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The Best Spider-Man Toys You Can Buy Right Now

“With great power comes great responsibility.” No six words in the superhero universe bring to mind their star quite like these do, and it’s why true believers have been in love with Spider-Man for over half a century. Peter Parker is the kid from Queens, New York, who lucked out and started living every teenager’s dream after he was bitten by a radioactive spider. While recent big-screen iterations of the character have taken the wall-crawler into new continents and even space, the reason why we love Spider-Man so much is because he’s our friendly neighborhood hero. He’s a defender of the common people, a person who gives without expecting anything in return. That may be a lot of emotion to tether to just a toy, but the web-head really is that special. If you’re in the market for a new Spider-Man toy, here are a few options that we recommend.

Take a Few Cues From Your Spidey Senses

Consider these factors when making your toy selection:

  • Age-Appropriateness: The Spidey toy you’re buying should always reflect the age of the person you’re buying for. If you’re looking to purchase a Spider-Man toy for a young child or toddler, then your best bet is to buy something simple. Think soft plush toy and large action figures rather than electronic or battery-powered options, which would be better suited to a slightly older audience.
  • Safety Concerns: On the other side of what’s age-appropriate are safety concerns. As expected, any kind of toy or set that includes small pieces that could easily be swallowed will typically include a warning suggesting that no child under a certain age should handle it. Other concerns you should take note of, however, are your Spidey toy’s material construction as ingredients here may potentially affect a child. Some plastic figurines feature chemical additives that can be exposed when burned, while dirt and unfavorable germs can latch onto fabrics and potentially trigger allergies.
  • Something to Share: There will always be a toy with a degree of difficulty a child won’t be able to handle alone. However, you shouldn’t rule out the perfect opportunity to bond with a parent, sibling, or friend. Younger kids will always appreciate the chance to work with something that’s seemingly beyond their age, and if an experienced voice is there to teach them, then they will fall in love with far more than the toy—they will come to love time well spent.

Best Action Figure: Marvel Spider-Man Talking Action Figure

A vibrant and comic book-accurate action figure that is direct merchandise from the real Disney Store, this Marvel Spider-Man Talking Figure will make a great addition to any child’s battle line-up. This toy is articulated at the head, shoulders, wrists, waist, knees, and feet for a range of acrobatic poses and fun. Additional features include two plastic “webs” that attach to the wrists to replicate a web-slinging motion, as well as a button that activates 15 voice phrases Spidey directs at friends or foes. 

Best Action Figure

Marvel Spider-Man Talking Action Figure Multi

This fully articulate Spider-Man toy features plastic webs and 15 unique voice phrases.

Best Costume Add-On: Spider-Man Super Web Slinger

The perfect way to swing into the life of a young wall-crawler, this Spider-Man Super Web Slinger comes with two kinds of fluid cartridges and a Spidey glove that provides a perfect fit for any child’s age. Both the fluid shooter and fabric glove feature those classic red and blue hues that comic book readers love. The shooter works with the included refillable water cartridge and a 3.7-ounce can of brightly colored silly string, also known as the Spidey Shot Web Fluid. Users can escape into the world of Spider-Man with this web shooter attached to their wrist by spraying water across the backyard and slinging webs across the living room ceiling.

Best Costume Add-On

Best Plush Toy: Spider-Man Plush Stuffed Pillow Buddy

Plump, comfy, and adorable, this Stuffed Spider-Man Pillow Buddy is a plush toy any kid would love to have by their side throughout the day. It is 20 inches tall when standing, 13 inches when sitting, and is crafted entirely from 100% polyester microfiber materials. Its Spidey color pattern and intricate webbing are spot-clean-friendly, so like the fabric itself, they’ll hold up well over time.

Best Plush Toy

Best for Bonding: LEGO Marvel Spider-Man vs. Venom Mech

With over 300 pieces to its name, this LEGO Marvel Spider-Man vs. Venom Mech offers parents of young kids a chance to work together and allows older kids the opportunity to collaborate with their siblings or friends. This LEGO set features a symbiote mech-suit, a fighter jet, and three tiny characters: Spidey, his brooding nemesis Venom, and Spider-Man’s counterpart from a parallel universe, Spider-Man Noir. Users can place Venom in his 4-inch mechanical monster, while Spidey is placed in his own color-coordinated jet plane, which is capable of firing missiles and disc projectiles.

Best for Bonding

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Spider-Jet vs Venom Mech 76150 Superhero Gift for Kids with Minifigures, Mech and Plane (371 Pieces)

Ideal for users as young as 7 years old, this LEGO set offers parents, siblings, and friends the perfect opportunity to build.

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