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The Best Spin Mops

🕚 Updated October 2021

Cleaning floors can be a strenuous chore, but with the right spin mop, it doesn't have to be. Spin mops allow you to seamlessly clean up dirt, pet dander, hair, dust, and everyday spills and messes.

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  Most High-Tech Most Durable Best Value Most Convenient Most Eco-Friendly
Elicto Electronic Dual Spin Mop and Polisher
Heavy-Duty Commercial & Industrial Spin Mop
EasyWring RinseClean Microfiber Spin Mop
Microfiber Compact Spin Mop & Wringing Bucket
iMOP Microfiber Spin Mop
Our SummaryThis unit mops, scrubs, and polishes floors all at the same time.This spin mop is heavy-duty and ideal for professional or deep cleans.Innovative two-tank system, features reusable microfiber mop heads that lasts three months.This compact unit is easy to store and great for dorms or studio apartments.This sleek model is not only eco-conscious due to its water-conserving technology, but it also isn't an eyesore when you pull it out of the closet.
ProsElectronic, multi-use, 30-minute autonomy after charging.Long reach, larger model, good for industrial use.State-of-the-art two-tank bucket system, features foot activated pedal for hands-free cleaning.Compact, easy to store, and great for cleaning tight corners, microfiber mop head is machine washable.Water-conserving filtration system, sleek design.
ConsExpensive and requires batteries.Pricey and bulky, not the best for dorms or studio apartments.Refills only last three months, made of plastic, not as easy to move around.Not great for large homes/businesses, plastic isn't sleek/stylish.Replacement parts sold separately, heavier than plastic models. 
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The Best Spin Mops

Person uses a round spin mop with microfiber head and green handle next to floor cleaning liquid with blurred yellow tiles in the background.

With a proper spin mop, cleaning various kinds of hard floors is a breeze. Because of their microfiber heads, they’re safe to use on vinyl, tile, hardwood, and laminate flooring.

Buying Guide for Spin Mops

A person spins a mop in a round bucket.

So what’s the difference between a spin mop and other kinds of mops on the market?

Let’s take a look at some other common types.

  • Conventional String Mops: Conventional string mops tend to carry bacteria since they have so many crevices to clean and are more difficult to detach after use. You often need to manually wring out the mop or use the pressing mechanism in the bucket to wring it out, which can be quite labor-intensive, especially if you have arthritis or a disability. Constantly re-dipping the mop head in the bucket can often spread around debris and other bacteria as well. Though they work, they’re not the most modern and hygienic option.
  • Flat Mops: Flat mops often have a cleaning solution compartment built into the rod of the mop or disposable mop heads that are soaked in a cleaning solution and get thrown away after each use, which isn’t the most environmentally friendly. These mops can be expensive if you regularly need to buy cleaning pad refills. Other options offer reusable and washable pads.
  • Steam Mops: Steam mops utilize steam to clean floors, meaning no chemicals are required—just water. The cleaning pads are often removable and washable. They also don’t typically use as much water as conventional mops, but they can damage unsealed hardwood floors over time.

Why buy a spin mop?

Spin mops wring out the water for you with their spinning technology, allowing for a hands-free cleaning experience, so manually wringing the mop out is a thing of the past. This is especially convenient for people with disabilities or arthritis. Spin mops also allow you to control the amount of water being used, making them more environmentally friendly and helping your floors dry quickly. Many spin mops come with removable microfiber pads that are reusable and can be washed after each use. Ultimately, they’re a great option for many households.

Our Picks for the Best Spin Mops

Most High-Tech

Elicto Electronic Dual Spin Mop and Polisher

This unit mops, scrubs, and polishes floors all at the same time.

Pros: This cordless electronic spin mop allows you to seamlessly clean your floors without having to struggle with a cord. This mop also allows you to mop, scrub, and polish all at the same time. It features a 250-mL water tank and LED lights. Additionally, this unit lasts for 30 minutes after it’s fully charged so that you can effortlessly clean floors throughout your home without being tethered by a cord and electrical outlets.

Cons: This mop is more expensive than other units on the market, but with its fancy features, this is to be expected.

Bottom Line: This unit is sleek, stylish, and electric, so it’s very user-friendly. Because it’s battery-operated, you don’t have to be tethered by a cord to power it, though you’ll have to remember to charge the battery. It mops, scrubs, and polishes for a fantastic finish to your floors.


Most Durable

Cyclomop Heavy-Duty Commercial & Industrial Spin Mop and Bucket

This spin mop is heavy-duty and ideal for professional use or for those who prefer a high-quality deep clean.

Pros: This model is best for industrial use, so it’s optimal if you’re a professional cleaner or if you have a large home/business and need to cover large surface areas quickly and efficiently. This model can be used on all hard floor surfaces. The spinning mechanism is activated by a foot pedal on the bucket, which allows you to get rid of excess water for a seamless cleaning experience.

Cons: This model is more expensive than other units on the market, and it’s bulky, so it isn’t ideal for smaller homes.

Bottom Line: This unit is large, sturdy, and has a long reach, making it ideal for professional or at-home deep cleaning. Since its bucket is on wheels, it’s even easier to clean a floor fast.


Best Value

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

This unit features an innovative two-tank system and reusable microfiber mop heads that last up to three months.

Pros: This model features a state-of-the-art two-tank bucket system that separates clean and dirty water. This technology allows for a deep clean that prevents you from unintentionally re-contaminating clean floors with bacteria. This unit also comes with a foot-activated pedal that allows for a truly hands-free cleaning experience. The refills last up to three months so that you don’t constantly have to replace the mop heads.

Cons: You have to buy refills for the unit every few months. Additionally, this model is made of plastic, so it isn’t particularly sleek, but it’s very lightweight.

Bottom Line: This amazing mop is hands-free and removes 99% of bacteria. With a foot pump to wring out the water and a mop head that reaches corners well, this is a stellar spin mop.


Most Convenient

Quickie Microfiber Compact Spin Mop & Wringing Bucket

This compact unit is easy to store and ideal for dorms or studio apartments.

Pros: Because this particular mop doesn’t have a two-bucket system, it’s more compact and is easier to store in smaller apartments/houses. The microfiber mop head is machine washable so that you can limit the number of refills you need to buy, and because the mop is smaller than other spin mops on the market, it’s easier to clean tight corners.

Cons: This is a small mop and bucket, so it’s not the best for large homes or businesses. The bucket is made of plastic, so it isn’t very stylish or sturdy, but it’s lightweight for moving around. Just be careful with it.

Bottom Line: This unit is ideal for dorms and smaller homes and is great at cleaning tight corners and spaces. If you want an affordable and smaller spin mop, this is a great option.


Most Eco-Friendly

VENETIO iMOP Microfiber Spin Mop

This model is not only eco-conscious due to its water-conserving technology, but it also isn't an eyesore when you pull it out of your closet to clean.

Pros: Because of its state-of-the-art water filtration system, this model requires less water to get surfaces clean, which reduces water waste. It also means that you won’t reintroduce dirt onto the floor. It also has an adjustable rod for more comfortable use and a sleek stainless steel design.

Cons: Replacement parts are sold separately. This unit is made of stainless steel, so it’s a bit heavier than plastic models, which might be inconvenient for some.

Bottom Line: This stainless steel mop is very sleek, so it’s not an eyesore each time you have to pull it out of the cleaning closet. The steel also makes this model more durable than plastic mops, and the rod is adjustable for easier cleaning.

Final Thoughts

You can find the right spin mop for you based on your lifestyle and individual needs. Whether you prefer sleek and stylish models, units that are on the cutting edge of technology, or simply prefer a unit that is inexpensive and gets the job done, you can find the right spin mop for your household cleaning needs. And don’t forget that there are plenty of cleaning solutions on the market that you can pair with your mop depending on the kind of surface that you intend to clean. Or you can opt to make your own cleaning solution with all-natural ingredients if you prefer not to use harsh chemicals when cleaning your floors.

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