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The Best Square Tablecloths

🕚 Updated August 2022

If you want your dining table to look its best, it's only natural that you protect it from becoming scratched and smudged. Here are the best square tablecloths for elevating your dining room's decor while covering your table.

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  Top Choice Best Waterproof Best Disposable Best Elastic Most Decorative
Square Tablecloth
Square Tablecloth
Royal 7
Three-Pack of Plastic Tablecloths
Table Top Cover
Maison d' Hermine
Cotton Tablecloth
Our SummaryThis budget-friendly tablecloth stands out for its vivid selection of solid colors.This is a hard-wearing tablecloth that you can put through the wringer without needing to throw it in the wash too soon.These disposable tablecloths can be reused if desired, making them a great value for the price.Here's a tablecloth that will keep your plates in place, thanks to a tight elastic hold lining its sides.These high-quality cotton tablecloths sport gorgeous designs and thick, durable material.
ProsAffordable, comes in many colors and sizes, is stain-resistant, comes with simple care instructions.Industrial-style material construction, repels water and allows for easy stain removal, comes in 23 colors.Affordable price, comes in many color options, comes in a pack of three, can reuse if desired.Ideal for small and large tables, maintains a firm hold on table edges to prevent shifting.Comes in unique designs, is great for special occasions, is machine washable, made of thick colorfast material.
ConsMay become wrinkled in the washing machine.Slightly scratchy material.Thin material.Not many color options.Expensive.
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The Best Square Tablecloths

table with square black tablecloth

Buying Guide for Square Tablecloths

Table with blue square tablecloth with quilted design
Maison d’ Hermine

Why buy a square tablecloth?

Square tablecloths are a fairly versatile option for protecting your table, as they work well with circular and square tables. They also provide an amazing backdrop for table settings, runners, candles, and other pieces of decor. By picking out a protective tablecloth in a style that you love, you can protect your table from scuffs, stains, fading, and cracks, all while adding a pop of elegance and color to your dining room. The right tablecloth can also seriously dress up a table for a special occasion, such as holiday dinners or festive parties.

What should you look for in a square tablecloth?

  • Dimensions: One of the most important factors to consider when selecting your tablecloth is its size. Choosing the correct size of cloth starts by measuring the dimensions of your table and then translating that into your purchase. However, you should also factor in how much the tablecloth hangs off the table. Generally speaking, casual occasions call for an overhang length of around 6 to 8 inches, whereas about 15 inches is more appropriate for formal and banquet settings.
  • Material: The material of your tablecloth is a vital consideration, as different materials can offer differing levels of protection and elegance. Covers made from thick and loose cotton are likely to prevent scratches better than most, but they won’t stick to your table like an elastic polyester-spandex cover. And, though a cover featuring a stainproof surface grants you additional peace of mind, there’s also the disposable plastic cover, which you can ball up and toss in the trash rather than worry about lingering smells or potential stain treatment.
  • Styling: Finally, setting the tone for your dining area is crucial, so investing in the right tablecloth takes a bit of thought. Whether you are looking for a tablecloth with a solid color or an intricate design, be sure that it complements the room’s decor and your dinner wear. Keep in mind that more elaborate tablecloths suitable for fancy events are often found with loftier price tags than less conspicuous styles.

How often should you wash a tablecloth?

Whether it bears a noticeable blemish or not, you may be surprised at how often you intend to wash your tablecloth. According to numerous outlets, a tablecloth should be washed after every meal it has accommodated. For this demanding reason, people often favor hard-wearing and stainproof covers, as they require less care between uses and don’t take on damage as easily.

Our Picks for the Best Square Tablecloths

Top Choice

Sancua Square Tablecloth

This budget-friendly tablecloth stands out for its vivid selection of solid colors.

Pros: Featuring an affordable price tag and many size and color combinations, the Sancua Square Tablecloth is easy to keep looking its best, thanks to its stain-resistant fabric. However, even if it gets dirty during your family feast, it’s easy to revive it back to a pristine condition via simple washing instructions. This is a stellar option for those seeking a solid-colored square tablecloth, as the colors are pretty vibrant, too.

Cons: While this tablecloth is pretty good at avoiding taking on permanent stains, it’s fairly likely to come out of your washing machine wrinkled if you’re not careful.

Bottom Line: Those in the market for a basic, vividly colored tablecloth will find great value in this product. However, be prepared to deal with some wrinkles unless you keep an iron handy.


Best Waterproof

Hiasan Square Tablecloth

This is a hard-wearing tablecloth that you can put through the wringer without needing to throw it in the wash too soon.

Pros: For the crowd who appreciates an industrial choice and those with messy children, this tablecloth blends ample fashion with reliably tough construction. Its 54- by 54-inch body features 100% polyester material that’s thoroughly capable of repelling water, allowing you to easily clean spills off its surface. With 23 different colors, like lavender and pumpkin orange, you’re bound to find a color that suits your dining area.

Cons: Though it provides the tough support many of us crave come mealtime, this cloth’s dependence on the polyester fabric means it comes up short in the comfort department, as the material is known to feel slightly scratchy on the skin. The design of the tablecloth also lacks a certain sense of formality necessary for upscale dinners.

Bottom Line: With its multicolor catalog and highly-resistant surface strength, the Hiasan Square Tablecloth is an ideal option for those seeking a dining necessity that will stand the test of time.


Best Disposable

Royal 7 Three-Pack of Plastic Tablecloths

These disposable tablecloths can be reused if desired, making them a great value for the price.

Pros: Featuring a tantalizing price tag and a lot of colors to pick from, the three-pack from Royal 7 Plastic Tablecloths is an excellent option for casual get-togethers where saving a few bucks makes sense. Speaking of savings, these tablecloths are easy to wipe clean so that you can use them for future occasions. Otherwise, throw them away when you’re done with them with the knowledge that you protected your tables for about the cost of a meal at your favorite fast food restaurant.

Cons: As you might expect at this price point, these tablecloths are fairly thin and thus are pretty easy to damage. While they’re technically reusable, the mileage you get from these tablecloths will vary.

Bottom Line: While you probably won’t want to celebrate your wedding anniversary over disposable tablecloths like these, they’re a great inexpensive way to protect your tables for casual BBQs, and messy seafood boils.


Best Elastic

JISEN Table Top Cover

Here's a tablecloth that'll keep your plates in place, thanks to a tight elastic hold lining its sides.

Pros: Simple and appropriate for small arrangements, this option understands that the biggest drawback to owning a tablecloth is trying to keep it in place. Thanks to the stretching power of its spandex material and elastic edging, this cloth keeps a tight hold on the corners of your table, so there is no shifting or sudden pull that may send plates and cups crashing to the floor. It also offers multiple size options, making it suitable for various square tables.

Cons: As far as styling goes, this cloth doesn’t feature the same designs or color options other choices offer. Additionally, it’s not waterproof or stainproof, and its constant stretching may leave it susceptible to tearing over time.

Bottom Line: For the couple who’s just sick of constantly fixing their tablecloth before and after every meal, this JISEN Table Top Cover is designed to stay firmly in place for optimal convenience.


Most Decorative

Maison d' Hermine Cotton Tablecloth

These high-quality cotton tablecloths sport gorgeous designs and thick, durable material.

Pros: If you don’t mind spending a little extra on your tablecloth, the Maison d’ Hermine Cotton Tablecloth’s high-quality, colorfast material and diverse array of gorgeous designs are bound to appeal to you. These tablecloths are an ideal selection for special occasions but are also extremely easy to wash and dry without fading or compromising the material. These tablecloths are thicker than most budget-friendly options, so you receive impressive durability in exchange for your investment.

Cons: These tablecloths are quite a bit pricier than most options that you’ll find on the market.

Bottom Line: While the Maison d’ Hermine Cotton Tablecloth is almost twice as expensive as most basic tablecloths, its thick, durable material and beautiful designs make it well worth the price. However, its elaborate designs probably won’t appeal to those seeking something versatile and unassuming.

Final Thoughts

A square tablecloth is beloved for its protective and decorative function in our homes, especially when we gather with friends and family. If you want a new square tablecloth to make your table feel extra special, carefully consider your unique needs before selecting which product is the best pick for you.

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