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The Best Steam Irons for Remedying Wrinkly Clothes

🕚 Updated August 2021

Steam irons are the ultimate accessory when it comes to looking your best, whether at a business meeting or the grocery store. Wrinkled clothes will be a thing of the past with these steam irons.

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  Top Choice Best Cordless Best Large Water Tanks Best Premium Option Most Affordable
Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron for Clothes
Cordless or 1500-Watt Anti-Drip Ceramic Hybrid Clothes Iron
SteamLogic Plus 1775 Watts Tank Capacity Iron
Horizontal/Vertical Iron Steamer for Clothes
Light 'N Easy Compact Steam Iron
Our SummarySteam iron your clothes with greater efficiency and precision.Effectively remove wrinkles from your clothes with this upgraded steam iron.A steam iron that provides 45 minutes of continuous output.A versatile high-end steam iron that gets the job done, no matter your clothing collection.An affordable steam iron that features smart technology for greater efficiency.
ProsStainless steal plate, simple temperature controls, three-way safety function.A simple design that is easy to use, an intuitive temperature dial, cordless.Spray and burst steam function, auto shut-off safety features, 45 minutes of continuous heat output.Built-in boiler system, spend less time ironing, versatile.SmartSteam technology, anti-drip plate, multiple spray modes.
ConsNo premium features.Only 60 seconds of continuous heat.Only ideal for an entire family or an avid steam ironer.Not a budget-friendly option.Lacks premium and high-end features.
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The Best Steam Irons for Remedying Wrinkly Clothes

A hand holds a steam iron up to a hanging blue blouse to steam the wrinkles out of it.

If you work in a professional business environment, then you understand how crucial it is to look put together for your job to make a good impression. Wrinkles are your worst nightmare when it comes to business attire, so why not invest in a steam iron? They’re incredibly useful in ensuring that your clothes look fresh at all times.

Buying Guide for Steam Irons

A woman uses a steam iron on a blue buttoned shirt.

Why buy a steam iron?

Your clothes are going to wrinkle at some point, even your most professional and high-end attire. Having a steam iron will help you show up prepared and presentable, no matter the situation. Steam irons now also come with several unique and forward-thinking features that make them viable for everyday and easy use.

What should you look for in a steam iron?

  • Precision and Power: With any steam iron, you want something that’s effective in removing wrinkles. Their design now takes into account the accuracy and efficiency that you need to optimize the way that you steam-iron your clothes. This way, you address some of those more delicate areas, such as narrow edges, seams, collars, and around buttons.
  • Unique Design: Steam irons have an array of design features that make them more feasible to use for different purposes. This includes nonstick steel plating, better steam distribution, and an auto-shutoff safety function when you’re not using them.
  • Reliability: Steam irons are incredibly sturdy and durable, ensuring that you’ll get to keep using them well into the future. You can rely on a newer and more modern steam iron to provide you with superior precision and quality for many years to come, even with regular use.

What are the drawbacks of owning a steam iron?

Although steam irons are incredibly effective and practical to use, they do have a few drawbacks. Not every steam iron works on every type of fabric, so you’ll have to be careful that you don’t damage your new blouse if its fabric isn’t compatible with the high heat that steam irons expel. You will also need to refill the water tank pretty frequently to keep the steam flowing, and some irons require a mixture of distilled water and tap water so that the iron doesn’t build up minerals, so this is another thing to check for, and it can be inconvenient for quick refills.

Our Picks for the Best Steam Iron

Top Choice

PurSteam Professional Steam Iron

A steam iron that provides optimal heat distribution, efficiency, and precision.

Pros: This fully optimized steam iron has everything that you need—ideal steam distribution, an anti-calcium function, and optimal thermostat controls for ironing different fabrics. It also has a three-way automatic safety feature that will prevent you from burning your clothes.

Cons: This steam iron doesn’t glide as smoothly across fabrics as some other models because its nonstick plate isn’t the best. This can be annoying to some users, especially when ironing in a hurry.

Bottom Line: This steam iron will get the job done no matter your wardrobe. In terms of the output of the steam and temperatures, you can’t go wrong with this particular device. You can effectively and consistently remove wrinkles, establishing a clean look without ruining your clothes.


Best Cordless

Sunbeam Cordless Steam Iron

Effectively remove wrinkles from your clothes with this upgraded steam iron.

Pros: If you want the wide range of movement of a cordless steam iron, then you should consider this one. It provides 60 seconds of continuous heat, and the device itself only takes 25 seconds to reheat. It features an LED screen that alerts you when the device is losing heat in cordless mode. It also provides you with a smooth glide.

Cons: This steam iron isn’t the best option in terms of intuitive safety functions, so you’ll want to be a little more vigilant while using it. You also only have up to 60 seconds of continuous heat, so you have to be incredibly efficient when ironing your clothes, and you’ll be going back and forth from the heating base to the item of clothing.

Bottom Line: This steam iron offers you the ideal upgrade over some of the more standard models. With the cordless function, you can iron your clothes from different angles to eliminate every wrinkle in your clothing. Cords can often hinder your movement while you’re ironing your clothes, which is why this particular device offers you optimal convenience.


Best Large Water Tank

SINGER Tank Capacity Steam Iron

A steam iron that provides 45 minutes of continuous output.

Pros: Larger water tanks mean fewer refills, which allows you to spend more time ironing your clothes and eliminating wrinkles. It also comes with a calcium filter to prevent minerals from building up inside the device, and it features multiple automatic shut-off functions.

Cons: If you don’t use a steam iron often, you might want to choose a different model. The large water tank is superfluous for users who only occasionally need to use this steam iron.

Bottom Line: This steam iron has the largest water tank of any other device that you’ll find. With a longer continuous steam output, you can get a lot more done in less time. This way, you can prepare your outfits and business attire for the entire upcoming week.


Best Premium Option

EuroSteam Iron Steamer

A versatile, high-end steam iron that gets the job done, no matter your clothing collection.

Pros: It delivers a strong burst of steam that effectively removes wrinkles, and it has a large water tank so that you can iron your clothes with minimal interruption. You can also use it for ironing vertically or horizontally. The built-in boiler system will help you reduce the amount of time you spend ironing.

Cons: If you’re searching for a more budget-friendly option, then you’re better off buying a different steam iron. You shouldn’t spend money on an expensive product if you don’t plan to make the most of it. Instead, search for something that offers more value for the money you spend.

Bottom Line: If you have the money for a luxury steam iron and plan to use it daily, then this is the best available option. It comes equipped with special temperature controls and a versatile design, which will help improve your overall efficiency while ironing clothes. In terms of power and performance, you can’t go wrong with this steam iron.


Most Affordable

BLACK+DECKER Compact Steam Iron

An affordable steam iron that features smart technology for greater efficiency.

Pros: You can now remove all the wrinkles in your clothes at a more affordable price. It features special steam technology that eliminates any guesswork while ironing your clothes, and it features a nonstick soleplate. With its multiple safety features, this steam iron will safely get the job done.

Cons: If you’re searching for a steam iron with the best functionality, then this might not be your first option. Also, when it comes to maximum power output, you’ll find steam irons that feature a higher temperature range.

Bottom Line: Even though this is the economic option, you aren’t compromising when it comes to quality and performance. Don’t let the price tag fool you: This steam iron has a reliable and smart design that ensures amazing efficiency.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for steam irons, find something that accommodates your unique needs, whether you need something for everyday use or just for special occasions and meetings. Remember, the goal is to have a convenient tool to ensure that your clothes are wrinkle-free and that you’re looking your best at all times.

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