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The Best String Trimmers for Detailing Your Yard

Portrait of a smiling gardener with gas grass trimmer equipment.
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Just as the sun peers over the horizon and right before the neighborhood cats commit to their first stretch of the day, that is when the lawn equipment rolls out of the garage. Everyone has their yard-cutting techniques down, but it’s all for naught if they aren’t working with the right tools. That’s especially true when it comes to lining up the edges of the yard or any type of walkway where grass can fall over. Think about it like this: would you ask a barber to trim everything except the parameters of your hairline? No? Then why do that to your yard? If you are serious about yard care, here are a few string trimmer options we think you should check out.

What to Look for in Your Next Weed Wacker

When you have finally had enough of your overgrown grass, look to these factors for picking out your next string trimmer:

  • Motor Design: There are two styles of string trimmers and two key distinctions between them: the electric trimmer and the gas-powered trimmer. The former can feature a wireless, battery-operated design that permits you a certain amount of time before requiring a recharge. It can also be corded and allow nonstop power, albeit one limited by the length of its power cord. The latter, of course, is powered by a combination of gasoline and oil, a traditional setup that requires a bit more upkeep but arguably powers through your yard with a lot more strength. Consider the two designs and which accommodates your yard most appropriately.
  • Cutting Power: We are not talking about engine performance here. No, we are referring to the factors that allow a string trimmer to cover more ground and with a lot more efficiency. Look to qualities like a device’s cutting path (the diameter of its trimming head), its ability to tilt or reach tough corners, and how well it can protect areas of your yard you don’t intend to trim.
  • Versatility: Finally, it’s important to seek out string trimmers that provide an edge-up in more ways than one. String trimmers that double as precision edgers are quickly becoming an expected standard, but are they always adaptable? Will they feature trimmer heads that allow different attachments in order to tackle multiple jobs in your yard? Will they include other yard-centric devices to make your clean-up job easier?

Best Battery Powered: WORX PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

An orange and black trimmer with two handles.

This WORX PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer & Edger offers great versatility alongside some nifty modern perks. It allows for a quick and effortless design switch from an ordinary trimmer to an in-line wheeled edger and then back again in mere seconds. Like the best of today’s bunch, this device features an instant line feed button that keeps your spool moving and cutting, so you don’t have to stop and yank more string out. The trimmer’s 7,600 RPM strength, capable of cutting across 12 inches of a yard at any moment, is powered by two lightweight 20V Power Share MaxLithium batteries, both of which can be used on any other tool in the WORX PowerShare line. 

Best Battery Powered

WORX PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

Multifunctional and fully capable of evenly trimming those tough-to-reach corners, this is a 7,600 RPM option that brings all of the right conveniences.

Budget-Friendly Option: BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer

On the left, an orange trimmer with a spool of thread. On the right, a close up of the string spinner cutting grass.

You will find plenty of string trimmers that double as edgers too, but how many will do it for a price that doesn’t hurt your monthly budget and with a design that doesn’t break your back? This BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer accomplishes all three, offering efficiency on and off of the yard. It features a POWERDRIVE transmission driven by a 6.5 amp motor. The pair of tools work in unison to provide you with maximum trimming performance, even when you are in the thick of it. Weighing in at just over three pounds, this trimmer also takes a tremendous weight off of your shoulders, with its adjustable handle and height adding to the ease of mid-day work.

Budget-Friendly Option

BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer

A highly dependable weed wacker that provides optimal cutting power across 14 inches of yard space.

Best Gas Powered: Husqvarna Gas String Trimmer

On the left is a full-frame picture of an orange and grey gas-powered trimmer. On the right is a close-up of the device's trimmer head showcasing the two pieces of trimming string that come out of the spool.

Are you looking for a bit of old-school dependability when tending to your yard? This Husqvarna Gas String Trimmer is the ideal choice for yard work purists, but more so for the person seeking unmatched cutting talent at every turn. It’s a trimmer that’s on the heavy side, but it’s what you get with a 28CC, two-cycle engine, and a straight shaft design that features a 17-inch trimmer head at the end of it. However, there is more than meets the eye to this throwback. The inclusion of SmartStart trimmer technology reduces starter cord resistance by a whopping 40% to permit easier engine starts, while the spool only needs a light tap on the ground to feed more line.

Best Gas Powered

Husqvarna Gas String Trimmer

A string trimmer that combines old school power with a few modern and convenient perks.

Most Compact Design: Dewalt String Trimmer Kit

A person walking with a yellow and black trimmer that is folded in half.

It’s another electric 2-in-1 choice on the surface, but when you quite literally break it down, you will find that this string trimmer offers your overstuffed garage exactly what it has been begging for: more space. This trimmer and edger feature an innovative folding hinge that allows it to snap back and reduce the length by 40% from its full 39-inch extension. This trimmer is great for cramped spaces and a yard worker on the go. Of course, there’s still plenty to talk about in way of trimming power, like its 14-inch cutting path and its variable-speed trigger, which knocks down weeds at a Hi or Lo speed.

Most Compact Design

Dewalt String Trimmer Kit

The ideal choice for yard workers on the go and overstuffed sheds, this string trimmer features an innovative folding design alongside variable cutting speeds.

Best Trimmer Bundle: Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer and Leaf Blower Combo Pack

On the left is a green and black trimmer propped up next to charger and battery pack bearing the same colors. On the right is a green and black leaf blower.

This Cordless String Trimmer and Leaf Blower Combo Pack from Greenworks bundles together two must-have facets of yard care. On the one hand, you are getting a 12-inch cordless string trimmer with a 45-minute runtime and a front mount motor that achieves optimum balance. On the other hand, you are getting a 40V axial blower that features a variable speed trigger that can reach speeds up to 110 MPH. Best of all, both get to work after only one hour of charging, so you can get back to work quickly after a small break.

Best Trimmer Bundle

Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer and Leaf Blower Combo Pack

Two battery-powered devices that tackle the cutting and clean-up you require for perfect yard care.

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