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The Best Sunglasses Organizers

🕚 Updated May 2023

Good sunglasses can be expensive, which makes protecting them an important task! These sunglasses organizers are designed to protect your investment while also creating a stylish way to store them when you don't need them.

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  Top Choice Best Hanging Choice Best Storage Bin Display Best for Tabletop Best for Travel
Leather Multi Sunglasses Organizer
Sunglass Hanging Storage Organizer
Plastic hard Shell Stackable Eyeglass Case
Clear Sunglasses Organizer Display
5-Slot Sunglass Organizer Case
Our SummaryA sleek tabletop storage solution that protects sunglasses from dirt and damage.A space-saving solution for people with large sunglasses collections.A stackable set of sunglasses cases with a total of 10 dedicated storage slots.A six-tier acrylic display case that's perfect for a tabletop.A roll-up sunglasses case for traveling fashionistas.
Pros✓ Unisex design
✓ Includes lock
✓ Built-in window in lid
✓ Hanging design
✓ Stores up to 25 pairs of sunglasses
✓ Clear design
✓ Sturdy lid for protection
✓ Holds up to 12 pairs of glasses
✓ Tiered design
✓ Easy assembly
Holds five pairs of glasses
✓ Rolls up
✓ Durable exterior to prevent damage
✓ Protective packing
Cons✗ Only stores eight pairs
✗ Faux leather may peel
✗ Doesn't protect from damage or dust
✗ Not travel-friendly
✗ May not be ideal for larger frames
✗ Slots aren't adjustable
✗ No cover
✗ Thin construction
✗ May not work with oversized frames
✗ Not ideal for small bags
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The Best Sunglasses Organizers

Three different sunglasses organizers in various places.

Stop leaving your sunglasses around the house where they can get scratched or broken. Check out these must-have sunglasses organizers.

Buying Guide for Sunglasses Organizers

sunglasses in wooden box organizer
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Why buy a sunglasses organizer?

For almost anyone who owns more than one pair of sunglasses, a sunglasses organizer is a smart investment. At a minimum, it keeps all of your sunnies in one convenient location, making it easier to find them when you want to wear a pair. More importantly, a good organizer is designed to also protect your sunglasses from damage.

Nearly everyone at one point or another has experienced heartbreak from a pair of sunglasses with a broken arm or an unsightly scratch that makes it impossible to see out of one of the lenses. If you had upgraded to a sunglasses organizer, that might not have happened! And, of course, if you buy designer sunglasses, you’ll want them to last as long as possible with a protective organizer.

What should you look for in a sunglasses organizer?

  • Type: There are three main types of sunglasses organizers on the market: boxes, wall hangers, and stands. Boxes or cases are very similar to jewelry boxes, except that they have larger slots for sunglasses instead of jewelry. They offer great protection for your sunglasses, and many will have a transparent display window. Wall hangers won’t take up valuable counter or tabletop space. Many can be hung over the backs of doors or in the closet. Stands are nice and compact, ideal for putting a sunglasses collection on display. They offer the least amount of protection of the three types, but they also let you have your sunglasses conveniently on hand; you can just grab the pair you want right off the stand and go on your way.
  • Quantity: Obviously, the number of sunglasses you own or plan to buy will affect which organizer you buy. Since they use either slots or racks to cradle or store your sunglasses, it’s easy to figure out how many pairs a specific organizer can contain. Six to eight pairs per organizer is a pretty standard number, though larger and smaller quantities are available. Sunglass organizers built for traveling will usually hold a lower volume of sunglasses, while wall hangings tend to have the most storage slots.
  • Portability: Do you want to be able to take all your sunglasses with you on the go, or do you mainly plan to display them at home? This is a factor worth considering when picking which sunglasses organizer you want to buy. Some hanging models are designed specifically with traveling in mind. They can fold or roll up into a suitcase or briefcase-like form, complete with a carrying handle. These organizers are highly portable, and many will have a stronger outer shell and/or some sort of weather resistance.

Which sunglasses organizer is best for you?

The answer to this question is going to depend on preference. For someone with a small sunglasses collection, a compact box or even a travel-friendly solution might be more than sufficient. Meanwhile, fashionistas with more expansive collections are better served by organizers that feature more slots or compartments to safely store their sunglasses. Similarly, don’t forget about aesthetics. Regardless of whether you’re picking a travel-friendly solution or a permanent fixture in your bedroom, you want an organizer that fits in seamlessly with the rest of your decor or fashion aesthetic.

Our Picks for the Best Sunglasses Organizers

Top Choice

Co-Z Leather Multi Sunglasses Organizer

A sleek tabletop storage solution that protects sunglasses from dirt and damage.

Pros: Visibility and security combine in one functional yet stylish sunglasses organizer. The Co-Z Leather Multi Sunglasses Organizer can hold up to eight pairs of sunglasses, including oversized frames. The low-profile design and neutral black finish make it a great unisex solution that will work with a variety of bedroom decor schemes. You might also like that it can be locked and is moisture-proof for added durability. And if you prefer, two miniature slots are included, so you can further divide two compartments to create a total of 12 slots.

Cons: If you have a larger sunglasses collection, this may not be enough storage to accommodate all your sunnies. And while it looks nice, a common complaint is that the dividers are somewhat thin, meaning that they can occasionally shift when inserting oversized frames. If not left in the right conditions, there’s the risk that the faux leather may crack or peel.

Bottom Line: For people with a handful of sunglasses they want to protect, this straightforward organizer is a definite upgrade from simply leaving them on your nightstand. With eight dedicated slots and the potential to expand to 12, you can easily use this solution for watches, too. The unisex design makes it great for gifting as well.


Best Hanging Choice

Arouy Sunglasses Organizer

A space-saving solution for people with large sunglasses collections.

Pros: Even if you have plenty of table and countertop space, that doesn’t mean that you want to clutter every possible surface with containers. The Arouy Sunglasses Organizer is a hanging solution that can easily be placed on a hook inside your closet or near your dressing area. The felt material features 25 dedicated slots that can work for both standard and oversized glasses frames. You’ll like that it comes with a built-in rope for hanging as well.

Cons: While convenient and affordable, you might dislike that there’s no lid. This means that your sunnies can accumulate dust. A lens may get scratched or smudged if you place other items too closely. Because it’s an exposed organizer, you’re less likely to want to use this as a travel solution.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re shopping on a budget or just have an extensive sunglasses collection, the Arouy Sunglasses Organizer is designed to hold an impressive 25 pairs of glasses. The hanging design means that you can free up counter or tabletop space for other items or simply minimize surface clutter. However, this is less of a protective solution than a space-saving design.


Best Storage Bin Display

mDesign Plastic Hard Shell Stackable Eyeglass Case

A stackable set of sunglasses cases with a total of 10 dedicated storage slots.

Pros: If you’re a fan of the acrylic storage solutions almost exclusively reserved for makeup organization, you’re going to love the mDesign Plastic Hard Shell Stackable Eyeglass Case Storage Organizer. This two-pack comes with five dedicated slots in each container for a total of 10 slots. There’s also a snap-close lid for added security and protection. These containers are stackable, helping you save space while easily identifying which pair of sunglasses you want to wear today. But if you’re not a fan of clear plastic, there are four other versions with opaque plastic bases.

Cons: With just 10 dedicated slots, this is best suited for people with small sunglasses collections. And because of the compact dimensions, these containers aren’t ideal for oversized sunglasses. Depending on the total height of your frames, some people may find that it’s difficult to close the case.

Bottom Line: If you have slimmer frames that aren’t too tall, the mDesign sunglasses containers are a great option that allows you to easily see your frames while also protecting them from damage and dust. With just 10 permanent compartments across both containers, this is better suited for people with a few pairs of sunglasses.


Best for Tabletop

MineSign Sunglasses Organizer

A six-tier acrylic display case that's perfect for tabletop placement.

Pros: Why have nice things if no one can see them? While the MineSign Sunglasses Organizer might seem like something more suited for a retail store, it’s a nice way to show off your sunglasses collection in your bedroom as well. You’ll get a six-tier acrylic tray that’s wide enough to easily accommodate two pairs of glasses on each tier. Although some assembly is required, the open design ensures that it can also easily fit oversized frames. And you can even use this solution to store and showcase makeup if you’re a beauty junkie.

Cons: The lack of a cover means your sunnies will get dusty over time. Additionally, keep in mind that not all acrylic is equal. Some found that the acrylic is a bit thin, making it a somewhat fragile storage solution.

Bottom Line: If you’re obsessed with acrylic displays, this tabletop solution might be up your alley. With six tiers that hold two pairs per tier, this stand allows you to store up to 12 pairs of sunglasses, including oversized frames.


Best for Travel

Boshku Sunglasses Organizer Case

A roll-up sunglasses case for traveling fashionistas.

Pros: Sunglasses are essential if you’re heading out around town or sightseeing in a new city. And while you can certainly bring a pair’s dedicated case, the Boshku Sunglasses Organizer Case is a fantastic five-slot compact solution that can go with you almost anywhere. It rolls up into a pentagram-shaped design that snaps closed for added security. The built-in loop allows you to hang this on a hook in your hotel or bedroom closet to free up much-needed surface space. This pick is available in four colors.

Cons: Along with being one of the more expensive options in our roundup, a common complaint also centered around difficulty closing the case when inserting oversized frames. So, if you own larger sunnies, this might not be a great option for you. Also keep in mind smaller bags won’t be compatible with it.

Bottom Line: If you’re the type who travels (even around town) with multiple pairs of sunglasses, this roll-up sunglasses organizer can be a smart solution for protecting your favorite glasses from dust or damage in your bag. However, bulkier frames may be a struggle for this case. And, if you prefer to use smaller bags, the larger pentagram shape of this organizer may not be practical.

Final Thoughts

A good sunglasses organizer is essential to protect your frames—regardless of whether you’re rocking designer shades or budget-friendly alternatives. These options should serve you well.

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