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The Best Surround Sound Systems for Your TV

full surround sound system

One of the best things about seeing a movie in a theater is the amazing surround sound that truly immerses you in the on-screen action. Luckily, many modern surround sound systems for your television can create this same effect for your home listening pleasure. Here are some amazing options we recommend for you.

Shopping for a Surround Sound System

Sound quality is the most important factor, so be sure to go through a surround sound system’s technical specs to ensure it will suit your needs. Power is also important, but the overall power output you need may depend on the size of the room your speakers will be housed in and how hard you plan on pushing your surround sound system. Finally, Bluetooth connectivity can be a really convenient bonus if you plan on using your mobile device with your new surround sound system.

Editor’s Choice: JBL Bar 5.1 With True Wireless Surround Speakers

JBL Bar 5.1 With True Wireless Surround Speakers

The JBL Bar 5.1 features a premium soundbar, two detachable battery-powered wireless surround speakers, a 10-inch wireless subwoofer, and simple 4K connectivity to provide an amazing choice for those seeking a surround sound solution. With effortless Bluetooth connectivity, streaming music wirelessly from your mobile devices is made simple. This all-in-one audio solution also works with many of today’s top TV remotes and sports 510 watts of power output, making it an amazing choice for your new surround sound system.

Editor's Choice

JBL Bar 5.1 - Channel 4K Ultra HD Soundbar with True Wireless Surround Speakers

This system features rich bass, incredible highs, and a unique design that features detachable speakers for a surround sound experience.

Best Value: Logitech 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System with Bluetooth

Logitech 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System with Bluetooth and remote control

The Logitech 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System is a great option for those seeking true 5.1 surround sound on a budget. This surround sound system sounds great, features up to 160 watts of room-filling sound with deep bass and clear highs. The long, 20-foot rear satellite speaker cables allow for plenty of choices for speaker placement throughout your room and effortless Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity is great for playing music on your mobile device. For an inexpensive surround sound system with impressive sound, this one will not disappoint.

Best Value

Logitech Z606 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System with Bluetooth

This surround sound system features easy-to-use Bluetooth functionality and great sound to go with its budget price tag.

Best for Deep Bass: Polk Audio 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with Powered Subwoofer

Polk Audio 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with Powered Subwoofer

Bass lovers can not go wrong with the Polk Audio 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with Powered Subwoofer. This surround sound system is compatible with most home theater AV receivers, giving plenty of setup options for those seeking dynamic three-dimensional sound with powerful, accurate bass. Additionally, this home theater system comes with Polk’s Dynamic Balance Technology for wide sound dispersion and minimal distortion, creating a unique surround sound experience.

Best for Deep Bass

Polk Audio 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with Powered Subwoofer |Two (2) T15 Bookshelf, One (1) T30 Center Channel, Two (2) T50 Tower Speakers, PSW10 Sub | Alexa + HEOS

This home theater system features stellar bass and dynamic three-dimensional sound for a true surround sound experience.

Also Consider: Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro

Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro surround sound system with a remote control

The Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro features 360-degree Dolby Atmos surround sound to make your home theater sound like the real deal. Sporting three advanced audio processing engines, it’s capable of unlocking hidden details in audio tracks that you have heard dozens of times before, creating a new and unique experience. For a surround sound system with amazing range and clarity, and impressive ease-of-use given its technical sophistication, this is a stellar choice.

Also Consider
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