar mounts to install. Simply affix the brackets to the wall with the included installation hardware, and you are good to go. This product is also great for those looking for a low-profile option as they are practically invisible once your soundbar is placed on the brackets. That being said, make sure your soundbar is below the maximum width of 5.12 inches to ensure it is a great fit.

Easiest Installation

notiela Universal Soundbar Mount Shelf Sound Bar Mounts for Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio, Bose, Onn and More Soundbar Wall Mount - Sound Bar Mount Under TV

These soundbar brackets are simple to install directly to your wall and feature a 30-pound weight capacity. They fit soundbars up to 5.12 inches in width.

Also Great: Excel Life Universal Soundbar Mount

The Excel Life Universal SoundBar Mount presents another option for those seeking a soundbar mount with a bracketed design and simple installation process. Featuring a 33-pound weight capacity and a clampable design to prevent distracting vibrations from the soundbar, this product is a rarity as it offers three color options for those looking for something different than a standard black mount. We also love how this product sports rubber pads to help prevent your soundbar from getting scratched. Additionally, this soundbar mount extends to 5.5 inches, making it an excellent option for some of the wider soundbars that are available on the market today.

Also Great

Excel Life Adjustable Soundbar Wall Mount, Universal Sound Bar Bracket for Mounting Under TV, Compatible with SONOS Samsung LG VIZIO Bose ROKU Soundbar, Black

These soundbar brackets feature several color options and rubber pads to prevent scratches. They are suitable for soundbars weighing up to 33 pounds.

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