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The Best Subwoofer Cables for Your Sound System

back view of a subwoofer with two blue cables plugged in

While some may not understand just how important a great cable can be, anyone with a home theater or audio setup that utilizes a subwoofer should consider investing in high-quality subwoofer cables. A great subwoofer cable will last much longer than a poor one, but it will also produce a more stable connection to ensure your subwoofer performs its best. Here are some subwoofer cables we recommend.

Shopping for Subwoofer Cables

A stable connection and sound quality are the most important factors, so look for a cable with a split-tip center pin made from quality material. The length of the cable should also be considered to ensure it will work with your unique setup. Finally, cables can be easily damaged with prolonged use or by being bent and moved, so finding a durably-constructed subwoofer cable will definitely save you money in the long run.

Best Overall: Mediabridge Ultra Series Subwoofer Cable (15 Feet)

closeup of a black subwoofer cable with a brass colored end

The Mediabridge Ultra Series Subwoofer Cable allows for deep and precise audio quality and is great for connecting your subwoofer to other audio components. Featuring aluminum braiding, a copper clad center conductor, and dielectric insulation, this subwoofer cable is safe to use and extremely rugged for long-term use. The Mediabridge Ultra Series Subwoofer Cable also features a split-tip center pin for great signal strength, making it an excellent choice.

Best Overall

Mediabridge ULTRA Series Subwoofer Cable (15 Feet) - Dual Shielded with Gold Plated RCA to RCA Connectors - Black

This subwoofer cable features quality construction for extra durability and fantastic signal strength, making it a great pick.

Best Value: AmazonBasics Digital Audio RCA Compatible Coaxial Cable

closeup of two black and orange subwoofer cables with pale copper-colored ends

For those looking for a subwoofer cable at a great price, the AmazonBasics Digital Audio RCA Compatible Coaxial Cable is a fantastic choice. This subwoofer cable features corrosion-resistant, gold-plated RCA connectors and split-tip center pins. This will ensure the cable maintains excellent contact pressure so that the signal strength does not fluctuate when the cable is in use.

Best Value

Amazon Basics RCA Digital Audio Coaxial Cable for Stereo Speaker or Subwoofer with Gold-Plated Plugs, 4 Foot, Black

This budget-priced subwoofer cable features corrosion-resistant connectors for added longevity and maintains great contact pressure.

Best for Multiple Devices: Goalfish 2-Male to 2-Male RCA Audio Stereo Subwoofer Cable

two gray rope-like subwoofer cables with pale copper-colored ends

These Goalfish subwoofer cables are a great choice for those wishing to connect multiple devices at once. Featuring two male heads per side, these subwoofer cables sport 24K gold-plated connectors for high-quality sound and minimal signal loss. For a two-pack that offers a myriad of connectivity options at a low price, these are a great choice.

Best for Multiple Devices

Goalfish RCA Cable, 2-Male to 2-Male RCA Audio Stereo Subwoofer Cable [2Pack,Hi-Fi Sound,Shielded] Auxiliary Audio Cord for Home Theater, HDTV, Amplifiers, Hi-Fi Systems,Speakers- 6 Feet, Top Series

This subwoofer cable features two male connectors on each side, offering more connection options to those needing to connect multiple devices.

Also Consider: EMK Subwoofer Cable

closeup of two blue and white rope-like subwoofer cables with brass-colored ends

The EMK Subwoofer Cable features great sound quality and a secure connection thanks to its 24K gold-plated connectors and split-tip center pins. This subwoofer cable is also quite flexible and durable and is less susceptible to damage from being bent than other leading subwoofer cables. For a durable, dependable subwoofer cable made out of quality materials, this is an excellent pick.

Also Consider

EMK Subwoofer Cable (9.8ft/3m) -Digital Coaxial/Subwoofer Cable Dual Shielded with Gold Plated RCA to RCA Connectors -Top Blue Series

This subwoofer cable offers added durability for those who are tired of constantly buying new subwoofer cables.

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