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The Best Storage Baskets

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🕚 Updated February 2022

Keeping your living space and belongings organized can be an ongoing challenge. Our top picks for storage baskets can be a huge asset to this particular task.

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  Top Choice Best Foldable Baskets Best Plastic Basket Best Classic Baskets Best Compartment Baskets
Large Cotton Rope Basket
Fabric Storage Bins for Organizing
Plastic Storage Baskets
Water Hyacinth Storage Baskets
Three-Section Wicker Baskets for Shelves
Our SummaryIf you're looking for a large, deep basket that can hold a higher quantity of toys, clothes, and other items, this is the storage basket for you.A trio of soft, well-priced fabric storage baskets that can hold things in just about any room of your home.Great for laundry rooms and kitchens, these flat-bottomed storage baskets make for compact storage.Bring some rustic elegance to your home with these vintage-style wicker baskets.These lovely wicker baskets come with three compartments each, allowing you to keep your belongings from turning into a big, messy heap.
ProsExtra-large size, eight colors, double handles, machine washable.Good value, multiple sizes and packs and colors available, collapsible, durable, can be ironed.Stackable, easy to clean, durable especially for plastic, hold up in dampness.Very attractive, multiple color choices, iron frame, can be used in bathroom.Metal frame, built-in compartments, decent color selection, well made.
ConsExpensive for a single basket, may require re-shaping.Not machine washable, metal frame doesn't support sides.No color or quantity or size variety, smaller size.Expensive, size may vary slightly.No size or quantity variety, compartments are small.
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The Best Storage Baskets

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Storage baskets are durable and long-lasting organizers that can serve you well in almost any room of your home. They come in various materials and colors, so it’s easy to match them to your decor. If you want an organizational tool that is also aesthetically pleasing, you can’t go wrong with a nice set of storage baskets.

Buying Guide for Storage Baskets

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Why buy storage baskets?

Storage baskets are an extremely useful tool for storing items and keeping your home and belongings organized. There are tons of ways you can efficiently utilize storage baskets for these purposes in just about any room in the house.

Smaller ones can fit in drawers and cubbies to keep various items like toothpicks, batteries, rubber bands, change, etc., from becoming scattered and rattling around. They can hold remotes, controllers, USB cables, and other TV equipment in the den or living room. They’re super handy for storing toys in kids’ rooms or playrooms.

Bigger and deeper ones are great for bulkier items like games, books, and blankets. You can stick them on your closet shelf and stack folded clothes inside them or stick them underneath your entryway bench for stashing your shoes. Put them on a desk for papers or on the bathroom shelf for toiletries and hair accessories. Place storage baskets under the kitchen sink to hold your cleaning supplies or in the pantry to keep your snacks organized. The possibilities are nearly endless.

What should you consider when buying storage baskets?

  • Quantity: How many storage baskets do you want or need for your home? Will one do the trick, or do you need a larger quantity set? Do you need different sized baskets for different rooms or areas, or is it okay if they’re all the same size? Single baskets, pairs, and sets of three are most common, but it’s not hard to find sets of four or six as well. If you plan to display your baskets and want them to look uniform or be stackable, buying a set is the way to go. It’s generally more cost-efficient, too.
  • Size: Size is an important consideration when purchasing a storage basket, as its height, width, and depth will impact how many and what kinds of items it can hold. If you want a storage basket to store blankets in your living room or linen closet, you’re going to want a basket that’s large and deep enough to hold such bulky items. Also consider where you plan to keep the storage baskets. If you want them for drawer organization, for example, look for something wide and shallow; if the baskets are too tall, they won’t fit inside, or you won’t be able to close your drawers all the way.
  • Material: Storage baskets can be made of many different materials. Plastic, metal, wicker, and cotton are among the most common options. All of these should be reasonably durable, though metal is obviously the strongest. Plastic is the least aesthetic choice, so it’s not great for doubling as a decoration but will hold up well in just about any room and environment. Wicker baskets look great, but depending on the type of reed they’re made from, they may not last as long in damp areas like the bathroom; the same goes for metal unless it’s been treated to be rustproof. Cotton is one of the more durable fabric choices, but you may find cotton or cotton rope baskets a challenge to keep clean, especially if they aren’t washer-friendly.

What are other features worth considering in a storage basket?

There are plenty of factors to think about when buying storage baskets. For instance, consider if you want a basket that comes with handles, compartments, or a lid. Handles are useful if you ever see the need to carry the basket between rooms; maybe you plan to use it as a laundry basket, for instance. Built-in compartments help keep the contents of your basket even more organized. Lids offer the items inside some extra protection and may help prevent pets or small children from getting into them.

The shape and design of the basket are also worth considering. Rectangular baskets tend to fit best in drawers or on shelves and are very stackable. Round ones tend to be better equipped for standing on the floor or as fruit baskets. Tall, narrow baskets work great as utensil holders or for pens and pencils.

Finally, think about if you want a completely solid basket or if you don’t mind one with some gaps or openness. Metal wire storage baskets, for instance, tend to be rather open, so small objects can slip through the gaps. However, these types of baskets can be great for items like papers, clothes, or folders.

Our Picks for the Best Storage Baskets

Top Choice

INDRESSME Large Cotton Rope Basket

If you're looking for a large, deep basket that can hold a higher quantity of toys, clothes, and other items, this is the storage basket for you.

Pros: This cotton rope storage basket is larger in size than many similar products and not just in width and height. It’s got the depth to match, allowing it to hold bulkier objects such as blankets or pillows or a higher quantity of smaller items. Also notable are its large double handles, which are easy to grip and carry and make it great for additional tasks like transferring clean laundry from your machine to your bedroom. This basket comes in eight different, multicolored neutral shades to choose from to suit your tastes. And if it ever gets dirty or wrinkled, never fear; this basket is both machine washable and dryer safe.

Cons: Handy as this storage basket is, it’s a bit expensive for a single basket. And unlike some fabric storage baskets, this one isn’t wrapped around a metal frame. This is what allows it to be machine washable and easy to fold, but the flip side is that this basket loses its shape easier as a result. It may require semi-frequent re-shaping.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-carry basket to transport clean laundry or a storage basket for a large number of toys, thick blankets, and other similar items, this attractive cotton rope basket is the one for you. It’s larger and deeper than most to accommodate more.


Best Foldable Baskets

TheWarmHome Fabric Storage Baskets for Organizing

A trio of soft, well-priced fabric storage baskets that can hold things in just about any room of your home.

Pros: These storage baskets are made of a durable cotton fabric that holds up well to the wear and tear of daily life, and it’s stretched around a metal frame that adds to its strength. And even with this frame, these baskets are easy to collapse for compact storage when not in use and safe to iron if wrinkled (albeit with some extra steps and precautions). You pay a nice low price for this set of three durable baskets. If three is too many for your needs, you can buy them individually in any of the 11 colors or patterns and eight sizes that they’re available in.

Cons: Due to the metal frame, the baskets have to be spot cleaned; they’re not machine washable like some other fabric storage baskets. The frame also doesn’t support the baskets’ sides, so they collapse inward and fall out of shape easily, especially if they’re not particularly full.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re looking for storage baskets for your pantry, office, cabinets, drawers, toys, or charging cables, this trio has you covered. Thanks to the variety in color, pattern, size, and quantity offered by these storage baskets, it’s easy to find an option that suits your needs and personal tastes.


Best Plastic Baskets

Teyyvn Plastic Storage Baskets

Great for laundry rooms and kitchens, these flat-bottomed storage baskets make for compact storage.

Pros: Unlike fabric or wicker storage baskets, you don’t have to worry about getting these models wet. They’ll hold up just fine in moist or damp areas like the bathroom. As a result, they’re easy to wipe or rinse clean. Since all six baskets are a uniform size, they stack perfectly on top of each other when in storage. And while plastic isn’t the most robust basket material, these are made of more durable plastic than most yet are still lightweight for carrying.

Cons: These baskets only come in a set of six and in the gray color, so your purchase options are limited. These will fit nicely in many drawers or on the back of a toilet, but they’re not big enough for items like blankets.

Bottom Line: Not all storage baskets can hold up in damp areas like the kitchen or bathroom, but that’s where a plastic set like this comes in handy. You can rinse these baskets off in the sink on a daily basis, and they won’t get water spotted or frayed like some other materials. While their small size and stackable design make them ideal for toiletries or smaller apartments or dorms, don’t feel as if you need to restrict their use to the bathroom alone.


Best Classic Baskets

StorageWorks Water Hyacinth Storage Baskets

Bring some rustic elegance to your home with these vintage-style wicker baskets.

Pros: Wicker baskets are known for being aesthetically pleasing as well as practical, and this pair of handwoven, water hyacinth storage baskets are no exception. If the natural color doesn’t suit your tastes, there are four other colors to choose from. And if you only need one basket or want them in a smaller size, you can do that, too. The wicker is handwoven around a sturdy iron frame for greater durability than wicker alone, and it helps the baskets retain their shape. And while some wicker baskets don’t do well in damp environments, this pair is safe to be stashed and/or displayed in areas like bathrooms.

Cons: They’re definitely not the most budget-friendly option. It’s also worth keeping in mind that since these baskets are handwoven, they may not be exactly the same size due to human error.

Bottom Line: Wicker baskets are one of the most popular options, unsurprisingly so. Not only are they extremely useful and versatile as storage baskets, but they make great statement or accent pieces when not in use. These attractive wicker baskets are no exception. You’ll want to keep them on display in your home, even when you’re not storing anything inside them.


Best Compartment Baskets

StorageWorks Three-Section Wicker Baskets for Shelves

These lovely wicker baskets come with three compartments each, allowing you to keep your belongings from turning into a big, messy heap..

Pros: The most notable feature of these two wicker storage baskets is that they’re divided into three compartments. This built-in feature makes organizing belongings easier; for example, you can keep all your lipsticks in the first slot, your mascaras in the second, and your eyeliner in the third. No more fumbling around trying to find exactly what you’re looking for. Both baskets are handwoven from quality seagrass and are well made overall. Said seagrass is woven around a metal frame for greater durability than the wicker alone, and they’re available in four colors.

Cons: There are no other sizes or quantities available for purchase. Depending on what you need storage baskets for or the number of items you need to stash, the compartments may be too small for your needs.

Bottom Line: Even with storage baskets, we sometimes need a little bit of extra organizational help or guidance. That’s where these compartmentalized wicker storage baskets come in handy. Suppose you’ve got lots of random loose items rattling around in your drawers or simply want to store smaller belongings like different makeup products or pens and pencils in a more orderly fashion. In that case, these will be the perfect storage baskets for you.

Final Thoughts

Just about every home can benefit from having storage baskets. Whether you have a big, three-story house or a small studio apartment, these storage baskets are an attractive and practical way to keep various items, large and small, organized and easy to find when you need them.

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