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The Best Stockpots to Feed Everyone

Cooked chicken stock with vegetables and aromatic herbs in a stockpot and in a cup with the ingredients on a stone kitchen worktop.
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From making a large pot of soup to canning leftover vegetables, there is no shortage of uses for stockpots!

A good stockpot is one you can use over and over again and is designed to keep liquids from evaporating as quickly as they might in other pots. Great for anything from soups and broths to boiling noodles and potatoes, you will wonder why you waited so long to get one! Below are our favorites.

What to Consider When Purchasing Stockpots

Whether you are replacing an old favorite or buying a stockpot for the first time, here are a few things you can consider to help make sure you get the best one for you:

  • Size: Most stockpot parts are large, although not all of them have to be! Some are on the smaller side, which is great if you plan on only cooking for yourself or a few others. However, some are large enough to feed a whole family (and then some!).
  • Design: While there is plenty of cute stockpots out there, make sure the one you choose has a good lid, a flat bottom, and straight sides — all the components of a good stockpot.
  • Grade: From home use to industrial, the grade of your pot should match how much you plan to use it!
  • Variety: Some stockpots are nonstick, some have a dark interior (which can be great for heat distribution), and others will be able to handle a variety of tasks, such as canning! Choose a stockpot that will be able to keep up with what you want to use it for.

Top Choice: Imusa Stainless Steel Stock Pot

empty stainless steel stockpot with lid leaning on side

Available in multiple sizes from 8 to 20 quarts, this stockpot is durable and great for all sorts of large-batch cooking. There are double-sided metal handles that make it easy to transport, and it comes with a matching lid that can help lock in the flavor while cooking. The versatile pot is great for anything from soups to corn on the cob to seafood and stews!

Top Choice

Imusa Stainless Steel Stock Pot

Designed for a range of uses with a matching lid that locks in place while cooking.

Best Commercial Grade: HOMICHEF Commercial Grade Large Stock Pot

stainless steel stockpot with glass lid on kitchen counter beside tomato cluster

This high-quality pot is made of nickel-free stainless steel, has a thick bottom, and features a classic French design with a mirror-polished exterior. The lid is clear tempered glass with a steam vent, and the handles are ergonomically designed stainless steel. The nickel-free composition is non-toxic and offers more energy savings by being more heat-conductive. This pot is compatible with almost all ranges — gas, electric, induction, ceramic, glass, and even halogen.

Best Commercial Grade

HOMICHEF Commercial Grade Large Stock Pot

This large stockpot features a French appearance and is great for almost all stovetops.

Best Design: Faberware Enamel on Steel Stockpot

side view blue stock pot with matching lid

This cookware has a beautifully colored enameled steel exterior and an easy-clean cream-colored interior that makes it a great addition to almost any kitchen! The color is stain-resistant, and there are sturdy steel loop handles for support and confidence while moving the pot. The rim is rolled stainless steel to help protect against any dents, and the included lid is designed to snuggly fit the top of the pot to lock in both heat and moisture while cooking. Safe to up to 400-degrees Fahrenheit, this pot is sure to help you with all your stovetop recipes.

Best Design

Farberware Enamel on Steel Stockpot

Made to be both durable and stylish, this stockpot is stain-resistant, easy-to-clean, and safe up to 400-degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Nonstick: FRUITEAM Nonstick Stock Pot

copper colored steel stockpot with glass glad beside white oven mits

Both durable and lightweight, this stockpot is great for everyday cooking. The interior is premium anti-aging nonstick material that doesn’t have PTFE, PFOA, lead, or cadmium. The bottom has a three-layer design that can heat all around in only a few seconds, offering better food cooking and energy savings. This stockpot can be used on gas and electric stovetops, as well as induction tops. The contoured stainless steel handles are permanently secured with rivets and can be stored upside down in the pan.

Best Nonstick

FRUITEAM Nonstick Stock Pot

Designed with a nontoxic, nonstick coating, this pot is great for everyday cooking on a variety of stovetops.

Best for Variety: Granite Ware Stock Pot

black granite themed stockpot with matching lid
Granite Ware

This large stockpot is available in multiple sizes with a dark interior and steel core that absorbs oven energy for more effective heat distribution. It is made of low-carbon steel with a glass coating that doesn’t contain PFOA’s or other chemicals that may alter your food’s taste. These pots are great for soup, steaming, corn on the cob, or even canning! It is dishwasher safe with sturdy metal handles and a matching lid that is designed not to rust or corrode.

Best for Variety

Granite Ware Stock Pot

This pot is great for a variety of uses, has a classic style, and is dishwasher safe!

Best Extra Large Capacity: Bayou Classic 162-qt Stainless Boiler

large capacity steel stockpot with lid beside steel basket insert

Available up to 162 quarts, this stockpot is great for steaming, boiling, and frying! There is an included basket to help make large batches even easier to handle, as well as a domed and vented lid for better cooking.

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