The Best Speakers You Can Take Outside

A black pill-shaped speaker sits in the sand.

How and where we listen to our tunes has come a long way over the past decade. People don’t relegate their music listening to the bedroom anymore, nor are they struggling to reach for the nearest wall outlet. When Wi-Fi-centric speakers hit the scene, where we listened to music became boundless. From sandy beaches and muddy trails to ice-cold walks back home after getting off the bus, people take their speakers everywhere now. If you are ready to take your music listening to new heights, or just across the backyard, then here are a few outdoor speakers we think you should check out.

What to Look for in Your Next Outdoor Speaker

When shopping for your perfect speaker, keep these factors in mind:

  • Sound Delivery: When comparing different product’s capabilities, consider the overall efficiency of their sound production. Speakers that are intended for use in the backyard should offer you a full-bodied sound to cut through the wide-open space of the outdoors, and they don’t have to be massive devices to accomplish that.
  • Endurance: It is of equal importance to find an outdoor speaker that not only sounds good but one that is intended for use in the unpredictable outdoors. Whether you are planting it into the grass while exercising or keeping it at the pool’s edge while taking a dip, you will want a speaker equipped to handle the rough moments that a normal one can’t grant you.
  • Portability: Finally, the outdoor speaker you invest in should convenience you while en route to the yard. If you prefer a speaker that can be a favorite inside and outside, then you should find one that typically requires no more than a single hand to lug around. However, if you would prefer your outdoor speaker to stay put, then you can convenience yourself even further by seeking an option that’s intended to stay outside all year via a mountable design.

Best Overall: DOSS E-go II Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A rectangular black speaker with a finger strap splashes through water.

The ideal choice of speaker for those who appreciate their music on the go, this DOSS E-go II Portable Bluetooth Speaker is petite yet powerful and designed to take on some of the harshest conditions you can throw its way. The pill-shaped speaker is powered by two 6-watt stereo drivers and a passive radiator, both of which are encased in a waterproof, dustproof, and crashproof silicone shell. Its rechargeable Li-ion battery also ensures up to 12 hours of playtime when set to 50% volume.

Best Overall

DOSS E-go II Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A hard-wearing and portable speaker that is built to take on all types of outdoor conditions.

Best Design Style: Onforu Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

On the left, a lantern-like speaker emits a blue light next to a couple enjoying an outdoor dinner. On the right, the lantern-like speaker sits next to a family gathered on the floor of their campground.

An inconspicuous pair of outdoor speakers that look as great as the sound they produce, these Onforu Bluetooth Speakers offer listeners 25 watts of powerful sound alongside one luminous sight. The pair’s audio functions are synchronized to produce a single crisp sound across all 360-degrees of its frame. However, what really grabs your attention are the two speakers’ design and functionality. The device features an eight-color display lantern that can fade or pulse alongside your music.

Best Design Style

Onforu Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

A pair of multifaceted speakers that look as grand as they sound.

Best Battery Life: ION 50W Outdoor Echo Dot Speaker Dock

A large black speaker dock that features an Amazon Echo Dot slot at the top.

This ION Outdoor Echo Dot Speaker Dock takes the Amazon speaker you know and boosts its audio output to new heights. While you have always been able to take your Amazon Echo Dot wherever you want, it’s never been able to give you a full range of sound like this. It features a 6.5-inch two-way speaker that creates a crisp sound, in addition to an internal amplifier that provides power. Best of all, this speaker can provide up to 50 hours of nonstop listening before needing a recharge.

Best Battery Life

ION 50W Outdoor Echo Dot Speaker Dock

A speaker and amplifier that's 50 times more powerful than your standard Amazon Echo Dot.

Best Smart Speaker: Bose Home Speaker

On the left, a four-inch long speaker sits on a table in a house. On the right, a woman and her dog sit on the couch while the speaker plays music nearby.

A leading name in the speaker game for well over the last half-century, this Bose Home Speaker may lack a certain outdoor finesse, but whether you use it inside or outside, you are going to hear this pocket speaker boom. Rather than offer listeners another device where sound is emitted from a single spot, this home speaker features a full range of 360-degree sound across its compact body. The speaker is designed with a surplus of convenient accessories as well, like a built-in Amazon Alexa for hands-free operation, easier preset abilities in hand with the Bose music app, and several other Bluetooth connectivity properties.

Best Smart Speaker

Bose Home Speaker

A simple-to-use home speaker that features a variety of Bluetooth properties, and booms with 360-degrees of sound.

Best Mounting Speakers: Polk Audio Atrium

A side-by-side view of the profile and backside of a black, 7.5-inch speaker with a mounting rack, and a black and red audio connection ports.
Polk Audio

Capable of delivering exceptionally great sound with wide dispersion and powerful bass, this Polk Audio Atrium favors simplicity: clear and loud sound on every level. These are outdoor speakers created for every season and sudden change in the day’s weather. Are you worried about the rain, wind, or humidity? Not anymore, because the pair’s all-weather industrial design is built to endure. In regard to sound, it’s a combination of top-tier inner-circuitry and a broad design that delivers a powerful sound across large areas of your backyard.

Best Mounting Speakers

Polk Audio Atrium

A pair of easily mountable all-weather speakers that projects sound across wide spaces.

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