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The Best Squishy Toys

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🕚 Updated August 2022

Squishy toys are one of the latest and greatest toy crazes sweeping across the nation. As the name suggests, squishies are brightly colored toys made of, you guessed it, squishy foam. Here are some squishy toys you and your kids can enjoy.

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  Best Bulk Buy Best Animal-Themed Set Best Jumbo Set Best Make Your Own Kit Best Glitter Set
72 Pcs Kawaii Squishies
Squishy Toys 24pcs
6 Pcs Squishies Toy Jumbo Slow Rising
Doodle Hog
Squishies DIY Kit
Squishies 28pcs
Our SummaryIf you need to supply a crowd, this pack will deliver.There is so much cuteness packed into this bucket of animal squishies.Worry less about your toddler being safe with these jumbo squishies.Give a gift that is an experience first and a unique toy second.If you like extra dazzle, this variety pack of squishies is one that will catch your eye.
Pros72 pieces, non-toxic rubber, variety of colors and animal characters, individually wrapped.24 pieces, non-toxic rubber, variety of colors and animal characters, individually wrapped, hand-painted details.Six unique characters, safe for toddlers, adorable animals and designs, slow-rising.Great gift, comes with four unique squishies, variety of art supplies, includes template for design inspiration, slow-rising and easy to hold.28 pieces, non-toxic rubber, variety of colors and animal characters, individually wrapped.
ConsGet sticky after use.Get sticky after use.Not as pliable as others.Paint is not washable from clothing.Get sticky after use.
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The Best Squishy Toys

A child squeezes a strawberry squishy toy.
Angela Bragato/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Squishy Toys

A bunch of squishy toys in food shapes on a table.

Why should you buy squishy toys?

Because of their ability to be squashed down only to re-inflate to their original size and shape before your eyes, squishy toys are incredibly satisfying to touch and play with. Some companies are marketing these vibrant-colored toys as the next fidget toys, things that children can play with to help with stress and anxiety or to increase their focus. They come in a seemingly never-ending variety of sizes and shapes, from keychain-sized to the size of a stuffed animal and from ice cream cone shapes to panda shapes and beyond. Some food-themed squishies are scented to match their respective shape. Others are translucent or glittery. There are even personalized options like kits that allow kids to design their own squishies. Thanks to their unending variety, squishies are highly collectible and relatively inexpensive, making them a favorite for kids and parents alike.

What should you consider when shopping for squishy toys?

  • Quantity: Squishies can come as a single toy and in sets as low as five or as many as several dozen at once. Generally, larger squishies are the ones sold alone, and the smaller ones are sold in larger packs. Consider how many children you’re buying for and whether they’re collectors or not before deciding the number of squishies you’re going to buy.
  • Type: There are so many types of squishies on the market that it can be hard to narrow down which ones to purchase. Most are food or animal-shaped, so you can find sets that are a mixture of these two themes or are composed solely of one or the other. Most are solid and opaque, but you can find ones that are see-through, more gel-like in appearance, and glittery. There are also kits composed of plain squishies and paints so your child can decorate their own unique squishies however they like. Picking one of these options can help narrow your search down quite a bit.
  • Size: Squishies can be as large as stuffed animals, small enough to fit in the palm of a child’s hand or hang on a keychain, or in between, though the former two are most common. The smaller ones tend to be the more collectible ones, which may be of more interest to slightly older children. Younger ones may prefer a larger squishy or squishies they can grab easier, hug, and carry around in their arms like a stuffed animal. It’s also advisable not to give too small of squishies to very young children in order to avoid choking hazards.

Are squishies safe for toddlers?

Squishies are super fun toys for younger children. Whether they want to play with them or squish them for sensory regulation, they’re a hit! Toddlers can enjoy squishies, but it’s recommended that if you have a toddler or young one who still explores with their mouth, you should keep a close eye on them so that they don’t bite off any pieces.

Our Picks for the Best Squishy Toys

Best Bulk Buy

YIHONG 72 Pcs Kawaii Squishies, Mochi Squishy Toys for Kids Party Favors

If you need to supply a crowd, this pack will deliver.

Pros: This set includes 72 squishies in various colors and animal characters. The set is perfect for party favors, small prizes for classrooms, or other group settings. Made of non-toxic rubber, these squishies are safe for little ones and all the tactile exploration they can think of. If the toys get dirty, a simple rinse with water can clean them. They come individually wrapped, which preserves their details and makes distributing them easy.

Cons: They can get sticky after frequent use.

Bottom Line: Whether you need classroom prizes, piñata stuffers, party favors, or therapy toys, this value pack of 72 squishies is an all-star choice. The pack includes a variety of cute and recognizable animals that come in a variety of colors. Each squishy is individually wrapped and easy to clean.


Best Animal-Themed Set

KINGYAO Squishies 24pcs

There is so much cuteness packed into this bucket of animal squishies.

Pros: A variety of animals in soft and cute colors are perfect for party favors, classroom prizes, and other fun occasions. Relieve stress, spark curiosity, or just unwind with squeezing, squishing, pulling, and twisting. Each squishy is made of non-toxic rubber and hand painted with adorable features and details. Each squishy comes individually wrapped, and they all come in the storage bucket.

Cons: Users say these get sticky pretty quickly after use. Wash them with water to get rid of the stickiness.

Bottom Line: If you want cute party favors for a group or small stress relief toys for the office, this 24-pack is a great option. Filled with individually wrapped, colorful, and cheery animal squishies, this bucket is overloaded with cuteness.


Best Jumbo Set

YOAUSHY 6 Pcs Jumbo Squishies Toy

Worry less about your toddler being safe with these jumbo squishies.

Pros: Measuring 4 by 5 inches, these squishies are larger than the usual party favor and variety pack sizes. This larger size makes them perfect for toddlers to enjoy! Each animal has adorable colors and features. This pack of six includes six unique designs. Each squishy is made from polyurethane foam which makes them soft and slow-rising.

Cons: These are thicker, so they’re not as pliable as other varieties. Since they’re made of foam, there is a greater chance of them ripping with rough play.

Bottom Line: These jumbo squishies are safe for little ones to enjoy and are super cute, so your kiddo will want to keep it close. The slow-rising foam promotes curious play, but they are also great for improving hand strength and emotional regulation.


Best Make Your Own Kit

Doodle Hog Squishies DIY Kit

Give a gift that is an experience first and a unique toy second.

Pros: This DIY squishy kit is a super fun gift for artistic kids. It includes four blank squishies plus a variety of fun art supplies, including four colors of paint, one tube of glitter, paintbrushes, and stickers. With these different ways to personalize and stylize each squishy, you can get creative in your own way or follow a template included. The squishy is slow-rising and easy to hold while painting and decorating. Once the paint completely dries, colors and dazzle will stay in place during use.

Cons: The paint is not washable, so be sure to protect your kids’ clothing before getting into it.

Bottom Line: Whether you need a fun activity for a rainy day, a sleepover, or to give as an awesome gift, this DIY squishy kit provides fun in two ways. First, let the kids get creative and design their own squishy toy, then once it’s dry, they can use it and play with it!


Best Glitter Set

ORWINE Squishies 28pcs

If you like extra dazzle, this variety pack of squishies will catch your eye.

Pros: If you’re looking to add extra dazzle to a prize bin or piñata, these squishies add just enough. This pack of slightly transparent colorful animal squishies also has glitter throughout, making them extra special. Stretch, squeeze, or squish, but don’t worry about glitter getting all over your hands while you play or relieve stress. The cute details on each animal add to the possibilities for playtime for little ones and less stress for adults. Like other varieties, this squishy is also made of non-toxic rubber for safe and versatile pliability. Each squishy comes individually wrapped.

Cons: These get sticky after playing with like other rubber squishies.

Bottom Line: Add extra flair to your party favors or prize stash with these squishies that include glitter in the colorful animal characters. Non-toxic rubber makes them easy to poke, squeeze, twist and squish for fun, to eliminate bad habits, or for stress relief. To enjoy these squishies more, rinse them and once dry, lightly coat them with baby powder.

Final Thoughts

No matter how you want to enjoy squishy toys, the fun characters come in a variety of sizes and packs. Whether you want to DIY your own squishy or purchase one for your curious toddler, there’s a squishy toy that is just right for you!

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