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The Best Staples for the Office

two stacks of rows of staples

Staples will always have a home in the modern office environment, and it is easy to see why. Staples, along with a stapler, allow you to effortlessly attach multiple papers together in order to stay organized and keep your space neat and tidy. Here are some good staples options for you.

Shopping for Staples

Paper capacity is important, as you will want to ensure that the staples you choose can handle the types of stapling jobs that you are buying them for. The type of staple you purchase is important, too, since mini staples will only work with mini-staplers, and heavy-duty staples can only be used with heavy-duty staplers. Lastly, make sure your new staples feature sharp chisel points, as they will help prevent jams and help your stapler work flawlessly.

Best Single Pack: Swingline Premium S.F. 4 Staples

three rows of staples stacked into a pyramid beside their box

The Swingline Premium S.F. 4 Staples are an Amazon bestseller and for good reason. These staples feature sharp chisel points to cleanly pierce paper, which results in fewer jams and stapler malfunctions. They can secure 25 sheets of paper at a time, making them appropriate for a wide variety of office uses. They are also compatible with most standard staplers, making them a great pick at a low price.

Best Multi-Pack: AmazonBasics Standard Stapler Staples

stack of 12 rows of staples

For a massive quantity of high-quality staples at the lowest of prices, the AmazonBasics Standard Stapler Staples are a great choice. These staples come in a standard size that works with most staplers and are designed durably to prevent jams and misfires. These staples are packaged in separate packs for simple containment and can be easily distributed throughout the office. They are also durably constructed, with an attractive silver color, solidifying them as great budget staples.

Best Multi-Pack

Amazon Basics Standard Stapler Staples, 50000 Count, 10-Pack of 5000, Silver

These staples will work with most standard-sized staplers and feature durable strength.

Best Mini Staples: Alsisk No. 10 Mini Staples

three short rows of staples

The Alsisk No. 10 Mini Staples are perfect for workplaces that provide mini-staplers for employee use. These staples feature extra-sharp chisel points for easy stapling and are compatible with No. 10 mini staplers from brands such as Rapid, Novus, Esselte, Arrow, Stanley, and more. For a durable staple solution at a bargain price, these will not disappoint.

Best Mini Staples

Alsisk Pack of 4000PCS No.10 Mini Staples(Smaller Than Standard Staples) .Silver

These staples feature extra-sharp chisel points to mitigate jamming and are compatible with No. 10 mini staplers.

Best Heavy-Duty Staples: Swingline Heavy-Duty Staples

three rows of stacked tall staples beside their

The Swingline Heavy Duty Staples provide extra strength and reliability for workplaces with heavy-duty stapling needs. These staples are designed to fasten up to 90 sheets of paper at a time and work with heavy-duty staplers that accept 0.5-inch staples. The Swingline Heavy Duty Staples also feature sharpened chisel points to ensure they can easily pierce large quantities of paper without jamming.

Best Heavy-Duty Staples

Swingline Staples, Heavy Duty for Desktop Staplers, 1/2" Length, 100/Strip, 5000/Box (79392)

These staples are rugged and can staple up to 90 sheets of paper at a time.

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