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The Best Soup Spoons for Your Kitchen

It might be new for you to think of a soup spoon as a different entity than your everyday dinner spoon, but there actually is a difference between the two. The main difference is in the head of the spoon. The heads of soup spoons are both rounder and deeper than regular dinner spoons. This allows soup spoons to better scoop, contain, and cradle their contents, so you get more soup in every mouthful. They also tend to be a bit longer than dinner spoons. You can find some size variation in soup spoons to coordinate with thickness variation in soups. There are also Chinese soup spoons, which have their own unique look. These tend to have even deeper bowls with flat bottoms and a short, thick handle. While not a strict necessity for your kitchen, if you’re someone who makes or eats a lot of soups and stews, you may find a set of soup spoons a worthwhile addition to your silverware repertoire.

What to Consider in Soup Spoons

Here’s what to look into before buying soup spoons:

  • Material: Like most everyday spoons, utensils, and flatware, many soup spoons will be made from stainless steel. You can never go wrong with a stainless steel option since it’s a strong, durable, long-lasting material that is dishwasher safe. Wooden soup spoons are also a good option since they don’t conduct heat and thus won’t feel hot to the touch, a handy feature if you’re eating soup. They also don’t run the risk of scratching pots and bowls as a harder material might. If you decide to spring for a Chinese soup spoon, it will almost always be made of some sort of ceramic or porcelain.
  • Type: Other than Chinese soup spoons, the only real difference between the types of soup spoons is their size variation. The smaller soup spoons are intended to use for bouillons and broths since they’re the thinnest soups. Medium-sized soup spoons are meant for cream-based soups like bisques and chowders, while the largest ones were designed for stews and gumbo since they’re deep enough to hold chunky bits of meat, vegetables, and rice. Chinese soup spoons are also great for this and can double as a ladle due to their size and shape.
  • Design: Since most soup spoons are made of stainless steel, they tend to look like basic flatware—simple, shiny, and silver. However, it is possible to find stainless steel soup spoons in other metallic colors besides silver if you want more variety. Wooden spoons usually have a bit of color variety, depending on the type of wood they’re made from, and some may have small carvings in the handles depending on the maker. Chinese soup spoons vary even more since they have their own unique flat-bottomed design and are made of porcelain or ceramic, so they can be almost any color. Some will even be a different color on the inside and outside of the spoon, and the porcelain ones are often painted with various designs and patterns. Some Chinese spoons will also have a small hook on the handle to keep the spoon in place when not in use.

Best Stainless Steel: HIWARE Stainless Steel Soup Spoons

Stainless steel is the go-to material for all dining utensils, and this set of four soup spoons is a great example of why. The steel is premium quality, resistant to rust and corrosion, useful qualities for items that come into frequent contact with hot liquids. Each spoon is polished to maximum smoothness and shine, with an extra thick design that is harder to get bent out of shape, plus an ergonomic handle that is more comfortable for you to hold. And they’re dishwasher safe for your convenience as long as they aren’t washed with harsh detergents. These soup spoons have a wide head that is great for all sorts of soups and thick, chunky stews, from ramen to wonton soup and beyond.

Best Stainless Steel

HIWARE Thick Heavy-weight Soup Spoons, High Grade Stainless Steel Soup Spoons, Table Spoons, Set of 6

A set of four high-quality stainless steel soup spoons that are resistant to rust and corrosion.

Best Value: HIWARE 12-Piece Bouillon Soup Spoons

It’s generally more cost-efficient to buy items like utensils in larger quantities, as these soup spoons prove. For one low price, you receive a total of 12 soup spoons, each made of high-quality and durable stainless steel. They have an extra thick ergonomic handle for your gripping comfort and won’t ever cut your mouth or hands. Each spoon also has a highly polished finish that makes it smoother and more elegant looking and increases its durability. They’re also dishwasher safe, provided you don’t use any hard detergents. The perfectly round head is especially useful for broths and bouillons or for tasks like stirring hot chocolate or coffee.

Best Value

Hiware 12-Piece Soup Spoons, Round Stainless Steel Bouillon Spoons

A set of 12 high-quality stainless steel soup spoons for one low price.

Best Wooden: ADLORYEA Nine Inch Wood Soup Spoons

If you prefer wooden dining utensils to steel ones, these wooden spoons are an excellent alternative. They’re the ideal utensils to use with non-stick pots and pans since they won’t accidentally scratch your cookware. Nine inches long and finished with a natural plant oil glaze that is free of odors, BPA, and other toxins, they’re an eco-friendly option for your kitchen. The wooden grains have a unique, aesthetic pattern that is smooth to the touch and ensures that no two spoons look exactly the same. They’re lightweight yet durable that won’t crack and will withstand the test of time. Be sure to only hand wash with a soft, damp cloth and don’t soak them for too long.

Best Design: Happy Sales Melamine Notch & Hook Style Soup Spoon

If you’re in the market for a set of Chinese melamine soup spoons, these notch and hook models provide a bonus feature. The notch at the base and hook on the end of each of the six spoons will hook onto the edge of your bowls to prevent the spoons from sliding or slipping into the bowl. They have the depth and flat bottom that is the signature of all Chinese soup spoons, which makes them great for ladling as well as eating. They’re also compact, easy to use, and safe to wash in the dishwasher at low temperatures. You have the choice between white, green, or solid black colored spoons, or an option with a black exterior and red interior.

Best Design

Happy Sales Melamine Soba, Rice Spoons, Chinese Won Ton Soup Spoon, Asian Red and Black, 6 Pack Notch & Hook Style

A set of six Chinese soup spoons that have a hook and notch feature to attach onto the bowl to avoid slipping or sliding inside.

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