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The Best Swim Fins for Your Next Underwater Adventure

 Underwater kids' legs with fins on feet in swimming pool

Whether you’re just learning to swim or are an aquatic aficionado, every swimmer could benefit from a good pair of swim fins. The right pair will help you swim faster, encourage the development of proper technique, and even improve your overall cardiovascular health. Swim fins come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and technique-enhancing builds, so you’ll never have trouble finding a pair that fits your needs. Here are some fantastic swim fins that we highly recommend!

Buying Swim Fins

Here are some factors that you should look into:

  • Materials: To ensure your swim fins will actually enhance your aquatic experience, you need to invest in a pair that are crafted with high-quality materials. Make sure to look for fins that are made with natural rubber, polypropylene, or silicone, as these materials are waterproof, naturally buoyant, and will provide a supportive yet comfortable base for your foot.
  • Blade Length: Before purchasing swim fins, you should know which blade length will best suit your needs. Long blades are best for swimmers looking to create long strokes, increase their swim speed, and get the best underwater workout. If you are a casual swimmer looking to develop the proper technique without becoming fatigued, you should invest in swim fins with a short blade.

Best for Speed: Speedo Switchblade Swim Fins

black and red swim fins on a white background

If you’re looking to increase your underwater speed, you should check out these swim fins! The fins are engineered with a unique 10-degree blade angle that keeps your legs stable and engaged throughout the entire kick cycle. This design allows you to increase your speed without having to sacrifice proper technique. The fins are made with high-quality 100% rubber that is durable yet lightweight. They feature extended foot pockets for added comfort and mid-foot flex points that help to eliminate cramping, meaning you’ll never get tired of using these fins.

Best for Speed

Speedo unisex adult Swim Training Switchblade Fin, Black/Red, XL - Men s Shoe size 11-12 Women Shoe 13-14 US

These fins feature extended foot pockets for comfort and mid-foot flex points that help eliminate cramping.

Best for Kids: FINIS Kids Fishtail Fins

an adult helping a child put on yellow swim fins underwater

These fins are designed to promote confidence in young swimmers: they feature a fun fishtail design that propels swimmers forward with even the tiniest of kicks. The fins are crafted with naturally buoyant rubber designed to help your child float in the water and provide a soft, flexible fit for a wide range of shoe sizes. They come with an adjustable foot strap that ensures a secure fit and can be widened as your child grows. The fins have an open-heel-and-toe structure that increases the range of motion to provide a comfortable swimming experience.

Best for Kids

FINIS Kids Fishtail 2 Fins, Yellow, US Junior 6-11

These fins are crafted with naturally buoyant rubber that is designed to help your child float in the water.

Best for Fitness: Aqua Sphere Zip VX Fitness Swim Fins

blue and black swim fins on a white background

Swimming is a low-impact, entertaining way to exercise and burn calories. If you want to upgrade your underwater fitness goals, you should check out these swim fins. They are designed to enhance cardiovascular conditioning and increase ankle flexibility, giving you a more efficient workout. By helping you gradually build leg strength, these fins increase caloric burn through the use of your larger leg muscles. The fins are designed to use your natural kicking motion to create a springboard effect that increases swim speed and encourages proper swimming position. They come with adjustable buckles that allow you to customize the fit to your comfort level. Whether you are a nautical novice or an aquatic aficionado, you are going to love these fins.

Best for Fitness

Aqua Sphere Zip VX Fitness Swim Fins, Blue/Grey, Medium

These fins are designed to give you a more efficient workout by enhancing cardiovascular conditioning and increasing ankle flexibility.

Best Monofin: Fin Fun Mermaid Monofin for Kids and Adults

a black monofin with turquoise accents on the tail

Have you ever wanted to swim around like a mermaid? This monofin is here to help: it creates a natural mermaid/dolphin motion to propel you through the water with more agility and speed than traditional fins. It features a polypropylene fin and dive-grade neoprene foot pockets that are comfortable and supportive; the tips of the monofin have also been coated in neoprene for an extra layer of durability. The monofin was designed with safety in mind: it comes with an engineered Quick Release Method that allows you to easily remove the fin without having to bend over and use your hands. This monofin will make a unique addition to your underwater adventure.

Most Color Options: Gintenco Swim Fins with Travel Bag

black swim fins on a white background

These fins feature a shorter, wider blade designed to reduce fatigue by making it easier to kick in the water. The shorter blade doesn’t require as much power with each stroke, which puts less pressure on the leg muscles. The fins are crafted with durable silicone that is flexible and supports your feet throughout the kick cycle. They come in 13 colors and with technique-focused side rails that encourage you to develop a proper kick that starts at your hips, not your knees. The fins have an open-toe and open-ankle design that makes them super comfortable to wear for long periods of time. You are sure to get the most bang for your buck with these high-quality swim fins.

Most Color Options

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