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The Best Strolling Harnesses for Your Bearded Dragon

Just look at that bearded dragon cooped up in a hot tank with no more than a foot of walking space to double over every morning. Don’t you know that prehistoric wonder just wants to venture a little further out? There’s no better way to let your lizard see the world while remaining comfortably by your side than with a leash and harness setup. There are plenty to choose from, but few know how to provide the best results for you, the caring owner, and your reptilian buddy. So, if you’re looking to take your bearded dragon out on the town, then here are a few leash and harness options we think you ought to check out.

What to Expect Out of Your Leash & Harness

Consider these factors when making a selection

  • Comfort: One of the top priorities you should invest in when buying a leash and harness set for your lizard is premium comfort. Seek out options that feature only soft, skin-comforting materials like nylon and leather for the coziest walking experience.
  • Convenience: In addition to providing unmatched comfort, your lizard’s next leash and harness should provide wiggle room so that you can adjust accordingly. Look to options that feature multiple harnesses to accommodate every type of bearded dragon while walking. Additionally, you should also consider options that can be tightened or loosened with ease.
  • Safety: Finally, you should never forget to seek out a leash and harness that feature only nontoxic and tasteless materials because the ideal option will treat your pet with the utmost care and consideration.

Top Choice: RYPET Bearded Dragon Harness and Leash

A three-pack of three different sizes that come in two easy-going colors, this RYPET Bearded Dragon Harness and Leash knows how to accommodate every kind of scaled friend. Included in this bundle pack are small, medium, and large harnesses that are crafted from handmade leather for an easy feel on your pet’s skin. The little leash is made from a durable nylon material that’s easy to tighten or loosen between chest girths of 3 to 7 inches with the adjustable clip.

Best Color Options: Sawyd Adjustable Reptile Harness and Leash

A lightweight option that won’t give you any trouble when picking out the perfect leash color, this Sawyd Adjustable Reptile Harness and Leash combo pack provides plenty of plenty to love on the surface and just below it. It measures just over 47 inches in leash length, providing a great deal of roaming space for your lizard to move around with. In regard to what they’ll actually feel, the harness is made from soft leather that prevents skin irritation or damage to their scales. Additionally, the lower half of the leash features a thin metal chain to grant it anti-bite durability if your pet tries to take a nibble.

Best Color Options

Most Humorous Harness: KHLZ Bearded Dragon Harness

The mere sight of a bearded dragon on a leash will always warrant a few laughs; now, add a fun visual gag to that harness, and you have a sight that will keep you and others smiling for the entirety of your stroll. This KHLZ Bearded Dragon Harness combines all the comfort your pet requires with an adorable pair of wings that are sewn into the harness. Much like its harness, the “dragon wings” are made of a similarly lightweight material, so this option won’t throw your lizard off balance during their climbing and strolling sessions. Moreover, the bundle also includes a small, medium, and large harness to best accommodate lizards of every chunk factor.

Most Humorous Harness

Adjustable Lizard Leash Bearded Dragon Harness Cool Leather Wings Safety Walking Leash(S,M,L,3pack)

This leash and harness option offers an adorable sight that won't throw your pets off their balance in the process.

Longest Leash: Pranovo Adjustable Reptile Training Lead

Providing the best leash space among reasonably priced options on the market, this Pranovo Adjustable Reptile Training Lead is set on providing an easier walking experience for bearded dragons and owners alike. Included here is over 5 feet of leash length between your hand and the curious crawler. The nylon rope that makes up the leash acts as a harness as well, simply looping in between both of a lizard’s front limbs to create a secure hold. The harness portion of the leash can be freely tightened or loosened between 2.5 feet via the multicolored beads at the base.

Longest Leash

Adjustable Reptile Training Lead Harness Leash Nylon Rope for Lizard Crested Gecko Chameleon Guinea Pig Ferrets Hamster Rats (Blue)

This harness and leash set is bold in both color and design, as its thick nylon rope acts as both the leash and harness.

Best Accessory Set: ADOGGYGO Bearded Dragon Lizard Leash

Perhaps the best bundle pack to pamper your lizard with, this ADOGGYGO Bearded Dragon Lizard Leash offers much more than just a way to walk your scaled friend. This package includes a durable nylon leash and soft leather harnesses in three convenient and adjustable sizes. However, the bang here is totally worth your buck. In addition to the standard walking tools, you get an always delightful pair of “dragon wings” that attach to the top of your lizard’s harness, as well as two mesh hammocks. These “lizard loungers” offer a great way for your pet to get some physical activity done when in their tank and provide a comfortable place to pass out, too.

Best Accessory Set

ADOGGYGO Bearded Dragon Lizard Leash Harness Hammock Set - 2 Pack Lizard Hammock Lounger + 3 Pack Bearded Dragon Harness for Bearded Dragon Reptiles (Classic Wing Leash&Hammock)

With its additional hammocks and adorable dragon wings, this leash and harness set provides far more than most bundles.

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