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The Best Spice Jars

🕚 Updated July 2023

If you cook at home a lot, you almost certainly use spices, spice mixes, and herbs to flavor your food, and these spice jars are a great way to keep your spices fresh and organized so that they're ready to dish out incredible flavor for your meals.

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  Top Choice Best with a Spice Rack Best with Bamboo Lids Premium Choice Best Magnetic
4oz Glass Spice Jars, 24 Count
Spice Rack Organizer, 24 Count
4 oz Glass Spice Jars with Bamboo Lids
Spice Jar Bamboo Rack, 60 Count
20-Pack Magnetic Spice Tins
Our SummaryModern square glass jars with airtight metal lids.A versatile spice rack organizer with jars that can be hung or placed on a surface.Streamline your kitchen with this all-in-one pack of premium thick glass spice jars, equipped with dual-functional bamboo lids.A spice rack and spice jar set complete with 315 pre-printed waterproof labels, 35 blank labels, and a white pen.If you prefer magnetic spice tins you can stick to your fridge or other convenient spots, be sure to grab this clear-lidded set.
Pros✓24 glass jars, shaker lids, and metal caps
✓ Collapsible silicone funnel for refilling
✓ Three kinds of waterproof labels
✓ Square design
✓ Versatile rack
✓ Black alloy steel make
✓ 24 glass spice bottles
✓ 396 spice labels
✓ Chalk marker and funnel included
✓ Thick bamboo lids for a stylish touch
✓ Durable thick glass for freshness
✓ Clear labels for easy identification
✓ Extensive collection of preprinted labels
✓ Variety of fonts for customization
✓ Funnel and holder included
✓ 60 jars
✓ Stylish and stable bamboo frame rack
✓ Different tops
✓ 315 pre-printed waterproof labels
✓ 35 blank labels
✓ White pen included
✓ Strong magnets
✓ Customizable and pre-printed labels included
✓ Space-saving design
✓ Sturdy construction
✓ Clear lids
Cons✗ Spices stick to the funnel✗ Spices stick to the funnel
✗ Some lids are difficult to remove
✗ Acrylic holder may cause jamming
✗ Labels are not customizable
✗ Hand wash recommended
✗ Very expensive
✗ Fewer accessories
✗ Lids not very secure
✗ Small, hard-to-write-on blank labels
✗ Moisture may get trapped inside lids during washing
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The Best Spice Jars

An assortment of spices, white pepper, chili flakes, lemongrass, coriander and cumin seeds in jars on grey stone background.

Buying Guide for the Best Spice Jars

Five jars with different labeled spices lined-up in a diagonal line.
Nadia Zagainova/Shutterstock.com

Why buy spice jars?

You (or someone you know) might be embarrassed to open your spice cabinet to reveal jars, bags, or tins of spices thrown in there without order or identification. Not to mention that it can be a pain for you when cooking, needing to dig through your cabinets or pantries to find the right spices and herbs for your dishes and meals. Having an organized kitchen is key to successful cooking experiences. When spices have their own containers and are identifiable with easy-to-read labels, the cooking process is much easier, less stressful, and the food might even taste better since the spices will be properly sealed and fresher-tasting. Plus, spice jars are often more aesthetically pleasing than the plastic containers that spices come in from the grocery store. Basically, they’re the best possible way to store spices, however many you might own and use.

What should you look for in a spice jar?

  • Lids: The lids of spice jars play a crucial role in maintaining the freshness of your spices. An airtight seal prevents air and moisture from entering the jar, keeping the spices flavorful and potent for longer periods. Look for jars with lids that provide a secure and tight seal. Additionally, consider the functionality of the lids. Some jars have built-in shaker tops or adjustable holes, allowing you to sprinkle or pour spices easily while cooking. Decide whether you prefer plastic screw-on lids or glass-hinged lids with metal locks based on your personal preference and convenience.
  • Size: The size of spice jars can vary quite a bit, so be sure to consider your kitchen space, storage preferences, and the quantity of spices you typically use. If you have a smaller kitchen or prefer a more minimalist style, opt for a compact spice jar set that takes up less space. You may find spice racks designed to fit inside cupboards or magnetic ones that can be hung on the fridge to keep your spices conveniently out of the way yet still accessible. On the other hand, if you have a larger kitchen or enjoy using and storing a variety and high quantity of spices, consider selecting a larger set that can accommodate your needs.
  • Color: While colored spice jars can add a touch of style and visual appeal to your kitchen, it’s important to note they might not always be the most functional option. Clear spice jars offer the advantage of transparency, allowing you to see the remaining quantity of spices inside. This visibility helps you gauge when it’s time to refill a particular spice, ensuring you never run out during a critical cooking moment. However, if you prefer a specific color scheme or aesthetic for your kitchen, choosing colored spice jars can help create a cohesive look.

Is glass the best material for spice jars?

Glass is a popular choice for spice jars thanks to its transparency, durability, and non-reactive properties. Clear glass jars allow you to easily see the contents and the quantity of spices remaining. Glass is also resistant to odors and doesn’t absorb flavors, which is important for maintaining the integrity of the spices. It isn’t the only material that spice jars can be made from, however. Metal, ceramic, and plastic are all options as well.

Stainless steel is a common metal option, as they’re sleek and offer good protection against light, moisture, and air, helping to preserve the freshness of spices. Like glass, it’s also non-reactive, which means it won’t interact with the spices and alter their flavors. If you prefer to keep your spices easily accessible and displayed on a magnetic surface, such as the side of a fridge or a magnetic spice rack, magnetic metal tins are also an option. They offer convenience and space-saving benefits, but it’s important to ensure the tins have a good seal to protect the spices from moisture and air exposure.

Ceramic spice jars are a good option if aesthetic appeal is important to you, as they come in a variety of colors, designs, and finishes, allowing you to match them with your kitchen decor. Ceramic jars also provide good insulation, protecting spices from light and moisture. However, it’s important to ensure that the ceramic glaze used on the jars is food-safe and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Plastic spice jars are lightweight, affordable, and shatterproof, making them a practical choice for many. They come in various shapes and sizes, often with different lid options such as screw-on or flip-top lids. Plastic jars are less likely to break if accidentally dropped, which can be a consideration if you have a busy kitchen or young children around. However, it’s important to choose high-quality food-grade plastic jars to avoid any potential leaching of chemicals into the spices, since they aren’t non-reactive like glass or stainless steel.

Our Picks for the Best Spice Jars

Top Choice

AOZITA 4oz Glass Spice Jars, 24 Count

A modern square glass design with airtight metal lids.

Pros: The AOZITA glass spice jars come included with a range of essential items to enhance your spice organization, not just the jars themselves. With 24 empty glass spice jars, 24 shaker lids, and 24 metal caps, you have a great quantity to accommodate various spices. Also included are a collapsible silicone funnel (which makes refilling the jars less messy), and three types of waterproof labels (pre-printed PVC labels, chalkboard labels, and blank labels) allows for easy identification and customization of your spice collection. The spice jars themselves are crafted from lead-free and durable glass, providing your spices with a safe and secure storage place without any risk of contamination. Their square design offers functionality, aesthetic appeal, and efficient space utilization, as the jars can be easily arranged and fit into most spice racks, cabinets, or drawers. This is particularly useful for optimizing storage space in your kitchen, keeping your spices easily accessible while maintaining a neat and organized appearance.

Cons: Though the collapsible silicone funnel is handy overall, there’s a risk that spices may occasionally stick to it during the refilling process. Taking extra care while using the funnel can help mitigate this issue.

Bottom Line: This undecorated, unlabeled spice jar set gives you the chance to make it your own and provides you with the option to customize your labels or use the pre-printed ones—something not all spice jar kits provide since most packs only offer one or the other.


Best with a Spice Rack

SWOMMOLY Spice Rack Organizer, 24 Count

A versatile spice rack organizer with jars that can be hung or placed on a surface.

Pros: This spice rack set includes 24 glass spice bottles, which allows for a generous storage capacity for your spices. Additionally, the inclusion of a whopping 396 spice labels and a chalk marker ensures easy and efficient organization of your spice collection. The set also features a full-on black steel spice rack that can be hung on the wall, placed on the countertop, or kept inside a cabinet, so you don’t have to buy a separate spice rack if you already have one. It offers the convenience of preprinted labels for commonly used spices such as cumin, peppercorn, and salt, as well as less common options like arrowroot. Some labels are even more distinct, such as separate labels for both anise seed and ground anise and rock and sea salt. It also comes with a complementary funnel for easier, less messy filling of the glass spice bottles, ensuring a seamless and mess-free experience.

Cons: You may have some difficulties using the funnel, as it tends to be sticky. This can hinder the smooth pouring and filling of spices into the bottles, potentially causing spills or messes. Another drawback is the difficulty in removing the plastic lids from the glass spice bottles. The tightness of the lids may require extra force or maneuvering to open.

Bottom Line: This spice rack and jar set is versatile and convenient. Hang your spices from a wall, set them on the countertop close to your favorite cooking spot, or put them inside a cabinet.


Best with Bamboo Lids

NETANY 4 oz Glass Spice Jars with Bamboo Lids

Streamline your kitchen with this all-in-one pack of premium thick glass spice jars, equipped with dual-functional bamboo lids.

Pros: Say goodbye to mismatched labels and cluttered shelves with these aesthetically pleasing spice jars and their thick bamboo lids. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, these jars are not only functional but also add a touch of elegance to your kitchen decor. Crafted with thick glass, they exude durability and ensure your spices stay fresh for longer. The clear labels make it easy to identify your favorite herbs and seasonings at a glance, bringing convenience to your cooking routine. They also come with an extensive collection of preprinted labels, leaving no spice unaccounted for. From common staples to exotic flavors, you’ll find a label for just about every jar. The variety of fonts adds a stylish touch, allowing you to customize the look to match your personal aesthetic. Refilling and cleaning these jars is a breeze as well. The wide-mouth design and included funnel make pouring spices effortless, while the sturdy construction ensures easy maintenance and longevity. These jars also come with a funnel and acrylic shelf/holder and can be purchased in a set of 24 or 36, depending on your needs.

Cons: The included acrylic holder may cause the spice jars to get stuck or jammed if you stash them in a drawer, which can be an annoying inconvenience. Furthermore, the labels provided cover a wide variety of spice names, but they aren’t customizable. Lastly, it’s highly recommended that you hand wash these spice jars for preservation purposes rather than wash them in the dishwasher, so they are a bit trickier to clean.

Bottom Line: Bamboo has a reputation for being the top environmentally-friendly choice in cases where hardwood would be used. It’s easily grown and very sustainable. The glass that’s used is strong against odors and looks crisp and clear, ensuring a very aesthetically pleasing set of spice jars for your kitchen.


Premium Choice

AllSpice Wood Spice Jar Bamboo Rack, 60 Count

A spice rack and spice jar set complete with 315 pre-printed waterproof labels, 35 blank labels, and a white pen.

Pros: It’s easy to find an okay-quality spice rack to last you for a year or two. But why bother when you can get a premium 60-count spice jar set with a strong, stylish bamboo frame? The rack’s ample depth ensures that your jars are securely held in place, while the foam rubber feet prevent sliding or tipping, making it a reliable and practical addition to your kitchen. Each shaker in this set boasts a 4-ounce capacity, providing more storage space compared to the standard 3- or 3.5-ounce jars. Not only do they offer ample storage, but they also come with different tops to accommodate various seasoning needs, plus 315 pre-printed waterproof labels for everything from salt and pepper to garam masala and saffron. Also included are 35 blank labels and a white pen to make them your own, should you own a spice not on the pre-printed labels. Made of solid bamboo, the rack is strong, lightweight, and stable, especially with the foam rubber feet and the ample depth of the rack.

Cons: The only real drawback to this set of spice jars is the price tag. They’re quite expensive compared to many other models, especially considering that they don’t come with some accessories and add-ons commonly sold with spice jars, namely a funnel.

Bottom Line: This high-end set of spice jars and a solid wooden rack is a fantastic option for serious cooks willing to spend a little more money for some extra quality. If you want a long-lasting and lovely way to store your spices, this is the way to go.


Best Magnetic

Bekith 20-Pack Magnetic Spice Tins

If you prefer magnetic spice tins you can stick to your fridge or other convenient spots, be sure to grab this clear-lidded set.

Pros: These magnetic metal spice jars feature strong magnets that securely hold them in place, ensuring they remain in position without any concerns about them falling or shifting. Additionally, the set includes both customizable labels and pre-printed ones, allowing users to give the jars a personalized and attractive appearance. This feature adds a touch of customization and uniqueness to the kitchen or craft room where the jars are used. The space-saving design of these magnetic spice jars will be highly appreciated by anyone with a small kitchen since you can affix them to the side of the fridge, freeing up valuable counter or pantry space. They also all have clear, see-through lids so you can glance inside the jars and gauge the level of spices or herbs left inside, even with the metal bodies. And they’re quite sturdy; even if accidentally knocked off the fridge or countertop, the metal construction allows them to withstand impact without breaking or spilling their contents.

Cons: The lids of these spice jars are not the most secure and come off easily with a light pull, which may lead to more frequent accidental spills and messes. The printed labels may not include all the spices commonly used today, and the blank labels are very small and thus hard to write on. Moisture can get trapped in the lids during washing, potentially causing clumping and other storage issues.

Bottom Line: These magnetic metal spice jars offer a neat and functional alternative to storing spices in glass jars. Their strong magnets, customizable labels, versatility, space-saving design, durability, and ease of access make them a valuable addition to any kitchen or craft room.

Final Thoughts

Spice jars are important though sometimes forgotten elements in a kitchen. If you want a better way to store your spices, give these spice jars a look.

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