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The Best Strollers for Every Kind of Dog

Of all the sights that are grand and good, few match the delight of seeing a couple wandering down the sidewalk and tossing back the cover on their stroller to reveal that adorable face. Those innocent eyes, its graceful smile, and that fluffy, wagging tail? Yep, dogs in strollers can best children in strollers; of course, there’s so much more to owning a pet stroller than just adorable appearances at the dog park, though. Strollers are for the new pets you’re unsure are ready for the leash yet, for the older dogs who may not have the strength of their youth, and especially for the dogs whose paws are sensitive to the hot sidewalk surfaces. If your pup fits into one of those categories, here are some animal stroller options that we recommend.

Strolling Into the Right Purchase

Consider these factors before buying your next pooch carriage:

  • Dimensions: First and foremost, you need to consider the kind of dog you own. A dog’s height is one of the largest factors to take into account while picking out your next stroller. Is your dog wide? Short? Tall? You’ll want to make sure you have a rough measurement of your pup before placing them in a potentially uncomfortable carrier.
  • Weight Limit: Tying into stroller dimensions should be structural support because if you have a big pup, you’re going to want to make sure that the stroller can hold them. However, you don’t want to lug around a large stroller if your miniature poodle is the only pet tagging along. Bottom line? Don’t overcompensate for your dog’s weight, but don’t underestimate them either.
  • Smooth Sailing: The right pet carrier should also aim to provide an easy strolling experience. Easily mobility on sidewalks or gravel and canopies that provide protection from sunlight during the day but a reflective appearance at night are just some key factors worth investing in.

Best for Small Dogs: Pet Gear NO-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller

With over 84 years in the animal stroller industry, Pet Gear knows plenty about how to transport your dogs; its Happy Trails Pet Stroller is one of the many tricks it’s learned along the way. This carriage for smaller dogs offers its furry occupants a canopy with three different positions and a panoramic view window. It’s also got an easy locking option that doesn’t use any zippers, so your pet won’t feel confined to the stroller and you can easily take hold of them when needed. On the owner’s end, this stroller features a convenient parent tray where you can place loose items like your phone, keys, and drinks. It also employs front shock absorbers and Air Ride tires, which add an extra level of comfort for your pet on the stroll. 

Best for Small Dogs

Best for Medium Dogs: HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy Duty

You may only associate strollers with smaller pets, but there are a variety of options for bigger dogs, because why should chihuahuas have all of the fun? The HPZ Pet Rover is a stroller designed with plenty of space for a medium-sized dog to enjoy a mid-day trip through the park. Its heavy-duty yet lightweight frame is constructed from stainless steel tubes and aluminum alloys, and that’s the exact kind of support you’d want for a bigger dog. It features a breathable mesh top cover made from UV-reflective material, so you can pull it down on sunnier days. Owners can comfortably push around their pet with the stroller’s premium human-grade suspension system, which employs 360-degree rotating front wheels and a rear braking system. The only assembly necessary is snapping the front and rear wheels into place, which should only take a few minutes of your time.

Best for Medium Dogs

Best for Large Dogs: Pet Gear NO-Zip Expedition Stroller

For the largest good boys, Pet Gear’s No-Zip Expedition Stroller offers room and comfort in one of the largest animal carriages you can buy. Like other Pet Gear models, this stroller comes zipper-free, which means no hassle on your part. It also includes Pet Gear’s Air Ride tire system, offering owners an easy way to push around their pet, while their pet feels little stress from the ground below. Distinct to this model, however, is the stroller’s dual-entry, allowing a pet to enter from the front or rear of the carriage; this proves especially beneficial for a larger or injured dog as they no longer have to turn around to exit the stroller. Another dependable feature tacked onto a purchase here is the stroller’s multi-position handle which allows users to adjust to their desired handle height when pushing along their favorite canine.

Best for Large Dogs

Also Great: Petique All Terrain Jogger-Blazin’ Berry Pet Stroller

Sleek and wonderfully vibrant, the Petique “Sailboat” Pet Stroller is an all-terrain animal carriage that has some big perks for moderately sized dogs. Off-road features like its large bike tires, which are equipped with shock absorption and superior traction, help this stroller live up to its namesake. This stroller also uses a one-step dual wheel brake, further assisting in a smooth ride operation from the front door to the end of the street. It’s a stroller designed to be taken out on your jogs, and in addition to its large wheels and strong braking system, it also features accented reflectors all around the jogger that will allow riders to spot you at night. Additional strong points include EVA foam on both sides of the grip, removable fabric that’s machine wash friendly, and a free tire pump.

Also Great

Petique All Terrain Jogger-Sailboat Pet Stroller, Sailboat, One Size

This pet stroller not only provides a great experience for your dog but also a means for getting great exercise.

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