The Best Speakers for Your Computer Setup

More likely than not, the integrated speakers from your monitor or laptop are pretty subpar, to say the least. They often lack the low-to-mid-range that’s necessary for better sound, and they can sometimes sound static-y. Luckily, there are tons of external computer speakers that’ll tremendously boost the quality of your computer’s sound. Whether you’re just looking for a small upgrade or you’re an audiophile looking for a complete setup, we’ve rounded up some great speakers that you can certainly benefit from.

What to Look for in Computer Speakers

Here’s what you’ll want to consider:

  • Price: Speakers can be limited by their price point. High-quality speakers with a clearer range will generally be more pricey than ones that don’t. That’s not to say that cheaper speakers aren’t worth their investment, but if you’re serious about sound quality, high-end speakers will make all the difference.
  • Quality: Everything from audio clarity to range are important considerations in computer speakers.
  • Size: If you’re running short on free space on your desk, a bulky pair of speakers probably won’t suit your needs. However, if you want big speakers to be the center of attention in your setup, go ahead.

Best Value: Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 Desktop Speakers with Subwoofer

The best-bang-for-your-buck option definitely comes from Creative’s Pebble Plus 2.1. With two speakers and a subwoofer, this is a great investment for any computer user.

This set offers two 2-inch mid-range speakers elevated at 45 degrees so that the sound is angled towards you. The speakers have a High Gain mode that allows for increased power output for stronger bass while retaining excellent audio quality. The speakers also come with an easy-access volume knob. On top of all this, you also get a 7.7-by-5.9-by-8-inch down-firing subwoofer, which boosts audio quality over just two speakers alone.

Best Premium: Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Computer Speaker System

If you’re looking for a serious, high-quality audio system for your computer’s setup, Klipsch provides just that.

The ProMedia 2.1 is a THX-certified, three-piece system, which includes two speakers and a subwoofer. It’s a 200-watt system with a 31-Hertz-to-20-kiloHertz range. The speakers are made with 3-inch mid-range drivers and 19-millimeter PEI tweeters to capture both lows and highs. The subwoofer also allows for powerful sound, with its peak 260 watts that play sound at 110 decibels—the same as a live rock concert.

Best Premium

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System (Black)

This is a THX-certified audio system with a strong range and even stronger sound.

Best for Laptops: Logitech Z130 Compact Laptop Speakers

The integrated speakers on your laptop are the ones that are most likely to suffer from horrible audio quality. If you’re looking to upgrade your laptop, consider these speakers from Logitech. They have great sound but are also efficient.

Oftentimes, external computer speakers will connect to your computer for power. For laptop users, these speakers will sap power directly from your computer’s battery. However, with Logitech’s Z130s, their power supply comes in the form of a wall plug.

The speakers have great clarity and strong bass, which is made even stronger with its bass reflex port. Its power, volume, and headphone jack are easily accessible on the speaker’s front side. These speakers connect via a 3.5-millimeter jack.

Best RGB: INSMART Computer RGB Gaming Speakers

These speakers from INSMART are a great way to subtly add RGB lighting to your computer or room setup. These speakers are designed with an RGB backlight which cycles through colors during use. the sound quality is decent, providing balanced stereo and acoustic clarity. You can easily control the speaker with a convenient volume knob, headphone jack, and power button located in the front.

Most Compact: Sanyun SW102 Computer Speakers

Low on desk space? These compact speakers from Sanyun will take up as minimal space as possible with their 3.94-by-2.76-by-2.95-inch dimensions. Don’t underestimate these speakers because of their small size—they definitely pack a punch. These speakers come with excellent bass quality, thanks to their built-in diaphragm and unique acoustic resonator from the low-frequency aid design. They connect to your computer or laptop via USB and a 3.5-millimeter jack.

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