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The Best Stuffed Teddy Bears

🕚 Updated December 2022

Teddy bears have been around for ages, bringing cuddles to children and adults alike. Whether you're looking for a teddy bear that's small and soft or big and comical, there are several options below you ought to check out.

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  Classic Teddy Bear Best Mini Best Oversized Teddy Best Set Best with Lights
  Vermont Teddy Bear
Babys First Christmas
I Love You Stuffed Teddy Bear
Giant Teddy Bear
Teddy Bears
Glow Polar Bear
Our SummaryThis is the perfect soft and cuddly teddy bear to commemorate a special occasion.A classic gift for those timeless moments, this mini teddy bear says everything you need it to.This teddy bear stands nearly 4 feet tall and is available in six vibrant colors.This three-pack of cuddly teddy bears with adorable bow ties is great for any age and any occasion.Like a cuddly night light, this LED-lit polar bear can bring your child comfort in the dark.
Pros✓ Very soft fur
✓ Color choices
✓ Machine washable
✓ Repairs included with purchase
✓ Soft and plush
✓ Says "I love you"
✓ Giftable packaging
✓ Nearly 4 feet tall
✓ High-quality materials
✓ Very soft
✓ Beautiful bow ties
✓ Soft and easy-to-clean polyester fabric
✓ Great value
✓ Cute features
✓ 100% cotton fill
✓ Hidden battery compartment
✓ 15 minute timer
Cons✗ May shed✗ Inessential suction cup✗ Not super full of stuffing✗ Button eyes not safe for younger children✗ Smaller than it appears
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The Best Stuffed Teddy Bears

Warm toned portrait of happy curly haired kid laughing cheerfully and hugging teddy bear.

Buying Guide for Teddy Bears

child little girl reading a magic book in the dark home with a toy teddy bear.
Evgeny Atamanenko/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a teddy bear?

Teddy bears are the go-to gift for an assortment of holidays, dates, and moments. They’re almost always easy on the wallet, and they have a way of striking nostalgia and joy in the simplest way. There’s something so immediately warming about the sight of a plush teddy bear, especially when it has been delivered to you in the hands of someone you care for deeply.

What should you consider in a teddy bear?

  • The Cute Factor: Above all other factors, remember this: your teddy bear has to be cute; that’s the entire point. Moreover, the teddy bear you gift has to speak to your giftee.
  • Material Comfort: Children and adults alike appreciate a teddy bear that’s comfortable to hold. The teddy you gift should emphasize its plush nature and fluffy cotton filling, so consider an option that features soft materials you wouldn’t mind resting your head on for a mid-day nap.
  • Battery Operation: Additionally, you should also be mindful of teddy bears with battery-driven design features. It’s a bit of a push-and-pull scenario. Options that can lean on batteries for a tiny show are often worth the investment. Usually, this consists of your already adorable teddy doing something that makes it even more adorable, like singing, dancing, and moving in general. However, it’s important to consider the drawbacks here because while these may be enjoyable toys, they also feature a potentially harmful interior when in children’s hands.

Where did the teddy bear get its name?

The teddy bear was actually named after President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. The story is that the president refused to shoot a bear on a hunting trip in 1902. The bear had been subdued, and Roosevelt thought it unsportsmanlike to kill the bear in that state. After his hunting trip, the story got around and was even depicted in several newspaper cartoons. To commemorate the moment, a shopkeeper in New York created a stuffed bear and named it after the president. Around the same time, a German toy company called Steiff introduced their “Steiff Bears” which looked more like real bears and were soft and cuddly. They were picked up by an American toy distributor, and the teddy bear took off as one of the most sought-after toys of the time.

Our Picks for the Best Teddy Bears

Classic Teddy Bear

Vermont Teddy Bear Babys First Christmas

This is the perfect soft and cuddly teddy bear to commemorate a special occasion.

Pros: This precious new friend is soft as can be, with bunny-like fur and a cushy, cuddly tummy. There are many choices available so you can get the bear that’s right for you: a 13-inch plain bear, an 18-inch plain bear, an almond-colored bear, a whipped honey-colored bear, a buttercream-colored bear, or even a bear with a pretty red bow that’s great for special occasions. This bear is made in Vermont with 100% recycled stuffing and ultra-plush fur. It’s machine washable for cleanliness and convenience. Plus, if your bear even gets a boo-boo, you can send him to the bear hospital in Vermont where he can be repaired at no charge.

Cons: This bear may shed a little bit.

Bottom Line: For a high-quality bear that’s built to last for life, look no further. This little bear has an adorable face that kids and adults love, too.


Best Mini

Gloveleya I Love You Stuffed Teddy Bear

A classic gift for those timeless moments, this mini teddy bear says everything you need it to.

Pros: Can’t quite get the right words out to that special someone? Let this sweet miniature teddy bear do the talking for you. This small brown teddy is constructed entirely from polyester materials, with a soft plush fabric exterior and comfortable filler. It stands 6 inches tall and features a big red “I Love You” plush heart resting between its hands and legs. It’s an ideal choice for partners, but it will also work just as well for parents, children, and friends. Plus, it comes in cute, giftable packaging, perfect for the holidays or any other special occasion.

Cons: There is a suction cup on top of this bear’s head that doesn’t really suction well.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to brighten someone’s day with a teeny tiny teddy bear, this may be an excellent choice for you. He has adorable details like little paw pads that add to his overall cuteness. And if the suction cup is a nuisance for you, you can easily cut it off.


Best Oversized Teddy

MaoGoLan Giant Teddy Bear

This teddy bear stands nearly 4 feet tall and is available in six vibrant colors.

Pros: From this point forward, the only appropriate response to someone who asks, “How much do you love me?” is to toss a humongous teddy bear in their lap. This Giant Teddy Bear stands nearly 4 feet tall and is covered in only the fluffiest plush from head to paws. In equal measure, the inside of this teddy is stuffed with high-quality polypropylene cotton to ensure the softest hugs and snuggle sessions. And while its size may have you fooled, this oversized teddy is marked at a remarkably reasonable price. Plus, any large stuffed animal makes a huge impression as a gift for a kid!

Cons: He’s not as fully stuffed as some other large stuffed animals. If you want him to be fuller, you may want to order ahead and add additional stuffing.

Bottom Line: Go big or go home with this huge stuffed teddy bear! He’s nearly 4 feet tall and oh-so-huggable. And his fur is very soft, too.


Best Set

Fluffuns Teddy Bears

This three-pack of cuddly teddy bears with adorable bow ties is great for any age and any occasion.

Pros: Why buy one bear when you can order a whole family? Imagine playing Goldilocks with these three adorable 9-inch stuffed bears. They come in a variety of colors, including black, white, blue, gray, purple, and several shades of brown. These bears are wearing adorable bow ties, making them look even more endearing. They’re made with ultra-soft polyester, and they’re perfect for ages 2 and up.

Cons: These bears have button eyes which may be a choking hazard for very young children.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a three-pack of teddy bears, this may be a great option. They’re a great value and are made with top-quality materials.


Best with Lights

BSTAOFY Glow Polar Bear

Like a cuddly night light, this LED-lit polar bear can bring your child comfort in the dark.

Pros: This adorable white polar bear has sweet features that kids love. First, it’s downy white, made with soft polyester on the outside and 100% cotton fill on the inside. Its adorable black nose and eyes stand out and are durable. The battery compartment is hidden and screws firmly into place, so kids can’t get inside. It takes two AA batteries and runs on a 15-minute timer, just in case you forget to switch it off. This bear makes a wonderful night light with color-changing, rainbow-colored LEDs, and it’s perfect for kids ages 3 and up.

Cons: This bear is smaller than it appears.

Bottom Line: Kids will love this little polar bear that lights up the night. The LEDs shine softly through the bear’s white fur, so they won’t keep your child awake. And because it runs on a timer, the batteries, which need to be purchased separately, will last and last.

Final Thoughts

Teddy bears have been around for over 100 years and continue to keep us company with a cuddle and a cute face. They’re soft and sweet, and they make fantastic gifts for the people that you love. And teddy bears are appropriate for both adults and children, and some are even safe for dogs!

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