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The Best Swaddle Blankets

🕚 Updated October 2022

Swaddle blankets are specially designed to keep babies warm, comfortable, and asleep, as they give them the familiar feeling of being tucked inside the womb. Here we've gathered our favorite swaddle blankets for that little bundle of joy.

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  Most Popular Best for Newborns For Diaper Changes Best Wearable Blanket Best Extra Warm
Unisex Baby Swaddle Blanket
Comfy Cubs
Swaddle Blanket Sleep Sack Wrap
Easy Change Swaddle
Micro-Fleece Sleep Sack Swaddle
Newborn Receiving Wrap
Our SummaryThis is a swaddle blanket of a generous size that can do more than just keep your baby cozy.Keep your baby in a snug swaddle that won’t bust through with this sleep sack wrap.This swaddle features a design solution that every parent loves for easy diaper changing.Keep your baby swaddled and cozy while helping them adjust to sleeping on their own.Give your baby extra warmth during cold weather with this adorable full-body wrap.
Pros✓ Machine-washable and gets softer over time
✓ Oversize 47 by 47 inches
✓ Won't overheat baby
✓ Each set includes four blankets
✓ Three different sets available
✓ Great for newborns
✓ Soft cotton material doesn't get too hot
✓ Snug, adjustable fit
✓ Set includes three different patterns
✓ Cotton is soft and cozy while still being lightweight
✓ Small Velcro straps for adjustability
✓ Zipper along bottom makes diaper changes easy
✓ Slits in back are for swings and bouncers
✓ Microfleece wicks away moisture and is warm for chilly months
✓ Adjustable top and large bottom space keep baby safe as they grow
✓ Available in several colors and sizes
✓ Zipper along bottom makes diaper changes easy
✓ Adorable ears and hood to keep them warm
✓ Sherpa, polyester and cotton blend make this extra warm
✓ Available in six colors
Cons✗ Material can snag in the wash✗ Velcro may be noisy
✗ Shrinks after washing
✗ May fit too loose✗ Microfleece is too warm to use when the temps aren't cold✗ Too big to safely use while baby is sleeping
✗ Must be hand washed
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The Best Swaddle Blankets

Baby swaddled in blue blanket with parents holding him.

Buying Guide for Swaddle Blankets

Baby girl swaddled in pink blanket.
BaLL LunLa/Shutterstock.com

Why buy swaddle blankets?

Swaddle blankets are larger than a regular blanket, making them easier to wrap your baby safely and comfortably. They can also be used for various uses in a pinch, like a diaper change on the couch, covering their feet in a car seat, shielding from the sun on a walk, some tummy time, or nursing with some privacy. Swaddle blankets are a clear must-have for any parent.

What should you consider when shopping for swaddle blankets?

  • Size: Most swaddle blankets offer the same generic size that is just right for wrapping a baby up comfortably, but larger and smaller ones are available. If you plan to use the blanket for longer, opt for a larger size.
  • Print: From gender-neutral colors to cute animal prints, there is no shortage of blanket colors and patterns. Choose a design that seems right for you and your baby.
  • Material: Swaddle blankets should keep your baby cozy without making them overheat. Muslin, cotton, soft, light, or hypoallergenic materials are usually best.
  • Style: You can find basic blanket swaddles or specially designed ones with Velcro fasteners or certain panels. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and how swaddled you want your little one. Some can be more difficult for a little one to unwrap, so you won’t have to fix the swaddle every time they try to wiggle.

How long can you expect to swaddle your baby?

Oversize swaddle blankets can swaddle your baby for a few months, depending on your baby’s size. Other swaddling solutions, like sleep sacks, come in different sizes to accommodate your baby’s growth. However, as your baby begins to meet developmental milestones, like rolling over, it’s recommended that her hands are free.

Our Picks for the Best Swaddle Blankets

Most Popular

upsimples Unisex Baby Swaddle Blanket

This is a swaddle blanket of a generous size that can do more than just keep your baby cozy.

Pros: This muslin blend is soft for a baby’s sensitive skin and is airy enough to keep them from overheating. The generous 47 by 47-inch size makes it a versatile blanket for any newborn baby’s needs, especially wrapping in a perfect swaddle. With the large size, as your baby grows, the comfortable blanket can remain a favorite. Each set comes with four blankets, and there are three different sets of unisex prints. These can be washed in the machine and will only grow softer with each wash.

Cons: These are machine washable, but they can snag easily on rough fabrics or details.

Bottom Line: The soft and airy fabric keeps your baby cozy without overheating. From using them for the classic swaddle to using them for other reasons, the oversized blanket can be used in countless ways and can grow with your baby.


Best for Newborns

Comfy Cubs Swaddle Blanket Sleep Sack Wrap

Keep your baby in a snug swaddle that won't bust through with this sleep sack wrap.

Pros: For a more secure swaddle that your baby has difficulty breaking out of, a sleep sack wrap may be helpful. The adjustable Velcro straps allow you to keep a snug swaddle that fits your baby and stays in place even during a startle. Your baby will feel cozy with the soft cotton fabric but not too hot since the material is lightweight. Each pack comes with three sleep sacks, so you’ll have an easier time keeping up with laundry. These sleep sacks are available in five different color schemes, and two different size ranges so you can find the right fit for our little one.

Cons: They do tend to shrink after washing. The Velcro can be noisy.

Bottom Line: When your baby likes to move or has startle syndrome, they can easily break a traditional or loose swaddle. This sleep sack wrap uses Velcro to keep the swaddle snug and in place.


For Diaper Changes

SwaddleMe Easy Change Swaddle

This swaddle features a design solution that every parent loves for easy diaper changing.

Pros: Keep your baby in a cozy cotton swaddle while you change her diaper. The bottom unzips so you can easily change her diaper while the rest of her stays cozy. The Velcro straps are smaller than others and not as noisy to remove while allowing an adjustable and snug fit. Slits in the back allow you to use them safely in a baby swing or bouncer. This size (0 to 3 months or Stage 1) comes in four colors. After Stage 1, you can continue using this company as your baby grows for Stage 2 and 3.

Cons: The swaddle may fit looser than others.

Bottom Line: The less you have to disturb your baby during her sleep, the easier it can be to get her back to sleep (and you too). This swaddle wrap allows you to keep her upper half cozy while you work your diaper-changing magic.


Best Wearable Blanket

HALO Micro-Fleece Sleep Sack Swaddle

Keep your baby swaddled and cozy while helping them adjust to sleeping on their own.

Pros: A trusted brand among parents and caregivers alike, this sleep sack swaddle gives your baby a snug fit in their upper body but a looser fit below. Plus, this sleep sack provides plenty of room for your baby to grow. The microfleece material is super soft and wicks away moisture from your baby to protect their sensitive skin. This swaddle is also adjustable, so as your baby grows, they can have both arms tucked in, one arm out, or even both arms free, depending on their preferences. The inverted zipper makes nighttime diaper changes easier too. This long-time favorite swaddle solution comes in four sizes and 21 colors.

Cons: The microfleece will get warm for your baby if you use it in a room that’s warmer than 68 degrees.

Bottom Line: Each baby prefers a different way to sleep, and this adjustable sleeper allows both hands to be snug inside, with one hand in or with both hands free. The inverted zipper makes for easy diaper changes, so you get back to sleep faster.


Best Extra Warm

BlueSnail Newborn Receiving Wrap

Give your baby extra warmth during cold weather with this adorable full-body wrap.

Pros: Adorable ears outfit the hood and make it a one-of-a-kind cozy wrap. Sherpa and polyester are safe for your baby’s sensitive skin and make this outfit extra warm for your little one. This cozy wrap comes in six colors and has an adjustable velcro strap for 0 to 3 months. It can also be used as a simple sleep sack or blanket and comes topped with ears for an adorable look.

Cons: Because of the material, this should only be washed by hand. The design is cute but not safe or practical for solving the true problems of newborn sleeping habits.

Bottom Line: This plush, cute wrap makes for a super soft and warm outfit to wear during cold weather. Your baby can easily wear a normal outfit underneath as well.

Final Thoughts

Swaddling your baby is a must for a restful night of sleep. From oversize blankets to adjustable sleep sacks, there’s a safe and cozy solution for every baby. Depending on your baby’s sleeping preferences, you’ll be able to find the right swaddle solution for them so you can both get more restful sleep.

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