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The Best Squeeze Bottles to Have on Hand

A person squirting dressing onto a salad using a yellow squeeze bottle.

Squeeze bottles are any sort of container that dispensing fluid simply by being squeezed. They are commonly used to hold and dispense condiments like ketchup, mustard, oils, sauces, and vinegar. Squeeze bottles have been a fixture in professional kitchens, restaurants, and even hot dog stands for ages as a way to dispense condiments quickly and easily. In recent years, squeeze bottles have become more frequently seen in home kitchens as well.

Many people like to keep squeeze bottles in their home kitchen because they’re useful for storing as well as dispensing liquids. Not only do they offer a more controlled pour that makes it easier to measure out precise amounts of food, but they are also available in many sizes for different needs. Some people like to use them to decorate desserts with frosting or icing since they are sturdier than regular frosting bags, hold their shape better, and can be reused multiple times. Squeeze bottles aren’t limited to use in the kitchen, either. They may hold and dispense common crafts supplies, serves as a handy way to give just the right amount of water to finicky plants, or can even be used in the shower to dispense shampoos, soaps, massage oils. Thus they are extremely useful items to keep around your home.

If you want to add some new squeeze bottles to your array of household items, here are a few we recommend.

Purchasing Squeeze Bottles

Here are a few things to think about before buying squeeze bottles:

  • Size: The size of your squeeze bottles is possibly the most important factor to consider when picking the ones you want. You’ll want to consider both the quantity each is capable of holding and the circumference of its mouth. The quantity of most squeeze bottles will be measured in ounces or milliliters. Most common sizes are in between four and eight ounces, though there are plenty of larger and miniature options as well. When it comes to mouth circumference (without the lid), the wider, the better since this makes the bottles that much easier to fill.
  • Material: Most squeeze bottles are going to be made of plastic. Low-density plastic tends to be a better choice since it’s more flexible and thus easier to squeeze. If you plan to use your squeeze bottles for any food product, be sure you pick a food-grade material so the contents remain safe for consumption. Latex and BPA-free models are also recommended if possible. Not all squeeze bottles are dishwasher or microwave safe, so keep an eye out for models marked as such if these features are important to you. Others have measurements marked on the side, which makes them easier to fill to your exact needs. And while most are made of transparent material, there are some colored ones, such as red for ketchup or yellow for mustard.
  • Quantity: How many squeeze bottles do you plan to buy? Your needs may vary based on how many condiments you use, how often you plan to use them, and what you plan to use them for. Squeeze bottles tend to be sold in pairs or sets, though there are some individual ones available for purchase. Sets of two and six are most common, though if you own a restaurant or use a lot of condiments in your cooking, you can find larger sets as well.

Top Choice: IMPRESA 4 Oz Plastic Small Squeeze Bottles and Caps

Eight transparent squeeze bottles with orange caps.

Squeeze bottles can serve multiple purposes around your home, both in and out of the kitchen. Whether you want to use them for condiments or oils, shampoos or soaps, glue or paint, these squeeze bottles are the perfect options for just about any liquid you need to store and dispense. Each bottle is made of food-grade acrylic, so it’ll be completely safe for use in the kitchen, should you use it for dressings, vinegar, oils, icing, or any other condiments. They are also free of BPA and latex for additional safety. The acrylic material is also designed to be strong enough to protect your liquids without being too rigid to squeeze for dispensing. Even better, the material is dishwasher safe or can be washed with soap and water so you can use the bottles over and over again. The tips of the bottles come pre-cut for dispensing, and you can always snip them if you ever need a larger hole. For instance, thicker liquids will come out more smoothly with an enlarged tip. The small screw-on caps are easy to take on and off as needed and help to prevent the bottles from leaking and wasting the contents.

Best Value: New Star Foodservice Squeeze Bottles

A pack of six white squeeze bottles with flip off lids.

Squeeze bottles are most commonly used to store and dispense condiments above any other products, in both personal and commercial use. These larger, optionally colored models are a perfect choice for anyone who owns or runs a restaurant, hot dog cart, or food truck, especially if they use ketchup and mustard. In addition to a classic clear squeeze bottle option, you can buy these models in either red or yellow, which allow you to color-code your condiments for convenience. Regardless of color, these squeeze bottles are compatible with markers and labels if you prefer to identify the condiments or liquid inside that way, to doubly ensure they don’t get mixed up. The tops also unscrew for easy filling and refilling. Each bottle has an impressive 12-ounce capacity, and you receive six per pack for one very low price. They work equally great for other types of liquids and solvents, such as crafting materials like paints, glitter, and glue.

Those aren’t the only advantages offered by these particular squeeze bottles, either. They are not only dishwasher safe on the top row for optimal, low-effort cleaning, but unlike many other models, they are microwave safe. Therefore if you ever need to warm up the condiments inside, you don’t have to pour them out of the bottle, microwave them, and then pour them back into the bottle. The commercial-grade plastic material is food-safe and free of BPA. And the two-row of threading on the lid, compared to the half-row most squeeze bottles have, ensures that they’re all but leakproof, and the tops won’t pop off at random. You won’t have to worry about these bottles accidentally leaking all over your family, customers, or countertops.

Best Value

New Star Foodservice 26146 Squeeze Bottles, Plastic, 12 oz, Clear, Pack of 6

A set of six leakproof, potentially color-coded squeeze bottles that are both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Most Size Options: OXO Translucent Squeeze Bottle Set

Two differently-sized squeeze bottles with transparent bodies and black lids.

Everyone’s needs are not one size fits all, and neither are squeeze bottles. They come in miniature and extra-large capacities, with plenty of sizes in between. However, not every squeeze bottle in the market comes in multiple sizes, so these can help you avoid this particular problem. They are available in three different sizes plus one paired option, so the odds are good there will be at least one that is just right for your needs.

You can buy this squeeze bottle in a small (six-ounce), medium (12-ounce), or large (16-ounce) size. As an alternative, you can buy a medium and large-sized bottle as a paired set. If you buy them as a set, one lid has a thinner tip, and the other has a thicker one. These lids can be interchanged between the different sized bottles as needed, should you ever need a wider tip for the contents of a smaller bottle, and vice versa. And all bottles in all sizes are marked along the sides so you can easily measure out precise increments for recipes. The markings are listed in cups, ounces, and milliliters for your convenience. The snap-closure cap will stay open during dispensing, allow you to pour and measure out your liquids more precisely, and close firmly if you ever need to shake up the contents. This also ensures safer storage for your condiments, oils, vinegar, syrups, or whatever else you want to keep inside. The transparent plastic is BPA-free and can be reused multiple times after being washed in the dishwasher. The bottles come apart for easier cleaning.

Most Size Options

OXO Good Grips Chef’s Squeeze Bottle Set, Plastic, Translucent

Durable plastic squeeze bottles with convenient markings along the sides.

Best for Watering: Axe Sickle Plastic Safety Squeeze Bottle

Three clear squeeze bottles with curved straws and measurements on the sizes.

While holding and dispensing condiments is the most common use for squeeze bottles, most can be used for other types of liquids, and thus different purposes. One use that you may not have considered using a squeeze bottle for is watering your houseplants or terrariums. They can be an especially useful tool if you have extra finicky plants that require precise amounts of water since they allow you better control over the quantity of water dispensed at once. This trio of squeeze bottles was designed specifically for that task, no matter if you have cacti, herbs, aloe vera, African violets, or any other type of plant.

Unlike most squeeze bottles, which have straight tips, these have longer, bent noses that can reach the base of your plant’s stem base without getting the leaves or flowers wet. This also reduces your risk of spilling or wasting water as well. Each of the three bottles has a capacity of 16 ounces. They are also available in eight ounces or 32 ounces if you require something larger or smaller. These squeeze bottles are also a great option for liquid plant food and nutrients or for storing cleaning products.

Best for Watering

Axe Sickle 3 Pcs Plastic Safety Squeeze Bottle 500 mL Wash Bottle Watering Tool, Lab Tip Liquid Storage, 16oz / 3 Bottle.

Three squeeze bottles with long, curved necks designed specifically for watering houseplants.

Best Miniature: Wilton Mini Squeeze Bottles

Two transparent squeeze bottles with red tip covers.

While restaurants and food carts may prefer the largest possible squeeze bottles for their condiments, you may subscribe to the less-is-more approach in terms of your squeeze bottles’ size. Maybe you don’t use a lot of sauces or oils on your foods. Maybe you are on a new diet, and you are trying to use smaller portions, even with your condiments and dressings. Maybe you are decorating or drizzling over bite-sized or appetizer-sized food and want a squeeze bottle proportionate to their size. Whatever your reasons, if you are in the market for miniature squeeze bottles, you’ll love this little pair.

Each bottle holds up to six ounces of condiments, syrup, sauce, melted chocolate or candy, icing, or any other liquid you wish to store and dispense in them. A 4-ounce and 12-ounce bottle options are also available. They are great for decorating small cookies and cupcakes or filling molds for candy making. The small tip covers help keep your ingredients safe and secure when not in use and reduce the risk of leaks for a cleaner countertop. The lid can easily be removed for filling or a more thorough cleaning. After each use, you should hand wash them in warm, soapy water, rinse, and dry.

Best Miniature

Wilton Mini Squeeze Bottles, 6 oz., 2-Piece, Plastic

A pair of smaller-sized squeeze bottles when you need precisely portioned condiments or icing.

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