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The Best Stylus Pens for Your Touchscreen Devices

Touch screen devices have advanced a lot over the years, allowing users to do much more than ever before. However, for many tasks such as drawing or writing on a device, this means that one’s pointer finger will no longer cut it when it comes to maintaining precise control. Thankfully, many great stylus pens on the market today make maintaining precise control on a touch screen a piece of cake. We made this guide to showcase the best stylus pens out there so that you can find the perfect product for your needs.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Stylus Pen

Keep these factors in mind when shopping for your new stylus pen:

  • Compatibility: Ensuring your new stylus will be compatible with your touch screen devices is absolutely imperative. This is because some styluses only work with certain devices. Finding an option that works on all touch screen devices is a good idea, as this will essentially mean that your stylus is ideal for any device that can use your fingers’ touch to make selections.
  • Intended Use: Will you be using your new stylus for making basic selections on your phone or tablet or for more advanced functions like digital art creation? The answer to this question may determine whether you should focus on finding a basic, inexpensive stylus or invest in a more advanced option. For instance, styluses that feature palm rejection technology are great for digital artists, but the extra cost is probably not practical for someone with very basic needs.
  • Extras: Many styluses come with extra features that can add a lot of value, such as replacement tips, battery-saving features, or even double-sided designs with multiple tip options. Finding a stylus that features extras that match your unique needs is a great way to ensure you are making a valuable investment.

Best Overall: Milemont Stylus Pen

For those seeking a stylus with a solid, pen-like feel and fine point, the Milemont Stylus Pen is the clear front-runner. This stylus is widely compatible with modern touch screen devices, including Apple iPads, iPhones, and Samsung tablets, and it offers great precision and responsiveness for those using it to design their next masterpiece. It is to set up (there is no Bluetooth connection needed), and its 10-hour battery life and 1-to-2-hour charging time should be ideal for most. The fine point works perfectly for writing notes, drawing, and basic selections, making this stylus a versatile option that performs well regardless of the task.

Best Value: LIBERRWAY Stylus Pens (10-Pack)

For those prone to losing their styluses, this ten-pack of LIBERRWAY Stylus Pens is hard to beat. Featuring an anti-scratch rubber tip that is surprisingly firm, these budget-friendly styluses are perfect for most basic tasks using your phone or tablet. While somewhat lacking the feel of a high-quality pen due to their compact size, these styluses do resist wear well and glide across the screen smoothly. Additionally, the firm rubber tips are also the perfect size for precision selections, making this the best bulk buy around for those seeking high-quality styluses.

Best Value

Stylus Pens for Touch Screens, LIBERRWAY Pen 10 Pack of Pink Purple Black Green Silver Universal Screen Capacitive Compatible with Kindle ipad iPhone Samsung

This ten-pack of stylus pens features anti-scratch tips and good sensitivity for those who primarily need a stylus for simple touch screen tasks.

Most Versatile: EZTecho Stylus Pens (2 Pcs)

The EZTecho Stylus Pens feature a tip with a transparent disc that might look a little strange, but the design actually affords this product great precision and accuracy compared to similarly-priced styluses. This stylus’s aluminum and stainless steel construction makes it feel solid and pen-like in the hand, and the nonslip rubber grip is a great touch as well. The smooth, pen-like writing experience makes this product a great choice for artists, as well as more casual stylus users that need something to write with or simply make precise selections on a phone screen. Finally, this product features a double-sided design, making it easy to switch between tips depending on your preference and the tasks you are currently undertaking.

Most Versatile

Stylus Pens for Touch Screens-Fine Point-Universal-High Precision, 2 Pieces with 6 Replacement Tips, Compatible for All Capacitive Touch Screens (Silver + Silver)

This stylus pen affords great control over on-screen manipulation, making it a great choice for artists and casual users alike. It also comes with extra tips for simple tip replacement.

Best for Artists: JAMJAKE Stylus Pen for iPad with Palm Rejection

For digital artists seeking an amazing stylus to use with their iPad, the JAMJAKE Stylus Pen is as good as it gets. This stylus is compatible with 2018-2020 iPads & iPad Pros and features excellent use of palm rejection technology to mitigate errors caused by resting your hand on your tablet’s surface while drawing. It also feels amazingly natural in the hand, just like your favorite pen. This product also sports one of the most impressive batteries out there with an average 20-hour battery life and a 90-minute charge time. Factoring in its high sensitivity and automatic battery-saving sleep mode, this stylus is simply a no-brainer for digital artists.

Best for Artists

Stylus Pen for iPad 9th&10th Generation-2X Fast Charge Active Pencil Compatible with 2018-2023 Apple iPad Pro11&12.9 inch, iPad Air 3/4/5,iPad 6-10,iPad Mini 5/6 Gen-White

This iPad-exclusive stylus pen is incredibly precise and smooth and features great sensitivity. It's great for digital artists.

Also Consider: MEKO Universal Stylus (2 Pcs)

Featuring a double-sided design and durable stainless steel construction, there is a lot to like about the MEKO Universal Stylus. This stylus, which is compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices, comes with replaceable tips for both the fiber and disc ends, making it a great value given the price. The disc tip is great for precision tasks as the transparent disc allows for you to closely scrutinize your stylus placement when writing or drawing. As a bonus, this stylus set comes in a wide variety of color options, making it a great budget-savvy choice for those seeking a stylus option with solid, pen-like control.

Also Consider

MEKO Universal Stylus,[2 in 1 Precision Series] Disc Stylus Touch Screen Pens for All Capacitive Touch Screens Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops Bundle with 6 Replacement Tips - (2 Pcs, Black/Black)

This stylus pen set is compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices and features a clear disc tip that allows for excellent control over on-screen writing.

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