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The Best Sticker Paper for Home Crafting Projects

woman and her daughter printing off assorted stickersSticker paper isn’t often considered a common craft item the way glitter or glue is, but it’s a useful thing to have on hand nonetheless. It’s great for creating your own custom labels and stickers for toys, bottles, jars, laptops, books, bins, mail, and other surfaces. You can also make your own bumper stickers, wall decorations, or photo albums with it. Some sticker paper is print-friendly, so you have the option of adding words or drawings by hand or by printing them from your computer, depending on the project and your preferences. With all the organizational and decorative possibilities it provides, sticker paper could make a handy addition to your craft supplies.

What to Look for in Sticker Paper

Here’s what to consider before buying sticker paper:

  • Size: Besides the standard-sized paper, you can find sticker paper in smaller sizes. This can be helpful if you’re creating stickers or labels for smaller items, as it saves you the time and trouble of having to cut the paper down yourself.
  • Color: Sticker paper is generally white, like most paper. Some sheets, however, are clear and often glossier than the typical white sticker paper. Some people prefer transparent sticker paper for glass jars or bottles as it blends in better with the surface. The choice is entirely up to you and whatever you have in mind for your projects.
  • Shape: Circular labels and stickers are a popular shape for a reason. While most sticker paper will come in the usual rectangular shape, you can find pre-cut circular sticker paper too. Not only will these save you time if you’re looking to make round stickers, but they’ll guarantee all your stickers will have a smooth cut and a uniform size and shape.
  • Printer Compatibility: If you want a computerized font or pictures for your stickers, make sure that the sticker paper you plan to use is printer-friendly. Most (but not all) paper will be. You’ll also want to make sure the paper is compatible with the type of printer you own; inkjet sticker paper for inkjet printers and laser sticker paper for laser printers. Some paper will work for either kind, but be sure to double-check before you buy.

Top Choice: JOYEZA Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper

sheets of white matte vinyl sticker paper

This is an all-around high-quality sticker paper that will suit all your home crafting needs. This standard-sized, self-adhesive paper is compatible with both laser and inkjet printers so whichever type of printer you have at home, this paper will be compatible with it. It will dry quickly after printing and give your images or words a rich, vibrant, photo-level look. The vinyl is highly durable and water-resistant so you’ll be able to create waterproof stickers and decals. The paper is easy to cut if desired, as well as easy to peel for quick and smooth application. It’s great for creating decals, vinyl lettering, bumper stickers, labels, and more.

Top Choice

Best Clear: Avery Printable Sticker Paper

packet of glossy clear sticker paper

If you prefer clear, glossy sticker paper for your projects to the classic white, this is the sticker paper for you. It’s available in three different packs so you can order as much or as little paper as needed. The sticker backing is made from Ultrahold permanent adhesive, guaranteed to stick to metal, glass, and paper alike. The paper is compatible with both laser and inkjet printers and with most electric die-cutting machines as well for your crafting convenience. Free templates and designs are available on the company website. It’s also available in several other colors and finishes, including assorted colors, non-glossy clear, silver, and gold.

Best Clear

Avery Printable Sticker Paper, Glossy Clear, 8.5" x 11", Laser & Inkjet Printers, 7 Sheets (4397)

A clear, glossy sticker paper that will adhere to paper, metal, and glass.

Best Half-Sheet: MFLABEL Half-Sheet Self Adhesive

sheet of clear sticker paper with a peel away back

Here’s an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for pre-cut, smaller sticker paper. The half-sheet size makes these adhesives the perfect size for creating shipping labels to put on your packages, though they’re still plenty useful for your home crafting projects as well. Made of premium material, this sticker paper will adhere to any surface you need it to, including corrugated boxes and envelopes. It’s compatible with both laser and inkjet printers for convenience. It’s available in six different packs with as few as 200 sheets and as many as 8,000.

Best Half-Sheet

Best Labels: Laser/Ink Jet White Labels

sheet of round white sticker paper

Here’s a pre-shaped and sized set of sticker paper labels with permanent adhesive and a matte finish. They’re blank and prepared for any patterns, letters, or pictures you want to add. Despite their small size, the stickers’ applications are numerous, from labels for jars and bottles to sealing envelopes to scrapbooking and beyond. With more than 20 sizes and anywhere between sets of 50 and 5,400 labels available, you’re guaranteed to find a set of this sticker paper that’ll get all your labeling jobs done. They’re compatible with both inkjet and laser printers as well as copy machines and offset printers. You can add color right up to the very edges of the label without any printing issues.

Best Labels

Laser / Ink Jet White Labels (2" Round for Printing with NO BLEED - 20 Per Page | 500 Labels)

High-quality, matte-finished stickers that are great for sealing envelopes and labeling jars and bottles.

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