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The Best Stuffed Dog Toys for Kids

🕚 Updated December 2022

A stuffed dog can go with your child to school, play dates, and sleepovers so that they always feel comforted by their fluffy friend. If your child loves dogs, check out these fantastic dog stuffed animals we recommend.

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  Best with Costume Best Light-Up Best All-Inclusive Set Best Jumbo Size Best Variety Set Also Great
World's Cutest Dog
18'' Light up Puppy
Click N' Play
Toy Puppy for Kids
12 inch Dog Stuffed Animals, Cuddly Golden Retriever
Plush Puppy Dogs
Aurora World Inc.
Flopsie Plush Goldie Labrador Dog
Our SummarySpark your child's imagination with this playful pup's fun costume options.This cute puppy can help your child feel safe and secure at night with its color-changing lights.This adorable stuffed dog toy comes with a dog bed, a carrier, and more.With three sizes and three breeds available, these adorable, ultra-soft dog stuffed animals are perfect for cuddling.This pack of 12 mini stuffed animals makes a great gift for collectors, kids, and dog lovers.This realistic-looking stuffed dog toy has soft, fuzzy fur and squishy stuffing.
Pros✓ Adorable unicorn costume
✓ Other costume options
✓ Great for imaginary play
✓ 18 inches
✓ Color-changing lights
✓ Auto shut-off feature
✓ Great for ages 3-6 years
✓ Nine accessories included
✓ Built-in storage
✓ Portable
✓ For all ages
✓ Three sizes
✓ Lifelike features
✓ Very soft
✓ Multi pack
✓ Several breeds
✓ Looks realistic
✓ Ultra soft
✓ Made from recycled materials
Cons✗ Very small✗ On/off button isn't easily accessible✗ May have strings at seams✗ Not fully stuffed✗ Facial features not realistic✗ Not recommended for children under 3
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The Best Stuffed Dog Toys for Kids

a little girl sleeps in bed while cuddling a stuffed dog.

Buying a Stuffed Dog Toy for Kids

A small blue stuffed dog with multicolor LED lights inside.

Why buy a stuffed dog toy for kids?

Dog’s happy smiles, soft fur, and fun energy bring joy to all those around them, but having a real-life dog to cuddle and play with isn’t always accessible for everyone. Whether your child is begging for their first dog or looking for a cute companion, a stuffed dog toy can help them create a connection with man’s best friend.

What should you consider in a stuffed dog toy for kids?

  • Breed: One thing you may want to consider is the breed of the stuffed dog you buy. If your family has a favorite dog breed, you could look for the same in your toy. Kids may also feel connected to a dog breed from their favorite cartoon or movie.
  • Size: Perhaps you want to gift a giant stuffed animal that doubles as a huggable pillow, or perhaps you want one that’s small and easy for your child to take around with them. Either way, there are several size options for stuffed dogs, so you can surprise your child with a huge new buddy or a sweet little stocking stuffer.
  • Accessories: Some stuffed dog toys stand on their own, while others offer accessories such as toy bones, beds, brushes, and leashes to go with your child’s new furry companion. Others light up, creating a comforting ambiance for your child at night.

Are stuffed dog toys washable?

Most stuffed dog toys can be easily cleaned, either with a moist cloth with a gentle cleaner or in your washing machine. You’ll always want to read the care and wash instructions carefully before cleaning your new pet.

Our Picks for the Best Stuffed Dog Toys for Kids

Best with Costume

GUND World's Cutest Dog

Spark your child's imagination with this playful pup's fun costume options.

Pros: If the title of this dog stuffed animal doesn’t convince you of its cuteness, then the dog’s small stature and costume will. The toy is only 5 inches tall and comes with a soft hoodie that mimics the look of a unicorn. The glittering horn and colorful mane of the clothing accessory encourage your child’s imagination as they take this small dog on adventures. If your kids aren’t interested in unicorns, check out the 14 other costume options that include a lion, a princess, and a raccoon.

Cons: This toy is quite small.

Bottom Line: Though this toy is smaller than it appears in the pictures, it’s super cute and fun. It’s soft and huggable and makes a great gift for kids over 1 year old.


Best Light-Up

WEWILL 18'' Light up Puppy

This cute puppy can help your child feel safe and secure at night with its color-changing lights.

Pros: This 18-inch light-up puppy is the perfect size for snuggling. It comes in a soft blue color or white so that its many color-changing lights shine through. And it lights up with three AA batteries (not included) that are held in a secure battery pack that kids can’t get into. With a 15-minute auto shut-off timer, your batteries can last a long time between changes. This toy is also stuffed with 100% cotton fill for softness and durability. And it’s easy to clean with a moist towel and mild soap.

Cons: The on/off button isn’t very easy to get to.

Bottom Line: If your child requires a night light at bedtime, this stuffed dog toy may be a great solution. The lights are bright enough to illuminate a small space in the dark and soft enough not to keep your child awake. It’s also bigger than many expect, which is a nice surprise.


Best All-Inclusive Set

Click N' Play Toy Puppy for Kids

This adorable stuffed dog toy comes with a dog bed, a carrier, and more!

Pros: Kids ages 3 to 6 will just love this adorable dog and all of its true-to-life accessories. It comes with a dog carrier, a toy dog bed and blanket, a toy dog leash, a tennis ball, bone, a food bowl, and a brush. It makes a great companion pet for 18-inch dolls. And the carrying case also fits the dog and other accessories inside, making it the perfect storage tool for all the accessories. And it’s perfectly portable, too.

Cons: Some buyers found strings pulling at the seams.

Bottom Line: Perfectly sized to be a companion for your child’s doll, this adorable little pup comes with tons of accessories. At 7 inches in height, it will come up just past an 18-inch doll’s knees. It’s nice and soft and has cute facial features and a collar.


Best Jumbo Size

LotFancy 12 inch Dog Stuffed Animals, Cuddly Golden Retriever

With three sizes and three breeds available, these adorable, ultra-soft dog stuffed animals are perfect for cuddling.

Pros: For all ages, including babies, this soft and sweet puppy makes a wonderful companion. It has embroidered eye and nose details to ensure safe and durable use, even standing up to rough and tumble toddlers. It comes in three sizes: 12 inches, 21 inches, and a whopping 27 inches, which makes an impressive oversized gift. With its comfortable fur and floppy body, this puppy is ideal for hugging or using as a pillow when lounging. And with soulful eyes, a red tongue sticking out, and a lifelike pose, this little golden retriever pup truly comes to life.

Cons: This dog toy isn’t as fully stuffed as some other options.

Bottom Line: Soft and sweet, this floppy little stuffed dog makes a wonderful gift for kids of all ages. It has realistic detailing on the face and body. And some people have even given this as a gift to their dogs!


Best Variety Set

Bedwina Plush Puppy Dogs

This pack of 12 mini-stuffed animals makes a great gift for collectors, kids, and dog lovers.

Pros: If your child can’t choose between the many adorable stuffed animal options, this set is the ideal choice. The 6-inch tall puppies are made from soft material and huggable stuffing that makes them great companions for kids. With their reinforced stitching, these dogs will be able to hold up for playtime and bedtime. In one set, you get two of each breed so that you can take a dog in your child’s room, in the car, to their grandparent’s house, or wherever your kid may need an extra hug.

Cons: The facial features aren’t as realistic as some others.

Bottom Line: Perfect as party favors or special gifts, these little dog stuffies pack a lot of value. They’re soft, plush, and squeezable. Plus, they’re made of top-quality materials.


Also Great

Aurora World Inc. Flopsie Plush Goldie Labrador Dog

This realistic-looking stuffed dog toy has soft, fuzzy fur and squishy stuffing.

Pros: With his body in a relaxed, floppy position, this sweet little stuffed labrador looks like a realistic sleepy puppy. The face has soulful button eyes and a realistic-looking black nose. It also has ultra-soft plush fur and a nice squishy tummy. This little doggy toy is handmade with top-quality, 100% recycled materials. And it’s not just the fiberfill that’s fully recycled; this toy manufacturer also uses recycled cloth, recycled plastic pellets, and recycled paper for tags and packaging.

Cons: Because of the button eyes, this is not recommended for children younger than 3.

Bottom Line: This 12-inch labrador puppy will bring a smile to any dog lover’s face. The fur and body are super soft and squishy. And it’s easy to clean, too.

Final Thoughts

Dog lovers are going to adore these squishy stuffed animals. You can make a child’s (or adult’s!) day with a new, soft, lovable dog stuffed animal. But just remember, if you’re buying a stuffed dog for a young child or for a real dog, be sure that there are no choking hazards or loose parts.

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