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The Best Sticky Notes for Quick Note Taking

Business people meeting in an office and using sticky notes to share ideas.

Who hasn’t felt a sudden spark of brilliance wash over them while studying or writing, only to wind up pulling hairs a few moments later because the idea didn’t make it out of your head in time?

This is exactly where a sticky note pad comes in handy, acting as your go-to means of jotting down flash-in-the-pan information as quickly as you can. If you’re in the market for a new way to keep your daily tasks and insights at the ready, here are a few sticky note pads that we think you should flip through.

Purchasing Sticky Notes

When you’re looking to take the most efficient shorthand notes, let these factors guide your decision:

  • Pad Size: First and foremost, it’s important for you to seek out sticky note pad options that provide an abundance of notetaking potential. It depends on the context of the situation because while the ample amount will appease stray thoughts in the home environment, an overabundance of note pads will help you make plenty of friends around the office.
  • Note Size: You should also be aware of the overall size of an individual note in your sticky pad. The most popular size among sticky pads tends to run at 3-by-3 inches, although other options can increase in size by an inch here and there. This is important to note if you’re the type who prefers a bit more space when taking shorthand notes.
  • Sticking Power: Remember, they’re “sticky” for a reason. The note pad that you invest in should feature a reliable adhesive that, at minimum, should hold up on a simple surface. However, plenty of sticky pads also promise a higher degree of sticking power on more than just desktops and blackboards, so don’t forget to consider your workspace when shopping.

Best Overall: Vanpad Sticky Notes

On the left, a multicolor stack of sticky note pads. On the right, two sticky notes with written information are placed on the side of an amplifier.

Coming with 82 sheets per pad, this eight-pack of Vanpad Sticky Notes provides the typical amount of space to write while supplying more than enough paper for daily notes. There are 656 pages included in this pack, each of which features a strong adhesive that stays firmly in place and can be removed without leaving behind any residue. Like the best sticky notes, each of the eight pads is available in a vibrant color that allows you to easily differentiate between notes and topics.

Best Overall

Vanpad Sticky Notes

A reliable choice that features eight pads with over 600 notes for you to fill with ideas.

Best Lined Notes: Post-it Super Sticky Notes

On the left, a pack of yellow sticky notes sits in its plastic wrapping. On the right, three sticky notes are posted on the side of an office cubicle.

Are you looking for a sticky pad choice that allows you to take notes with even greater ease? These Post-it Super Sticky Notes not only promise double the sticking power, but also, guarantee you a more precise shorthand experience. Each 4-by-4-inch sheet is lined with a series of visible blue borders to separate individual thoughts and sentences. Additionally, the strength of a single note’s adhesive allows users to place, remove, and place it again.

Best Lined Notes

Post-it Super Sticky Notes

A vintage-looking choice that promises double the sticking power and features blue sentence borders to separate each individual thought.

Cutest Design: Creativee Sticky Notes

On the left, stacks of sticky note pads shaped like stars, bears, and houses. On the right, more notepads shaped and illustrated like animals.
Creativee Store

Bringing a welcomingly adorable twist to the stale routine of notetaking, these Creativee Sticky Notes come in 14 fun shapes that no one will tire of writing on. From hearts and houses to panda bears and elephants, there’s plenty of cute designs for you to peel away. The whimsical shapes are ideal when you’re seeking note differentiation or just a precious sight to add to your workspace.

Cutest Design

Creativee Sticky Notes

A 14-pack of some of the most exciting designs that include everything from bunnies to quote bubbles.

Best Bulk Design: ARTEZA Sticky Notes

On the left, two rows of multicolor sticky note pads. On the right, an offscreen person sits at their desk while writing on a blue note pad.

The perfect choice for classrooms and office settings, these sticky notes come in one of the largest bundles on the market. This bulk package is stuffed with 100-sheet sticky pads that amount to 9,600 notes in total. Toss in the fact that each note is designed in one of six neon pastel colors and features a secure adhesive, and you have a brilliant bundle of notetaking pads that are definitely worth sharing with peers and co-workers on occasion.

Best Bulk Design

ARTEZA Sticky Notes

This product offers unmatched writing potential with the 9,600 notes included in the bundle.

Best Note Dispenser: Post-it Pop-up Note Dispenser

On the left, a periwinkle note dispenser that includes yellow notes. On the right, the note dispenser sits on a desktop next to a planner and pen.

Are you looking to add even more convenience to your sticky note experience? This Post-it Pop-up Note Dispenser features one compact, periwinkle-colored sticky note dispenser alongside a single pad of 90 yellow, 3-by-3-inch sheets. The dispenser, which is also available in shades of mint, rose gold, and white, features just enough heft to keep it from shifting while on your desk.

Best Note Dispenser

Post-it Pop-up Note Dispenser

A combo option that's best defined by its brightly colored and easy-to-use dispenser.

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