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The Best Spray Bottles

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🕚 Updated January 2022

Whether they mist or stream, spray bottles can help you with various household tasks like ironing, wetting your hair, cleaning, creating your own cosmetics or perfume, or watering your collection of plants. Here are some spray bottles we recommend.

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  Best Small Best for Misting Best for Beauty Products Best Four-Piece Set Best Large
Empty Spray Bottle
Hair Spray Bottle
Amber Glass Spray Bottles
Plastic Spray Bottles
Glass Spray Bottle
Our SummaryA small spray bottle with an ergonomic grip.This bottle comes in four different sizes, but they all provide a consistent spray.Two small amber glass mister bottles with extra tools.A set of four heavy-duty spraying bottles with adjustable nozzles.Two multifunctional amber glass spray bottles with UV protection.
ProsSmall bottle, ergonomic handle, great for plants/ironing.For hair, non-aerosol, consistent spraying power, continuous spray, ergonomic design, easy-to-grip handle.Amber glass, leakproof, UV protection, fine mist spray, BPA- and lead-free.Heavy-duty, can take harsh chemicals solvents, withstand drops, no leaks/clogs, extended tube suction, measurements on side.Amber glass, multipurpose, two-pack with labels, recycled glass, eco-friendly, UV protection.
ConsCan leak, will be too small for some uses.Not good for thick liquids or those who don't like continuous spray.Not good for thick liquids, bottles smaller than expected.Stream isn't great, not long-lasting.Leaky nozzles, inconsistent spray.
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The Best Spray Bottles

three different spray bottles; one amber glass one on a kitchen counter, one small mister spraying sanitizer on a hand, and one clear one misting water on hair
Sally’s Organics/hmaimas/BeautifyBeauties

Spray bottles come in various sizes and materials and with different nozzles to accommodate the task at hand. We’ve gathered together the best reusable spray bottles to help you get things done.

Buying Guide for the Best Spray Bottles

a spray bottle held in a hand against a gray wall
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Why buy a spray bottle?

Reusing spray bottles allows you to minimize your personal impact on the environment. Unlike single-use bottles, spray bottles are typically more resistant to leaks and breaks.

What should you consider before purchasing a spray bottle?

  • Plastic or Glass: What are you spraying? If you need to spray your plants with water or create a DIY cleaner, plastic bottles will work well. Glass bottles have UV protection to protect from ultraviolet light, so they’ll keep your essential oils or beauty products safe and longer-lasting.
  • Versatility: Some bottles come with adjustable settings so that you can mist, stream, and spray. Heavy-duty bottles are chemical-resistant to be reused with different chemicals each time.
  • Storage: Another thing to consider is how much the bottle can hold. Do you need a small portable bottle for perfume or a large one for cleaning products?
  • Nozzle Type: A durable nozzle is a key feature in spray bottles. Look for a leak-free nozzle that’s adjustable and can switch between a steady spray or mist. Some nozzles lock when not in use.
  • Cleaning: Don’t forget that you also need to clean your spray bottles periodically. Consider if the product is able to be put in the dishwasher for a quick clean or if it needs to be hand washed.

Should you get a bottle with measurements?

Some spray bottles feature measurements on the side so that you can mix your products accordingly. This is a great choice if you’re measuring as you pour into the bottle, which one typically might do when mixing cleaning products or essential oils. Typically, you can find bottles with both milliliters and fluid ounces marked on the sides.

Our Picks for the Best Spray Bottles

Best Small

Rayson Empty Spray Bottle

A small spray bottle with an ergonomic grip.

Pros: This spray bottle is small but mighty. The ergonomic handle design makes it easy to spray and helps lessen the pain from carpal tunnel syndrome. Despite its small size, it’s a great option for watering plants and ironing.

Cons: It can leak sometimes, and it’s not going to be big enough for some uses.

Bottom Line: If you need a small spray bottle that doesn’t take up much space, this is a great option with a price you can’t beat.


Best for Misting

Beautify Beauties Spray Bottle

This bottle comes in four different sizes, but they all provide a consistent spray.

Pros: Available in four different size options, this spray bottle is advertised for hair and dispenses an aerosol-like spray without using any pressurized containers or hazardous propellant gases. This bottle was engineered to be consistent in its spraying power for a sustained mist spray that lasts 1.2 seconds. It also allows continuous 360-degree spraying for those hard-to-reach areas. This spray bottle has an ergonomic design and an easy-to-grip handle.

Cons: Because this bottle creates a super fine mist, it won’t work well with thick liquids.

Bottom Line: This bottle is a great option for those looking to switch to a more sustainable and healthy option than aerosol spray bottles. However, it can be used for various purposes beyond beauty products.


Best for Beauty Products

Hydior Amber Glass Spray Bottles

Two small amber glass mister bottles with extra tools.

Pros: This set of amber glass spray bottles is refillable, leakproof, and UV-resistant. They are multi-use, and the nozzle creates a fine mist spray great for hand sanitizers, diluted essential oils, witch hazel, face spray, deodorant, room cleaner, hair products, etc. The bottles are odorless, BPA-free, and lead-free.

Cons: Thick products won’t come out of these bottles very well. They’re smaller than some might expect.

Bottom Line: This set of bottles comes with two extra-fine mist sprayers, a funnel, a dropper, and four labels. It’s a great value and will serve you well with beauty products.


Best Four-Piece Set

Airbee Plastic Spray Bottles

A set of four heavy-duty spray bottles with adjustable nozzles.

Pros: These heavy-duty spraying bottles are made from HDPE plastic, which is made to hold up against harsh chemicals and solvents. The BPA-free bottles can withstand drops. The spray head is durable polypropylene and has a stainless steel spring and precision value and piston for leak-free and clog-free usage. The extended tube suction of these bottles will get you every last drop from the bottle. There are measurements on the side of the bottle for convenience.

Cons: They don’t produce the best stream, and they won’t last forever.

Bottom Line: The two-finger trigger design makes it easy to use this bottle and eliminates hand fatigue. It’s a great choice for household, commercial, and industrial use. The product even comes with labels so that you can identify the product inside.


Best Glass

Bontip Glass Spray Bottle

Two multifunctional amber glass spray bottles with UV protection.

Pros: This set of glass amber spray bottles is multifunctional in use, whether for essential oils, cosmetics, hair spray, homemade cleaners, natural air freshers, ironing, linen spray, watering plants, and much more. Each bottle has a trigger nozzle, and the pack also comes with four black markers and a brush. The glass bottles are made from BPA-free recycled glass. The dark brown appearance prevents degradation from ultraviolet light.

Cons: After time, the sprayers can become leaky and/or clogged and stop working.

Bottom Line: These high-quality glass spray bottles are a great reusable option and alternative to plastic spray bottles. You can use them for most household products.

Final Thoughts

Spray bottles are a functional and essential tool to have in your home if you are trying to be environmentally conscientious. They have a wide range of use and come in a variety of styles that will fit your every need.

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