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The Best Sponge Holders for Sink Organization

white sponge holder displayed with sponge on sink

Sponges are a necessity when it comes to tackling dirty dishes, but what do you do with them while they aren’t in use? Keep them out of the way with a convenient sponge holder, of course! There are plenty of design options out there that feature suction cups to funny animals to multi-function caddies. With all the different types of shapes, designs, and sink attachments available, you are sure to find a sponge holder that works for you. Here are a few fantastic sponge holders we recommend.

What to Consider When Purchasing Sponge Holders

Which sponge holder will be the best for you? When you are ready to take on that pile of dishes in your sink with your perfectly stored sponge, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Size: Make sure your sponge will fit! For those in small space, a sponge holder that attaches to the inside of the sink will save some counter space. If you like standing sponge holders, consider a large design that has decorative features. Before any sponge holder purchase,  measure the place you have picked out to put the sponge holder to make sure that your desired product will fit into the area.
  • Sink Attachment: If you are looking to save space, some sponge holders will be able to be held up and out of the way on the side of the sink, thanks to suction cups on your holder. Magnets are great if you don’t want the rings from suction cups. Magnetic holders are easy to place and move virtually anywhere to keep your sponge up and away. However, magnetic holders only work on stainless steel or other metal sinks.
  • Features: If you use more than one dish-cleaning tool, consider buying a sponge holder that has lots of space for all your tools to be dried and stored. Most sponge holders have open designs that will offer drainage and drying capabilities to ensure your sponge is fresh and clean for each use. Avoid sponge holders that don’t have room for proper airflow, or the stale water in the sponge may begin to mold.
  • Style: Make sure whichever sponge holder you choose matches the style of your kitchen for a seamless yet functional design or becomes a statement piece all on its own.

Best Overall: iDesign Gia Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Basket

stainless steel basket style sponge holder with suction cups

Available in multiple sets and finishes, this sink sponge holder offers an open design for everything from sponges to scrub brushes to even bars of soap to keep your cleaning supplies always within reach. The open design also allows your sponge to dry quickly, while suction cups on the back will maintain a strong hold in either wet or dry conditions. The holder is easy to install by simply pushing onto any smooth surface from stainless steel to glass. The durable construction is perfect for daily use, rust-resistant, and easy to clean.

Best Overall

iDesign Gia Stainless Steel Dish Sponge Holder Basket with Suction Cups, Ideal for Kitchen Sinks and Bathroom Organization, Set of 1, Polished

Easy to install almost anywhere, this holder will hold a range of cleaning supplies and allow them to dry quickly.

Best with Soap Pump: S&T INC. Soap Pump Dispenser and Sponge Holder

soap dispenser sponge holder with yellow sponge and green soap

There will be no more guessing how much soap to squeeze onto your sponge with this handy dispenser! Available in four different finishes (and coming with the sponge included), this holder will instantly store your sponge in a safe place. Its compact design makes this sponge holder ideal for tight places and small sinks. To use the device, you just have to press the top plate with the sponge, and soap is dispensed right onto the sponge, so you can get back to cleaning quicker. The holder also can fit up to 13 ounces of soap, so there won’t be a need for frequent refills!

Best with Soap Pump

S&T INC. Dish Soap Dispenser and Sponge Holder for Kitchen Sink, Sponge Included, 13 Ounces, Metallic Silver

Dispense the perfect amount of soap right onto your sponge and have a compact place to store it when finished.

Best Multi-Function Caddy: Qodalyth 5 in 1 Sponge Holder

stainless steel sink caddy holding multiple cleaning tools

For anyone who needs an array of cleaning supplies always on hand, this caddy is perfect. Holding up to two sponges, one dishcloth, one brush, and even the sink strainer and gloves, this caddy will save space without hindering your work. It can be hung however is convenient for you, with the detachable hook or with the suction cups, and it is designed to not shake or fall. The hollow design of the sponge holder also means better airflow to help dry your cleaning supplies faster and keep them out of any dirty water. With an anti-rust coating and stainless steel construction, this holder is also not easy to bend or break.

Best Magnetic: SWEMOX Magnetic Sponge Holder

two-prong stainless steel sponge holder with magnetic pieces

This unique sponge holder features an embedded magnet and back magnet that makes this holder easily stick to stainless steel. Designed to be smaller and slimmer than most other holders, it is completely waterproof, so there will be no rusting. The open design allows water to leave your sponge and air to flow around it to dry and keep your sponge clean. The magnetic base and slim design mean this sponge will fit on the corner of sinks and even on rounded designs.

Best Magnetic

SWEMOX Magnetic Sponge Holder, Instant Pop On & Pop Off Detachable, Full Stainless Steel, Minimalist Unobstrusive Design, Not Suction Cup and Adhesive

This holder has an unobtrusive design that fits almost any sink size, even corners and round designs.

Best Design Option: Mud Pie Kitchen Dish Sponge Holder

white ceramic sponge holder with black sponge word on front

Available in five colors and designs to perfectly match your kitchen, this sponge holder has a cute “sponge” print written across the front and is made of ceramic. There is a convenient cut-out slit to fit your sponge while allowing for airflow. While looking cute by your kitchen sink, this shape allows the sponge to dry out without becoming an eyesore. It is even stylish enough to be gifted as a housewarming present.

Best Design Option

Mud Pie Kitchen Dish Sponge Holder Caddy, Off White

Colorful ceramic and stylish print make this sponge holder an ideal addition to any kitchen sink.

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