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The Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks to Wake Up to

Is it a struggle to wake up in the morning? Do you believe your nightly routine makes it hard to sleep? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you might benefit greatly from a sunrise alarm clock. Sunrise alarm clocks simulate a sunrise (and in many cases, a sunset) to allow your body to rise more naturally in the morning and sleep soundly at night. The end result is a revamped sleep routine that will leave you feeling more refreshed during your waking hours.

Shopping for a Sunrise Alarm Clock

While sunrise alarm clocks all share similar functionality, there are still plenty of factors to consider in order to find the perfect product for you. For the best results, be sure to pay close attention to sunrise quality, customization options, and added functionality.

  • Sunrise Quality: Unfortunately, many products marketed as sunrise alarm clocks are really just alarm clocks with an LED light attachment. For a sunrise alarm clock to wake you up naturally, it must gradually become brighter leading up to your wake time. The best ones will feature a hardly perceptible light at first, but, realistically, any product that starts out at over 50% brightness is too far removed from a natural sunrise to differentiate it from a standard alarm.
  • Customization: Many sunrise alarm clocks will allow you to customize your night and morning experiences in order to craft an amazing sleep routine. At bedtime, a simulated sunset (with customized white noise or music) can really help put you to sleep, just as lullabies might have when you were a child. In the same way, waking up to custom sounds or colors that resonate with you might help you get out of bed in a great mood, ready to start your day.
  • Functionality: Many sunrise alarm clocks will also act as bedside reading lamps, AM/FM radios, or colored lights that are great at adding to a room’s ambiance. However, even if a product offers this functionality, it may defeat the purpose if your night and morning routines will have to be reset after utilizing these functions. Additionally, you will want to make sure the main functions (such as snoozing, setting and customizing an alarm, and modifying the brightness and volume) are easy to access and change when necessary.

Now that we’ve gone over some sunrise alarm clock basics, let’s check out the best sunrise alarm clocks to wake up to in the morning!

Top Pick: Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light

While the Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light isn’t jam-packed with features, it does have the most realistic and pleasing simulations of sunrise and sunset out there, making it an amazing tool to improve your sleep routine. Unlike most similar products, this sunrise alarm clock features a very gradual sunrise simulation that goes from being almost imperceptible to very bright within 30 minutes. The result is a product that is so good at its primary function that the lack of bells and whistles hardly matters. However, factoring in its five natural alarm sounds, simple snooze functionally, auto-dimming display (for when a room becomes dark), and 20 adjustable brightness settings, there is plenty to love about this product beyond its main selling point.

Top Pick

Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light, Colored Sunrise and Sunset Simulation, 5 Natural Sounds, FM Radio & Reading Lamp, Tap Snooze, HF3520/60

This alarm clock features the most natural and refreshing sunrise effect of the bunch thanks to its incremental brightness and natural light. It also allows for plenty of customization.

Best Value: hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

For those seeking a budget-friendly sunrise alarm clock, this offering from hOmeLabs is the clear winner. Featuring eight colored light options and three brightness settings, this is a product that is great for creating a relaxing ambiance to unwind in before going to bed. While the sunrise feature is definitely not as gradual and realistic as our Top Pick, it is a great choice for deep sleepers who won’t be immediately awakened due to the “sunrise” starting at 50% brightness. This product also features seven alarm sounds, a sunset mode to use before bed, and an AM/FM radio, making it a stellar pick.

Best Value

hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock - Digital LED Clock with 6 Color Switch and FM Radio for Bedrooms - Multiple Nature Sounds Sunset Simulation & Touch Control - with Snooze Function for Heavy Sleepers

This budget-friendly sunrise alarm clock is great for heavy sleepers and features eight LED color options and three brightness settings.

Best Features: Hatch Restore Sunrise Alarm Clock

For those who are serious about creating an amazing customized sleep routine, the Hatch Restore Sunrise Alarm Clock is a fantastic (albeit more pricey) choice. This sunrise alarm clock utilizes an easy-to-use app that features tons of light and sound options, making it the most customizable experience of any product on this list. Sporting simple touch controls that allow you to keep your phone away when you are going to bed, this product also features a soft-glow reading light and white noise options to ensure your pre-sleep routine is every bit as pleasant as waking to the realistic LED sunrise.

Best Features

Hatch Restore Sound Machine, Sunrise Alarm Clock, Smart Light with Color Library, Customized Sleep Routine, Bedside Reading & Night Light, White Noise, Natural Sleep Aid for Adults, Gentle Wake Up

This sunrise alarm clock is great for those who want a unique customized routine for going to sleep and waking up. Its reading light functionality and white noise selection are great for unwinding after a long day.

Also Great: LBell Sunrise Alarm Clock

Rounding out our list is the LBell Sunrise Alarm Clock, which scores some major points for its budget-friendly price and customizable simulated sunrise. Unlike other sunrise alarm clocks, this product features a customizable simulated sunrise that will last between 10 and 60 minutes, making it great for those who prefer to wake up quickly as well as those who need a little extra time. It also features 20 brightness settings and seven natural alarm sounds that are on par with more expensive sunrise alarm offerings. For those seeking the functionality of a premium sunrise alarm clock without the price tag, this is as good as it gets.

Also Great

Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock, LBell Clock Radio, 7 Colored Night Light, Sunrise Simulation & Sleep Aid, Dual Alarm with FM, 7 Natural Sounds and Snooze for Kids Adults Bedrooms

This product features a great simulated sunrise for its low price. It also sports a handy USB port and some useful sleep aid features to help relax you at night.

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