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The Best Swimming Pool Balls for Fun in the Water

kids playing in the pool running after a purple ball on the surface of the water

Swimming pool balls are must-have toys for the beach, lake, or any pool party. They’re delightful, colorful components that help transform an already pleasurable experience of being in the water into interactive, spirited games. Ready to pick a ball? There are so many versions of the classic, it may be tough to decide, but here are some we recommend.

Buying a Ball for the Pool

Take a moment to consider the following:

  • Who: So who’s going to play with the swimming pool ball. Some balls are great for everyone, others are designed for dogs, and others are for kids.
  • What: Are you looking for that classic beach ball or a ball designed for pool game activities? LED pool balls are popular now, too, for parties or decoration. What do you want in a ball?
  • Where: Is your family going to the beach for the weekend? Do you own a pool and want a ball to last all summer long? It matters where you take it because different locations call for different features. Don’t take an underwater ball to a beach with rough waves, for example, or you may lose it.

Best Classic: 4E’s Novelty Beach Ball

Little girl in red swimsuit, smiling with beach ball

Behold the iconic summer beach ball! It’s great for kids, but almost everyone loves playing with this large 20-inch rainbow ball. Remember testing the strength of your lungs to blow the thing up as a kid? You can relive that or give your lungs a rest with a hand pump. The material is high-quality, and the seams are tight, making it a durable, fun toy for any sunny setting.

Best Classic

Best Underwater Ball: Watermelon Ball Ultimate Swimming Pool

Two watermelon balls, packaging shown on the left
Watermelon Ball

What’s the point of a watermelon ball if you can’t eat it? Well, this ball is essential for a hardcore basketball-like underwater game. You fill it with water instead of air so that it sinks. But that’s just the start! You and your buddies can bounce, dribble, pass, and toss the watermelon. It’s awesome because you can make the rules!

Best Underwater Ball

Watermelon Ball Pool Toys for Adults and Family - 2 Pack of 6 1/2" & 9" Pool Ball for Kids, Teens, Everyone - Swimming Pool Games, Water Football, Tag, Diving & Beach Ball Play - Fun Pool Accessories

The watermelon ball is simply way more fun than the average swimming pool ball---or watermelon. You fill it with water and play games underwater!

Best Light-Up: Bangjiler LED Swimming Pool Balls

Several large illuminated colorful beach balls

Any colorful LED product is cool, but these 16-inch swimming pool balls are unreal. Using the remote control, you select from 13 color-changing modes! These lighted pool balls can be used decoratively for any kind of party and as pool toys. Kids and adults can enjoy playing with these colorful balls day and night.

Best for Dogs: YUSENPET Indestructible Pool Ball for Dogs

Cute dog playing with red ball

Built to withstand the harsh clamping of dog teeth, this rubber ball will keep your dog entertained, especially if you play along! It’s buoyant and bouncy, perfect for a game of fetch in the pool. The ball is 2.6 inches in diameter and made from PVC rubber.

Best for Dogs

YUSEN Tough Rubber Bouncy Tennis Ball, Floatable Retrieve Chew Toy Virtually Indestructible for Dogs Water Swimming Pool Play, Tennis Size, 2.6 Inch (Red)

Swimming pool balls are for dogs, too, especially this tough and buoyant rubber ball. There's no way your dog can tear it up.

Best for Kids: PAMASE Splash Balls

Pile of colorful, patterned splash balls

Have time for a swimming pool game? Good, because this 12-piece set of splash balls is ready to play! Well, first you need to submerge them, but then they’re ready to toss, water bomb, or pass underwater. They’re made of foam so that no one gets hurt. The splash balls are 3 inches in diameter and covered in decorative fabric. They’re fun for all, even the dog!

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