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The Best Swim Gloves for Improved Water Sporting

An athletic male swimmer in pool with swim paddles on each hand.

Swimming is one of the best full-body exercises, and swim gloves can make it even better! They create more resistance against the water as well as added protection and warmth in some cases. Swim gloves are designed to give a better workout for swimmers in the back, arms, chest, and shoulders. Here are some of the best swimmer gloves for your next water sporting adventure!

What to Consider When Purchasing Swim Gloves

When it comes to choosing the right pair of swim gloves, there are a few things to take into consideration to make sure you get the best pair for you:

  • Resistance: Some gloves will offer more than others, so choose a resistance that feels comfortable for you. From a starting stage to more advanced or heavier resistance, it should feel comfortable and provide the correct pressure for your exercise.
  • Closure: Some gloves will completely cover your hand, while others will offer more of a paddle shape.
  • Warmth: Not all swim gloves offer tough water resistance for swimming. Some are for added warmth, such as for cold-water fishing or diving. If this is the type of water sport you plan on doing, make sure the gloves are accommodating!
  • Adjustable Wrist: Adjustable wrist closures are great for keeping sand out and the glove on and in place comfortably.
  • Grip: If you are planning on using the glove while doing other activities such as kayaking or fishing, it’s important to make sure the gloves offer some sort of grip. You will see this most commonly in the form of a rubber pattern that won’t make your hand slippery as soon as it gets wet.

Most Popular: TAGVO Aquatic Gloves

A hand wearing black webbed finder swim glove with fingertips exposed.

Made of 100% neoprene, these gloves are ideal for swimmers looking to tone and strengthen muscles. Featuring webbed fingers, these gloves allow for smoother water movement and a more comfortable full-body workout. They have adjustable Velcro straps at the wrist to keep the gloves on in the water and make them easy to wear. They also feature a finger-out design that makes them more breathable and flexible for added comfort and increased propulsion.

Most Popular

Best Wetsuit Style: NEOPSKIN Water Gloves

A full-finger neoprene warm swim glove.

Ideal for just about any water sport from diving and snorkeling to boating and fishing and lots of other things in between, these gloves are skin-friendly with premium neoprene to protect your hands while also keeping them warm. They have an adjustable wrist strap to tightly cover your wrist and a rubber palm for an anti-slip grip. These gloves offer a conforming fit, all with a flexible feel for whatever water adventure you take next.

Best Wetsuit Style

Best Full-Finger Webbing: DarkFin Webbed Power Swimming Gloves

Multiple viewpoints of a webbed finger full-hand-coverage swim glove.

Get ready to dive, swim, and paddle like you never did before! These gloves have been designed with the swimmer in mind. In a nano cellular bonding process that creates seamless finger webbing without stitches or glue. Made of 100% true natural latex, these gloves will feel like a second skin with an incredible fit that keeps water out and keeps you swimming. By creating a unique 3D web profile, these gloves will allow for up to a 70% increase in surface area when compared to the bare hand while still allowing for the movement of each finger. There is even a cotton-flocked finish to make sure you can keep your grip!

Most Color Option: BPS Water Gloves

A palm view of a swim glove with rubber patterned grips.

Available in a full range of colors and even a few prints, these gloves are made from double-lined neoprene with glued and stitched seams. They offer a rubberized palm grip pattern to help you keep your grip and an adjustable wrist strap for all-around comfort, warmth, and protection. Ideal for just about anything, including snorkeling, surfing, sailing, kayaking, or diving, these gloves are designed to keep your hands safe while never feeling as though they are overly tight.

Best Paddle: SantTop Contour Swim Paddles Hand

A set of white swim paddles with back straps.

Made with a convex design, these hand paddles will provide increased traction while offering drainage holes and water channels to keep you comfortable. Ideal for even beginners, these lightweight paddles offer a low-impact experience that builds muscle safely while helping to improve your swimming skills and speed. The straps are adjustable and made of a comfortable silicone material that won’t hinder blood flow in your palm. The PC material of the paddle itself is durable and not easy to bend.

Best Paddle

Contour Swim Paddles Hand, Swim Training Hand Paddles with Adjustable Straps, Swimming Hand Paddles for Women and Men

Soft and comfortable silicone straps and a durable paddles to improve swimming.

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