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The Best Studio Monitors You Can Buy

set of studio monitors with a flatscreen TV in a modern living room

Studio monitors are for more than just delivering “good” audio during your Netflix binges. They’re the ideal speaker system for music-making and -mixing because they’re fully capable of picking up on the slightest details and changes in your audio frequency that can truly make or break the recording you’ve been slaving over. And, yeah, they provide a great way to hear your favorite TV show on full blast. So, if you’re in the market for a new studio monitor, here are a few options we recommend.

Making the Most Sound Purchase

Consider these factors when picking out your studio monitor(s):

  • System Bundling: While the key to any great studio monitor purchase would be its overall sound quality, it’s important to consider if you’re looking for a single or dual monitor system. As you could expect, you’re potentially doubling your audio quality with two monitors at your bidding. Still, depending on the brand, a single monitor could be just as effective, if not more, given that you’re willing to pay a pretty penny. Consider your results through a bang-for-buck or spare-no-expense lens.
  • Positioning: Another important factor to think about in advance is the overall size of your studio monitor(s). You may more than likely have the space for a single monitor in your studio or house, but when you begin to consider two monitors or even an additional subwoofer, then overall size needs to be accounted for so that you’re ensured the most comfortable fit in your surroundings.
  • Audio Enhancements: Finally, great audio is only ensured through a dependable supporting cast of audio perks and enhancements. The purpose of owning a studio monitor or two isn’t about getting loud surround sound. It’s about hearing everything. Consider a studio monitor that understands how to get a little help through an assortment of features that protect and carry out the full-bodied audio you’re looking for.

Best Pair: Presonus Eris E3.5-3.5-inch Near Field Studio Monitor

two black studio monitors

For users on the hunt for a set of monitors applicable to varying modes of multimedia use like mixing, gaming, and movie watching, this Presonus monitor pair is right up your alley. They feature a reinforced, industrial design that’s sure to keep the inner mechanisms of the monitors safe and emitting the quality audio its brand is known for. In pursuit of the best quality sound, this pair features 3.5-inch woven composite drivers for a full-bodied bass and a more accurate sound. Additional perks include various protection settings, like an output-current limit, over-temperature setting, and turn-on/off transient.

Best Pair

PreSonus Eris E3.5-3.5" Near Field Studio Monitor (Pair)

This set of studio monitors combines industrial outer-shells with smooth audio dispersion.

Best Single Monitor: KRK RP5 Rokit G4 Studio Monitor

black studio monitor with yellow accents

Though it comes at an upscaled price for just a single monitor, you’ll know exactly where your money was invested after plugging in and letting that sound roll out. This KRK RP5 monitor features a new scientifically designed speaker enclosure and a front-firing port that knows how to offer a superior low-end extension. Its match drivers are made with Kevlar materials that aim to deliver a consistent listening experience across any frequency while lowering the chances of listening fatigue on the user’s end. Additional features, like its high-density Iso-foam pads and custom-designed Class D power amplifier, also create a solid audio performance that’s backed by the word of professional recording engineers.

Best Single Monitor

KRK RP5 Rokit G4 Studio Monitor, Black (RP5G4-NA)

Don't let its upscaled price scare you: this single monitor utilizes some high-quality perks to deliver a rarely matched audio performance.

Best Monitor-Subwoofer System: Edifier S350DB Bookshelf Speaker and Subwoofer

set of different sized black and red-brown studio monitors

More interested in the complete package? This Edifier Bookshelf system offers booming audio efficiency that’s wrapped in an exciting throwback design. Of course, while it’s old school in spirit, this monitor-subwoofer system is proudly embracing the new age. Titanium dome tweeters ensure stable audio frequencies, and wireless remote control and Bluetooth accessibility allow you to manage your listening preferences without having to leave the couch. The key selling point here, however, is the inclusion of a massive 8-inch subwoofer that provides a deeply satisfying bass for any kind of media use.

Best Monitor-Subwoofer System

Edifier S350DB Bookshelf Speaker and Subwoofer 2.1 Speaker System Bluetooth v5.0 aptX Wireless Sound for Computer Rooms, Living Rooms and Dens

This two-speaker set with an included subwoofer has the sheen of a retro throwback but the audio power of the latest and greatest.

Also Great: Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

pair of black and brown studio monitors with a remote control

Another solid option from Edifier, the studio monitor brand’s R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers also find a way to mix classic style with high-end audio quality. This studio monitor set features a 4-inch bass driver alongside a calibrated and flared bass reflex port to deliver a voluminous presence throughout your studio or home. These bookshelf monitors measure 6.9 by 9.5 by 5.8 inches, but they pack such a deep audio power thanks to additional features like bass, treble, and volume dials on the active bookshelf speaker, where you’re really allowed to personalize your listening experience.

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