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The Best Storage Racks

🕚 Updated October 2021

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by cluttered surfaces surrounding you? Investing in a storage rack is a fantastic way to tackle a messy space.

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  Best Overall Best with Wheels Best Wooden Design Best Heavy-Duty Best Budget
5-Tier Adjustable Storage Rack
Seville Classics
UltraDurable Commercial-Grade Steel Wire Shelving
100% Bamboo 4-Tier Storage Rack
Heavy-Duty Storage Shelves
4-Tier Multipurpose Display Rack
Our SummaryA storage rack that shines in design, quality, and durability.A steel storage shelf on wheels that can hold a lot on its five tiers.A visually appealing storage rack made of natural bamboo.An all-metal storage rack that's great for a garage or business.A multifunctional storage rack that works well in a bedroom or home office.
ProsAdjustable shelves for greater versatility, skid-resistant rubber feet.Industrial-grade strength, great weight capacity, comes with a set of removable wheels, multiple sizes available.Easy to assemble and disassemble, superior craftsmanship, decorative.Optimal weight capacity, sturdy construction, easy assembly.Comes in multiple style and color options, made of composite wood and PVC material.
ConsMore ideal for residential use.The wheels will limit the weight capacity of the rack.Doesn't offer as much storage capacity.Might be better for warehouses and factories than for average homes.Each shelf only has a weight capacity of 25 pounds, smaller, not as high of quality.
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The Best Storage Racks

Three different storage racks in different rooms; one is in a kitchen storing bowls, food, knives; one is in a living room with decor and books on it; one is in a garage with paint and tools on it.

Storage racks are great space savers as they allow you to store things vertically instead of taking up more floor space. They can add decorative as well as functional value to improve a kitchen, garage, basement, storage room, craft room, laundry room, or any other room that tends to get cluttered. If you want to get more organized, here are some fantastic storage racks that we recommend.

Buying Guide for Storage Racks

Two light wooden storage racks with four shelves holding various tools.
New Africa/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a storage rack? 

Most of us accumulate a lot of stuff over time, but we don’t always have a place for it all to go. Having a storage rack will give those items a specific place to be when they’re not being used, therefore simplifying the way you live and organize your belongings. For example, if you own a lot of fun kitchen gadgets, pots, and pans but don’t have the cabinet space you need to store them, a storage rack is a fabulous place to keep those items.

What should you look for in a storage rack?

  • Materials: Whether you’re looking for a serious storage system or a decorative and functional piece for your space, make sure you invest in a high-quality, durable storage rack. Your storage rack should be made of galvanized steel, sturdy iron, sturdy wood, or another heavy-duty material. You should also look for a storage rack that’s chrome-plated or coated with an anti-rust finish to ensure that the unit will last a lifetime.
  • Features: Although there are many high-quality storage racks on the market, you should still make sure that you’re investing in a rack that’s compatible with your space. Look for a storage rack that comes with rubber feet to prevent skid marks or damage to your floors. If you need a storage system that allows you to move heavy items with ease, consider looking for a rack that comes with wheels.

What kind of weight capacity will a storage rack provide you?

The weight capacity will vary according to the material, size, and design of the storage rack, but some can support up to 3,000 pounds with ease. However, if your storage rack has wheels, you’ll likely notice a significant drop in weight capacity. Ultimately, most storage racks are super sturdy and accommodating, so you should be able to find a storage rack that can hold what you need it to.

Our Picks for the Best Storage Racks

Best Overall

Topeakmart 5-Tier Storage Rack

A storage rack that shines in design, quality, and durability.

Pros: The shelves are made of anti-rust galvanized steel and are designed to last a lifetime. Each shelf holds up to 386 pounds, allowing you to store a wide range of goods. The shelves are height-adjustable and can be stacked both horizontally and vertically. They feature skid-resistant rubber feet that are designed to prevent damage to your floors and add extra stability.

Cons: Although versatile and suitable for many different uses, this storage rack is perhaps better for residential purposes because of its medium to smaller size.

Bottom Line: From delicate home goods to heavy-duty tools, this storage rack is an organizer’s dream. It can make organizing items in your home much easier, including cleaning equipment, kitchen supplies, or even decorative items to enhance the decor of your home.


Best with Wheels

Seville Classics Steel Wire Shelving

A steel storage shelf on wheels that can hold a lot on its five tiers.

Pros: The shelves are crafted with industrial-grade steel wires that are chrome-plated to prevent corrosion. Each tier is height-adjustable and can hold up to 600 pounds if the unit is on feet, 100 pounds if on wheels. The storage rack is easy to assemble: all you have to do is screw the steel poles together, attach the added wheels or feet, and connect the shelves to finish. It comes in multiple sizes to accommodate the items you need to store and the space you want to keep it.

Cons: If you plan to use the wheels, be aware that you’ll put significant limitations on the overall weight capacity of your storage rack.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a storage system that can go where you need it most, check out this five-tiered rack with optional wheels. It’s a great choice for those in need of professional-grade or extensive storage.


Best Wooden Design

SONGMICS 100% Bamboo Storage Rack

A visually appealing storage rack made of natural bamboo.

Pros: This storage shelf is both functional and beautiful because it features decorative natural bamboo. The rack has four tiers that are great for showcasing family pictures, potted plants, and other treasured goods. The sturdy construction and impeccable craftsmanship ensure that you’ll get plenty of use from this storage rack.

Cons: In terms of storage capacity, you’ll find several better options available on the market. This storage rack is more suitable for smaller spaces like bathrooms or bedrooms.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a storage system that’ll effortlessly blend in with your home decor, this rack is a great choice. It offers a lot of style and individuality, thanks to a unique wooden design. In other words, this storage rack is equally functional and fashionable.


Best Heavy-Duty

Raybee Heavy-Duty Storage Shelves

An all-metal storage rack that's great for a garage or business.

Pros: This rack comes with welded steel end frames and features five double-layered shelves that are made of steel and coated in a durable black finish. The unit has an adjustable connector that allows you to change the height of the shelves to accommodate your storage needs. Each shelf supports up to 400 pounds, and the entire rack takes minimal time to assemble.

Cons: This storage rack is more suitable for your home garage or a large industrial facility over the interior of a home. The design of the shelving emphasizes functionality and sturdiness over the visual and decorative appeal.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a storage system that can handle a lot of weight, this heavy-duty rack has you covered. With a total weight capacity of 2,000 pounds, you can easily store heavy boxes, bins, tools, weights, big water bottles, or almost anything else you want to organize. It’s even great for a warehouse or business.


Best Budget

Furinno 4-Tier Multipurpose Rack

A multifunctional storage rack that works well in a bedroom or home office.

Pros: This storage rack is affordable and comes in multiple color schemes. Its sturdy and level shelves offer space to store various items and decorations around your home. Also, with a unique design, this storage rack will help free up space in close quarters.

Cons: Each shelf only has a weight capacity of 25 pounds, which really limits what you can store on it.

Bottom Line: If you need extra storage options for your bedroom or commercial office, then look no further. This storage rack is multifunctional, sturdy, and provides you with an affordable alternative to some of the more high-end products.

Final Thoughts

Having a reliable storage rack could change your life for the better because it allows you to optimize your organization. Eliminate clutter and improve the appearance of your home or workspace with one of these storage racks.

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