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The Best Backless Bras

🕚 Updated March 2022

Choosing the right bra can be a big enough challenge on a good day, even harder if you're planning to wear a low-back, halter, or backless outfit. When a strapless bra just isn't cutting it, try a backless bra instead. Read on to see a few of our favorite backless bras.

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  Best Silicone Cups Best Clear Back Option Best Sticky Fabric Choice Best For Deep Vs Best Lift
Adhesive Backless Bra
Seamless Bra With Clear Plastic Back Band
Strapless Sticky Bra
Strapless Plunging U-Shaped Sticky Bra
Reusable Sticky Invisible Bra
Our Summary100% silicone cups with extremely strong body-safe adhesive joined by a front-facing clip.A bra with a sports bra front and a clear back band.Fabric-covered cups make this backless bra look like a standard fabric bra without silicone pulling.The plunging neckline makes this backless bra ideal for deep Vs and naked dresses.These sticky tabs help to pull breasts upward.
ProsLong-lasting body-grade adhesive, 100% silicone cups, can go under almost any top.Maximum coverage in the front, lightweight material, built-in support.Natural fabric finish under clothes, no awkward silicone bunching, very sticky adhesive.Great for plunging, daring tops, provides lift, conceals nipples.Easy to apply, controlled, customizable lift, works for larger cup sizes.
ConsStrong adhesive can cause discomfort on removal, may pull breasts downward.Runs on the small side, little color variation, not strapless.Lacks support and lift, not good for all breast shapes.No color variety, not for larger breast sizes.Sticky, can be difficult to store.
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The Best Backless Bras

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Strapless bras can often work for some outfits but are also very prone to sliding. That’s where backless bras come in handy. Also known as adhesive, silicone, or sticky bras, backless bras are two bra cups without straps or bands that have a layer of body adhesive applied directly to your skin onto your chest. They’re made of silicone, polyurethane, or some comparable material. There are also bras that are more similar to regular bras but use clear plastic for the back band, which works well for backless tops and dresses.

Buying Guide for Backless Bras

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Why buy a backless bra? 

Whether you’re attending a formal event in a statement backless gown or just putting a cute halter top on, you may not want to have your bra straps showing. Strapless bras can slide down and still have a visible back band. Backless bras are great for showcasing your back and getting rid of straps when you wear a tank top, tube top, halter, or other strappy numbers.

What should you look for when buying a backless bra?

  • Type: Most backless bras are adhesive cups or pasties, which provide coverage and a very light lift. They adhere to the skin and have no straps or bands. Though, if you aren’t a fan of sticky bras, you can try a bra that’s more similar to a camisole that uses a clear plastic band rather than fabric.
  • Cup Size: Backless bras typically don’t have any bands, and when they do, they have much less variation than regular bras, so it’s important to find a good fit for your cup size. If you have a larger or smaller than average cup size, it might be a bit trickier to find a sticky bra that fits properly. You may have to size up or down…If you have a bigger cup size, you’ll likely want to look for an option that offers more support.
  • Thickness: Sticky bras tend to run on the thinner side to reduce the risk of showing through your clothes or weighing them down. They’ll be just thick enough to offer the needed coverage and support. However, there are push-up and thicker versions if you want extra security, covering, or a more padded look. If that’s the type of sticky bra you’re looking for, be sure to buy one that is listed as either padded or double thickness.

Can you use tape instead of an adhesive backless bra? 

No. Common tape types like duct tape or masking tape are not intended for human skin. They can cause skin inflammation, allergic reactions, and peel off very sensitive, soft skin from your chest area. Be sure to only use bras with body-grade adhesives, and never use tape on or in place of a sticky bra.

Our Picks for the Best Backless Bras

Best Silicone Cups

Niidor Adhesive Backless Bra

100% silicone cups with extremely strong body-safe adhesive joined by a front-facing clip.

Pros: This sticky bra is a fantastic option. It’s 100% silicone adhesive with a classic front clasp closure, and it comes in a great range of sizes available in cup sizes A to F. It’ll stick perfectly to your skin without causing pain or irritation or sliding down. The clasp opens and closes easily and can be adjusted to provide you with lift and cleavage as desired. The silicone is soft to the touch and has a micro-edge design for a subtle, seamless look that won’t show through your clothes.

Cons: Because the adhesive is stronger than many bras, it can be more difficult to remove. You’ll need to very slowly work the backless bra off in order to avoid tearing or adhesive peeling. Some larger chested women felt that the covers pulled their chest downward rather than up, so this may not be ideal if you are bigger than a D cup.

Bottom Line: With thousands of positive reviews, this sticky backless bra by Niidor is hard to beat. It provides light, natural lift beyond typical pasties and can be the perfect option for loose, plunging necklines and tube tops, halters, and backless tops.


Best Clear Back Option

Capezio Seamless Bra With Clear Plastic Back Band

A bra with a sports bra front and a clear back band.

Pros: If you aren’t quite ready for an adhesive option or have sensitive skin, this bra is a great alternative. The front looks similar to a camisole or sports bra, but the back is attached by a clear band of plastic. This is not totally invisible, but definitely a fashion faux pas like a standard bra band. This will also offer more coverage than typical sticky bras, which is great if you’re attending a work function or buying it for your teen.

Cons: We’ll state the obvious here–this option has straps. So if you’re looking for a strapless and backless companion, this is not it. It also has full coverage on the chest area, which isn’t ideal for plunging necklines or window tops. Last, this bra runs really small in the band area, so you might need to order at least one size up, and maybe two.

Bottom Line: Great for providing more coverage and support, this backless bra is not meant as a replacement for your go-to strapless bra. This bra is best suited to high-neck, low-back tops and dresses.


Best Sticky Fabric Choice

BanDxin Backless Sticky Bra

Fabric-covered cups make this backless bra look like a standard fabric bra without awkward silicone pulling.

Pros: This bra made our list because of its incredible sticking powers and its ultra-thin and soft fabric. This adhesive backless bra blends seamlessly under your skin, so it won’t show through even thin tops. Plus, the fabric won’t have the weird pull that some fully silicone models have.

Cons: This bra doesn’t offer much support or lift.

Bottom Line: This is a great pick for someone wanting some front concealment. If you have a large or less full chest, you may want to look for an option that allows for more lift.


Best For Deep Vs

BRABIC Strapless Plunging U-Shaped Sticky Bra

The plunging neckline makes this backless bra ideal for deep Vs.

Pros: The deep U-shaped plunge on this sticky backless bra is perfect for deep V necklines and other daring tops and dresses. The wings and wider front band also give you the ability to customize the fit and lift. Plus, the bra comes with two bonus pasties to give you extra coverage in ultra-sheer or naked dresses.

Cons: Big-breasted women beware! In order to work, the band needs to be able to go under your chest, against the rib cage, and then be pulled up to cover your breasts. This is no small feat for women with C+ cups, let alone DD+. It should also be noted this bra only comes in light beige and black. Women of color will have a difficult time finding a true nude match and may need to look at another option.

Bottom Line: For the women this bra works for, it really works. Most women with B and C cup sizes should find success with it. If you have a larger cup size, this bra might not hold up well on shape or fit.


Best Lift

Forblader Reusable Sticky Invisible Bra

These sticky tabs help to pull breasts upward.

Pros: These bunny ear-shaped cups are perfect for giving you coverage and a little extra lift. Most adhesive backless bras require a clasp in the middle, but with this set, you use tabs to lift your breasts for optimal cleavage. If you’re worried about the tabs showing through, you can just trim them down with a pair of scissors, making them customizable for a variety of tops. The cup is also on the thicker side, so you shouldn’t need to wear pasties with these.

Cons: Cutting the tabs to customize your look may change the leverage of these cups, so you should cut with caution. You may also have a difficult time storing these due to their very sticky adhesive, and because the cups are separate rather than conjoined by a hook.

Bottom Line: If you want a customizable lift, this option can’t be beaten. This is a good alternative for women with large breasts who want some lift and nipple coverage.

Final Thoughts

When you want to wear a backless or low-back top or dress, you’ll need a reliable backless bra to get the right look. Use our list to find the right match for you.

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