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The Best Stress Balls

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🕚 Updated July 2022

Stress balls are excellent tools to relieve stress and release anxiety. They also improve motor skills, loosen muscles, promote blood circulation, and strengthen your grip. Add one of these stress balls to your daily life to see improvements!

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  Top Choice Fun Shape Best Bulk Buy Pop and Squeeze Best with Plush Cover
  Power Your Fun
Arggh Rainbow Giant Stress Ball
Narwhal Stress Relief Balls (Set of 3)
Set of 24 Stress Balls Stress Reliever Party Favor
Pop Ball It Fidget Toys 4 PCS
Stress Buster
Stress Reliever for Kids/Adult
Our SummaryThis stress ball is most enjoyable when you use two hands to squeeze out your emotions.The fun shape and feel of water beads makes these stress relief balls extra satisfying.Finally, you can give a useful party favor with these stress balls.This stress ball combines the relief of squeezing with the fun satisfaction of popping the bubbles.Add extra softness to your stress ball with this plush water bead option.
ProsA ball big enough for two hands to move and squish, nontoxic gel, four color options.Set includes three stress balls, fun narwhal character, filled with water beads.Perfect for party favors or gifts to have for a class, faux leather, durable for strong squeezes.Pop-it balls and squeezes, pack of four, food-grade silicone, easy to clean.Plush covering for softness, cute characters, includes water beads, nontoxic ingredients.
ConsCan't squeeze them too hard, heavy for small kids.Not very durable, gets dirty fast.Some of the prints of the faces may not be lined up well.Easier to squeeze than other stress balls.Not very durable, harder to clean.
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The Best Stress Balls

A woman works at her desk and squeezes a yellow stress ball.
Diego Cervo/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Stress Balls

A man squeezes a blue stress ball in his hand.
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Why should you buy a stress ball?

Stress balls are created to provide relief for several different issues. You may benefit from using a stress ball if you suffer from anxiety or stress, cope with autism or ADD/ADHD, or are managing your symptoms of carpal tunnel or arthritis. The variety of benefits of stress balls, like improving motor skills or increasing blood circulation, can help alleviate certain constraints in your daily life. If you’re looking to use a stress ball to cope with anxiety or stress, this can be a great relief that you can use at any point during the day, whether you’re listening to a lecture, answering emails, or watching a movie.

What should you consider when shopping for a stress ball?

  • Durability: If you are constantly fidgeting and need to focus your hands on something to focus your mind, you may want to consider a more durable stress ball so that it lasts longer.
  • Use: Are you going to be using the stress ball to release stress, obtain focus, or develop muscle strength? Depending on the stress ball, different outcomes may be achieved. Pick a design that’s right for your goals.
  • Aromatherapy: Some stress balls are filled with lavender or other scents to help promote relaxation.

How can you keep your stress ball clean?

Be sure to check the care instructions on the ball you choose, but they should all be washable in some way. Most stress balls should be washed with dish soap and warm water, then air dried. Some options suggest a light coating of baby powder to help it feel like new.

Our Picks for the Best Stress Balls

Top Choice

Power Your Fun Arggh Rainbow Giant Stress Ball for Adults and Kids

This stress ball is most enjoyable when you use two hands to squeeze out your emotions.

Pros: If your level of frustration fits in both hands, don’t worry—so does this ball! This squishy ball is a 5-inch sphere of frustration relief. If you’re looking for a child who needs to explore more sensory stimulation or muscular development, this is a fun way to help them as well. It is filled with nontoxic gel, so even if it breaks, you shouldn’t worry too much. It comes in multiple color options and a water bead one for extra sensory satisfaction.

Cons: This stress ball should not be squeezed very hard. It’s heavier than other options, so it might not be best for the littlest of kids. It’s only available in bright colors instead of including a calming color.

Bottom Line: Instead of squeezing this ball hard while dealing with stress, it’s made more for the calming effect of gently rolling it around. When used in this manner, the ball will last. Kids and adults both enjoy the feeling of the ball and its ability to smoosh and roll. The ball is heavier and may be best suited for an older kid or adult.


Fun Shape

Beadeez Narwhal Stress Relief Balls (Set of 3)

The fun shape and feel of water beads make these stress relief balls extra satisfying.

Pros: This set includes three separate stress balls. But unlike just a regular ball, these are filled with irresistible water beads. Smooth squishes and squeezes help calm emotions and increase focus. The narwhal designs make them extra fun and actually encourage kids to use them for regulating their emotions or improving their motor strength.

Cons: It’s not very durable. The narwhal’s eyes and horn may come off with frequent use. The exterior plastic gets dirty very quickly as dirt and lint stick to it.

Bottom Line: While these cute narwhals make muscle stimulation and focus more fun, these balls are not incredibly durable. During use, they collect a lot of dirt and fuzz, which might actually make them frustrating for children who are particular or sensitive. These may make for fun prizes in a classroom setting; however, children should know that they should play with them more gently than others.


Best Bulk Buy

Mydio Set of 24 Stress Balls Stress Reliever Party Favor

Finally, you can give a useful party favor with these stress balls.

Pros: Perfect for a party or large group, this bulk set of stress relief balls features a variety of fun emoji faces and colors. These emoji stress balls are made of faux leather, so they have a high level of squeeze tolerance. With 24 pieces in this pack, it’s an affordable option for a large group. These are also available in different themes and color options.

Cons: Some of the printing of the faces or patterns can be “off.”

Bottom Line: Whether you want to stuff a pinata or give out class prizes, these mini stress relief balls are a great option. These are made of faux leather, so they can endure strong squeezes and last a long time. Because of their strength, they may not be suited for those with very weak hands or those who want to squeeze for a long period of time.


Pop and Squeeze

Pop Ball It Fidget Toys 4 PCS

This stress ball combines the relief of squeezing with the fun satisfaction of popping the bubbles.

Pros: The pop-it is buddies with the stress ball. This multifunctional stress relief and fidget tool is perfect for kids and adults of all ages. Made of food-grade silicone, this ball is safe when your little one inevitably tastes it. Help your little one build finger strength or keep your hands busy when you need to stay focused. This easy-to-clean and durable pop-it stress ball is convenient to take with you anywhere, and with this pack of four, you can have one and share with others (so they don’t steal yours!).

Cons: If you’re looking for a denser stress ball, this won’t be to your liking.

Bottom Line: Pop the bubbles or squeeze the ball! This multifunctional ball can bring relief or entertainment to just about anyone. A developing baby can explore their senses and develop strength, while a teen or adult who likes to keep their hands busy can find calm as well.


Best with Plush Cover

Stress Buster Stress Reliever for Kids/Adult

Add extra softness to your stress ball with this plush water bead option.

Pros: This stress ball includes gel water beads and is covered in soft plush to add a variety of textures and comfort for calming relief. All the materials that make up this stress ball are nontoxic, too.

Cons: This ball, while it can be squeezed to pop the beads up through the hole, is also fairly easy to break at that point.

Bottom Line: This stress ball has a plush covering and cute design to add a touch of softness to your relief. To clean the plush, spot clean and avoid using hot water, as that can damage the plastic around the ball itself. While the open area with the beads is meant to be squeezed up, it is also easy to break into that area if it’s squeezed too hard.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of reasons why you may be drawn to a stress ball. From sensory discovery and occupational therapy to increasing blood circulation, arthritis therapy, and ADHD/ADD or autism regulation, a stress ball can be a solution for a variety of reasons. One of these options may help you stay focused or find relief during your daily routine.

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