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The Best Spatulas

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🕚 Updated January 2022

If you spend any time in your kitchen, you likely know how essential a trusty spatula can be for cooking your favorite meals. If you need one to add to your kitchen utensils, here are our top picks.

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  Best Silicone Set Best for Fish Best Wooden Set Best Stainless Steel Best Wide Spatula
Four-Piece Silicone Spatula Set
Stainless Steel Fish Spatula
Six-Piece Teakwood Cooking Utensil Set
Good Grips Stainless Steel Turner
Triple Rivet Stainless Steel Wide Turner
Our SummaryA four-piece silicone spatula set that’s nonstick, highly heat-resistant, and bright orange!This stainless-steel sharp-edged fish spatula makes handling fish, pancakes, and eggs a cinch.This six-piece teakwood utensil set comprises cooking spoons, spatulas, and a salad fork.This spatula grips and handles food so well, you’ll be flipping and chopping with ease.This stainless steel spatula has a wide head to handle large portions of food and a durable, triple-riveted handle.
Pros✓ Heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit
✓ Easy to grasp and use
✓ Flexible and sturdy
✓ Won't leave marks or scratches
✓ Dishwasher safe
✓ Slots drain grease
✓ Sharp edges and angled head
✓ Thin to slide under food easily
✓ Sturdy wooden handle
✓ Teakwood
✓ Non-toxic and BPA-free
✓ Six utensils for good variety
✓ Soft-grip handle
✓ Thin and wide for easy flipping
✓ Slotted to allow drainage
✓ Polished stainless steel
✓ Stainless steel
✓ Wide head for easy flipping
✓ Sturdy handle
✓ Looks nice
Cons✗ Not for flipping
✗ Not as flexible as some wanted
Must hand wash✗ Can be tricky to get underneath foods✗ Can feel stiff✗ Smaller and narrower than expected
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The Best Spatulas

A hand holds a stainless steel spatula to flip a burger on a barbecue.
Jason Sponseller/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for the Best Spatulas

A chef slides an omelette out of a pan onto a plate while holding a wooden spatula.

Why buy a spatula?

Spatulas are a unique kitchen utensil because they can be used to help mix, move, or flip many different foods. If you buy a good spatula or set of spatulas, you’ll have something reliable to reach for to mix scrambled eggs before they burn. A sharp-edged, durable spatula can flip a large steak faster and more accurately than a set of tongs, too.

What should you look for in a spatula?

  • Shape: Depending on their intended use, spatulas can be flat and wide, sharp, slotted, and more. Some, like the flat and wide spatulas, are clearly better suited to flipping food, whereas thicker ones are better for stirring. You might choose a spatula that’s designed for the foods you most like to make.
  • Material: Stainless steel is less likely to rust than other metals and lasts a long time, too. Sustainable hardwood is another route to go, especially if you don’t need the sharp edges that stainless steel spatulas provide. Plus, wood is pretty. There’s also reliable rubber silicone to consider. A great set of non-toxic silicone spatulas can resist high heat and be put in the dishwasher.
  • Look: Hey, looks do matter, even if we’re talking spatulas. Consider your kitchen decor and the styles of other kitchen utensils and cookware. Choose to complement or contrast with your current design. Perhaps you prefer an eclectic look. That’s no problem! There’s quite a variety of styles and colors, even among spatulas.

What should you expect to spend on a great spatula?

It seems that price and quality match up well when it comes to this kitchen utensil. A multiple-piece set of excellent spatulas will cost more than a single spatula. And the more expensive the material used, the higher the price. That said, we’ve recommended fantastic spatulas and sets here, some as low as $10 and others around $30 or so.

Our Picks for the Best Spatulas

Best Silicone Set

M KITCHEN WORLD Four-Piece Silicone Spatula Set

A four-piece silicone spatula set that's nonstick, highly heat-resistant, and bright orange!

Pros: This is one amazing four-piece set of rubber spatulas! You get a large spatula, a small spatula, a spoon spatula, and a jar spatula. They’re all heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. They’re also easy to grasp and use to frost cakes, scoop the last spoonful of your favorite peanut butter, and stir scrambled eggs cooking on the stovetop. These flexible and sturdy spatulas won’t leave marks or scratches. When you’re done cooking, remove the bright orange heads and throw them in the dishwasher.

Cons: These spatulas aren’t great for flipping things, and they aren’t as flexible as some would prefer.

Bottom Line: This set of food-grade BPA-free brilliant orange spatulas is simply a great buy. They’re ideal for stirring and come at a reasonable price.


Best Fish Spatula

Winco Stainless Steel Fish Spatula

This stainless-steel sharp-edged fish spatula makes handling fish, pancakes, and eggs a cinch.

Pros: Certainly, fish spatulas are perfect for pan-frying or grilling fish. The slots on this spatula let the grease drain away, and the sharp edges and angled head allow you to scoop and flip things over without losing bits in the process. But don’t let the words “fish spatula” scare you off if you’re not a big fish eater. This spatula is handy for sliding under pancakes, hash browns, and omelets, owing to its sharp and thin edges. Moreover, the sturdy wooden handle gives you leverage when you’re working with heavier or larger food items like large cuts of meat or vegetables. The sturdy stainless steel can loosen crusty morsels from sheet pans or cast iron.

Cons: Since it has a wooden handle, it’s best to hand wash it.

Bottom Line: This multi-purpose, high-quality spatula is built to stick around for a while. The stainless steel and wood combination, as well as the sharp edges and tapered head, make for a perfect design.


Best Wooden Set

Six-Piece Teak Wood Cooking Utensil Set

This beautiful teakwood utensil set comes with two spatulas and some convenient extras.

Pros: Okay, this isn’t a spatula-exclusive set. Instead, the NAYAHOSE kitchen utensil set comprises six pieces: a spatula with a shorter, broader head, one with a long and slightly curved head, a salad spork, a spoon with drain holes, one with a perfectly round head, and one oval-shaped head. Each has its use, though you can experiment until you find which you prefer for the style of cooking or the food item you’re working with. All six utensils are handmade from teakwood and are non-toxic and BPA-free.

Cons: They’re thick, so they can be tricky to get underneath some foods.

Bottom Line: In addition to their versatility, these utensils are also impressively attractive. The eco-friendly teakwood and quality craftsmanship make this set an enviable addition to your home.


Best Stainless Steel

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Turner

This spatula grips and handles food so well, you'll be flipping and chopping with ease.

Pros: Once you’ve tried the OXO stainless steel spatula, you might be surprised by how much less comfortable your current ones are. The soft-grip handle prevents the spatula from slipping. The shape of the head is wide and thin to quickly scoop and flip meat or omelets. It’s strong and sturdy. The slotted design allows juices and oils to drain while you cook and prevents food from sticking. It’s pretty good-looking with its polished stainless steel head and nicely shaped handle.

Cons: Some find this spatula a bit stiffer than they’d like in order to get underneath delicate food items.

Bottom Line: The OXO stainless steel spatula is a popular choice for good reason. This stainless steel standard kitchen utensil does a great job flipping, chopping, scooping, or carrying food from pan to plate. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.


Best Wide Spatula

Sabatier Triple Rivet Stainless Steel Wide Turner

This stainless steel spatula has a wide head to handle large portions of food and a durable, triple-riveted handle.

Pros: This wide stainless steel spatula by Sabatier helps you scoop up delicate pancakes effortlessly so you can flip them over intact. It’s also great with sautéing vegetables, scrambling eggs, flipping hamburgers, slicing grilled cheese sandwiches, and serving meatloaf. The Sabatier is a quality instrument from one end to the other. The sturdy handle is made of durable polyacetal (POM), and the triple-rivet design bolsters stability and looks nice.

Cons: A few users report that the spatula is smaller and narrower than expected. Take a look at the dimensions before buying.

Bottom Line: This dishwasher-safe spatula is a real catch. It’s especially great for flipping burgers, pancakes, and sandwiches. It’s a high-quality product for a low price.

Final Thoughts

A top-notch spatula is an essential kitchen utensil. If you need a reliable one to help you make your favorite meals, our top picks should serve you well.

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