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The Best Swim Caps for Keeping Your Hair Dry

Two avid swimmers wearing swim caps

You are an avid swimmer, but you want to keep your hair dry and out of the way when you are out in the water. That is why you need to invest in a swim cap; they protect you from all the chlorine in public and residential pools.

Chlorine is a solvent, which means that it can wreak havoc on your hair. Also, swim caps are now made of silicone material that ensures long-lasting usage, and they make you a lot more hydrodynamic while swimming.

What Should You Look for In Swim Caps?

Here are some of the key features you should consider:

  • Ear and Hair Protection: Many modern swim caps have a design that allows them to fit over your entire head comfortably and with ease. They prevent water from touching your hair or entering your ears without creating too much pressure on your head. Thicker ear pockets also provide extra protection and they feature a dip at the bottom that keeps water out of your cap completely.
  • Silicone Material: Silicone is the ideal material for swim caps because it offers an incredible amount of durability and flexibility. Silicone allows you to make easy adjustments so that the cap fits over your head comfortably. Silicone swim caps can accommodate any hairstyle, whether it’s curls, braids, extensions, twists, dreadlocks or a weave.
  • Hydrodynamic Design: Most swim caps have a design with competitive swimming in mind. Optimized for comfort and protection, most modern swim caps will stay snug on your head, ensuring lower friction. They help you to swim at faster speeds.

Best Overall: Speedo Adult Silicone Swim Cap

A plain Blue speedo cap with the Speedo Logo on its face

This premium swim cap is made of 100% silicone and it effectively protects your hair from chlorinated water. It is also durable, ensuring that you will get a lot of use from it, and it has enough pliability to fit comfortably on your head. The material has an incredibly soft texture, and it won’t pull or tug at any of your hair when you go to remove it.

Best Overall

Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Cap Silicone

This swim cap offers durability and protection that are ideal for everyday usage.

Best for Thick Hair: Dsane Extra-Large Swimming Cap

Black swim cap on a women with lots of hair

This large-capacity swim cap is perfect for anyone with voluminous hair. It can accommodate any hairstyle, from curls to dreadlocks to afros. Your hair will always sit comfortably inside the swim cap without falling out. Made entirely of silicone, it also offers protection for your hair while swimming in chlorinated water.

Best for Kids: Aegend Swim Cap for Ages 2-12

Pink and white childs swim cap, with a blow and green childs swim cap

Your children also need protection when swimming in chlorinated public pools. This swim cap is made of premium silicone, ensuring optimal durability and protection. It also has an ergonomic design for a hassle-free and comfortable fit, and the inside of the cap is anti-slip, so it stays snug on your child’s head. It is also very pliable, making it suitable for short and long hair.

Best for Kids

Aegend Kids Swim Cap (Age 2-4), 2 Pack, Pink & Green

This swim cap is the perfect option for young kids.

Best Reto Style: Beemo Latex Swim Cap

A black textured swim cap with three light colored flowers on it

This old-school swim cap comes in many different colors and other unique features. It offers all the necessary protection to keep your ears and hair dry while swimming in chlorinated water. It’s comfortable for most adults, and it is made of stretchy latex material. You can easily have fun all day at the beach with this swim cap!

Best Hood: Synergy Swim Cap with Hood

A black swim cap that wraps around your chin and head

This snug-fitting swim cap protects your entire head. It also comes with a neoprene chin strap, and you can use it for various activities other than swimming. This includes diving, surfing and triathlons. This swim cap also provides ideal heat retention and insulation for optimal comfort.

Best Hood

Synergy Swim Cap - Neoprene Swim Hood (S/M)

This swim cap covers your entire head, ensuring better protection.

Best with Ear Protection: Vsidea Silicone Swim Cap 

A woman wearing a swim cap that has extra pocket space for your ears.

Ear protection is something to consider when shopping for swim caps. The 3-dimensional stereo design of this particular cap offers a comfortable fit, ensuring that it will remain snug on your head while swimming. Made of durable silicone material, you can make adjustments so that your cap doesn’t feel too tight or too loose.

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