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The Best Spy Kits for Pint-Sized Undercover Agents

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James Bond, Jack Ryan, Dana Scully, Napoleon Solo, Austin Powers—alright, maybe not the last guy, but kids grow up madly loving an assortment of spies across film and television that it really should come as no surprise how often they’re pretending to be one. From retrieving a highly guarded artifact from the bedsheet fort to eavesdropping on an older sibling’s phone call, there’s a spy in almost every kid, so here are a few espionage kits you can buy to get them started.

What You Want Out of Your Ace Hound Gear

Consider these factors when making a selection:

  • Interactivity & Ease: It’s important that the spy gear or kit you’re eyeballing is one you’re sure you can get peak mileage out of across multiple playthroughs. That especially means finding a kit that a child can manage easily because while playing detective will forever remain cooler than cool, it shouldn’t take you weeks at a time like real work.
  • Playstyle: You should also take into account the particular style of play your spy kit offers. There’s a wide range of toys worth looking into, from games and bundles that focus on solving a layered mystery to those that bring you a unique, hands-on secret agent experience.
  • Bundling: And on the flipside of playstyles, it’s also important that your spy gear look that part. You want those nuances in the attire, the upgraded tech, and the accompanying twists and turns in your mysteries. So, don’t shortchange the details in your gear.

For In-Depth Role Playing: Thames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit

A Master Detective Toolkit at center frame surrounded by its investigation equipment, which include items like police tape, evidence markers, chalk, and supplemental booklets.
Thames & Kosmos

Possibly the most thorough spy gear bundle you’re likely to come across, this Thames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit teaches users about the same forensic science the real gumshoes use. With this kit, one will learn how to gather evidence, find the leads, and solve the backyard crime of the century. The MOCK crime within contains a 48-page, full-color guidebook with step-by-step instructions, as well as 33 investigative tools and 26 experiments to choose from.

For In-Depth Role Playing

Best Surveillance Bundle: Spy School Sneaky Surveillance

Five surveillance toys discreetly disguised as everyday objects, from a Yo-Yo listening device to a decoy storage case.
Spy School

Have a spy in your life who is more interested in the hidden abilities of field tech rather than lab work? This Spy School Sneaky Surveillance kit provides a user with a handful of cool tools that will always keep your surroundings in check. Included in the kit are your essentials: a working microphone, rearview spy glasses, and two kinds of scopes. The best part? Each piece of spy gear is designed to look like an everyday piece of equipment, from a yo-yo to a pencil box.

Best Surveillance Bundle

SmartLab Toys Spy School Sneaky Surveillance with 20 Fun-Filled Spy-ence Missions

A multipack of several unique espionage tools designed for observing while remaining expertly discreet.

Best Heist Simulator: SpyX Lazer Trap Alarm

A teenage spy reaches for a glass ornament placed between three laser beam sensors.

For the spy kid who wants to really feel the pressure of living like the world’s greatest infiltrator, this SpyX Lazer Trap Alarm features a three-piece “lazer” beam trap that a user can set up in any way and around any item worth getting into trouble for. The trio is adjustable up to 360 degrees, providing a full spectrum intensity as one carefully avoids triggering the light or audio motion alarm. Each “lazer” sensor is detectable between 4 feet of distance, so you can customize with ease.

Best Heist Simulator

Best Decoding Game: Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Kit

Contents of the Crime Catchers Kit at center frame, including the likes of an illustrated character sheet, a mock footprint, writing tools, and evidence bags.
Scientific Explorer

Another mystery-based bundle that puts you in the investigator’s shoes, this Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Kit provides an educational and safe foray into the behind-the-scenes work. A kid can solve two different mysteries and complete eight activities by way of matching fingerprints, testing powders and liquids, and decoding secret messages just like the pros. Included in this kit are the likes of an activity booklet, suspect cards, various powders, decoder glasses, and test tubes.

Best Decoding Game

Scientific Explorer Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Science Kit

A two-mystery activity kit that kids can solve via matching fingerprints, testing powders, and decoding the truth.

Best Dress-Up Bundle: Tigerdoe Detective Costume

A collection of secret agent staples, from a black and white-striped fedora to a non-toxic pen with an LED top highlighting the words "invisible ink."

For users who know they have the skillset but haven’t quite found their signature look, this Tigerdoe Detective Costume features a true spy staple alongside several modern accessories. The pinstripe, black and white fedora nails that classic Bogart style, while the mirrored shades not only add excitement, but they include a “look-behind” design that will grant you constant surveillance. Additionally, this kit includes an invisible ink pen with an LED flashlight top and a functioning motion-detecting camera.

Best Dress-Up Bundle

Tigerdoe Detective Costume - Spy Gear for Kids - Dress Up - Spy Costume Accessories (4 Pc)

Not only are you getting the classic spy look with this kit, but you'll also get two other tech-heavy tools.

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