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The Best Swivel Bar Stools

🕚 Updated November 2021

Stools of all sorts are a pretty common mainstay at bars, diners, and restaurants. Many people buy them for convenient seating at a home bar or kitchen countertop.

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  Best Black Leather Foam Seat Cushion Best Retro Design Classic Design Luxury Choice
  Leopard Outdoor Products
Square Swivel Bar Stools
Augusta Bar Height Swivel Stool
Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools Set
Torin Swivel Bar Stool
Swivel Bar Stools Set
Our SummaryA pair of plush faux leather bar stools with supportive backs and a convenient footrest for maximum comfort.A sturdy swivel bar stool with a high back that is every bit as comfortable as it is aesthetically pleasing.A pair of classically designed swivel bar stools that will nonetheless suit just about any kitchen decor.A quintessential swivel bar stool that allows you to bring a little piece of your favorite diner or bar into your home.A value set of four swivel bar stools with that will add a touch of lavishness to your kitchen or home bar.
ProsSet of two, multiple color choices, height adjustable, easy to assemble.Multiple style and colors choices, three height options, hardwood construction, padded back.Good height adjustment range, unique lumbar-supportive design, won't scratch floors, high weight capacity.Anti-slip, resistant to rust and corrosion, thick and dense foam cushion.Attractive appearance, sturdy iron frame, tall back, full footrest, good value, two quantity options.
ConsFootrest doesn't extend 360 degrees, squeaky.Individual stools only, not height adjustable, longer assembly time.Shorter backs, no color variety, half-sized footrest, less durable body.No back support, not height adjustable, not sold in pairs or sets, lower priced.Slightly lower weight capacity, one color and design option, less thick cushion, not height adjustable.
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The Best Swivel Bar Stools

A kitchen bar with two bar stools with decorative backs and upholstered seats.

Stools are a better choice than standard chairs for these parts of the home since they’re taller than standard chairs. Since bars and kitchen countertops are taller than most tables, stools are better suited for these spaces. Many people purchase bar stools specifically, as they’re taller and have higher seats on average than standard or countertop stools. And one type of bar stool that is incredibly popular is the swivel bar stool, a type of stool where the seat spins around in a complete 360-degree circle. If you’re looking for a new set of swivel bar stools for your home, here are a few that we recommend.

Buying Guide for Swivel Bar Stools

two orange swivel bar stools with metal bases and black seat cushions
Vietnam Stock Images/Shutterstock.com

Why buy swivel bar stools?

A swivel bar stool may not seem like it brings much to the table (if you’ll excuse the pun), but they can actually be quite a handy and functional addition to your home bar. For starters, they’re easier to get on and off of than regular stools. Swivel bar stools can actually help protect your floors since you, your family, roommate(s), and guests can rotate the stool’s seat around instead of pushing the stool back from the bar or counter in order to climb down or get in. If the stool isn’t getting pushed backward, its feet won’t scrape your floors and thus won’t scratch or damage them. This may help preserve the integrity of the stools’ feet as well. Many people also appreciate the fact that they can spin around and face someone talking to them, no matter where that person is standing.

Swivel bar stools do come in many designs and styles, so don’t think you’re limited just to a classic round, backless, diner-style model. They can be quite decorative and colorful and be matched to a wide range of home decors. And, of course, swivel bar stools are just plain fun to spin around on. If you have kids at home, they’ll likely get a kick out of twisting and turning on your new stools.

What should you look for in swivel bar stools?

  • Height: Perhaps the most important factor in picking a swivel bar stool is how tall it is. Your new stool or stools won’t do you much good if they’re too short for you to comfortably reach your countertop or bar. They also won’t be great if they’re so tall that you’re hitting your knees against the countertop or hunched over while eating or drinking. Like regular bar stools, most swivel bar stools are generally between 24 and 30 inches high, though there are some taller ones out there, too. You’ll likely want to measure the area where you plan to stash your swivel bar stools to figure out the right height for your space. Also be sure you don’t get the stools’ seat height mixed up with their total height. Also keep an eye out for height-adjustable models; these are extra handy since different individuals can tweak the stool’s height to comfortably accommodate them.
  • Comfort: No one wants to be uncomfortable while sitting, eating, or drinking. You may not think of bar stools as the coziest piece of furniture, but there are a few features you can look for that ensure a comfier swivel bar stool. Some have quite thick cushions or dense foam padding to ensure a softer seat. Many have footrests that give you a convenient and more comfortable place to rest your feet instead of having to balance them awkwardly on the floor or swinging in midair. There are also quite a few swivel bar stools that have some sort of back to provide you with something to lean against and offer back support. Models with armrests are a bit harder to find, but they do exist.
  • Quantity: Buying in bulk tends to be more cost-effective in the long run, and swivel bar stools are no exception. Thus, it’s generally better to buy swivel bar stools in sets when possible; unless you’re buying a replacement for an old or broken one, have a very small kitchen space, or want to mix and match different styles, odds are good you’re going to be buying multiple swivel bar stools anyway. Many models are sold either in pairs or sets of four. Larger sets are rarer but definitely not impossible to find. It helps to know ahead of time how many swivel bar stools you want for your living area so that you can keep an eye out for a set with the quantity you need.

What type of material is best for swivel bar stools?

Most swivel bar stools will be made out of plastic, wood, or metal. Metal tends to be considered the best option overall. It’s the strongest and most durable of these three materials, and thus holds up the best against wear and tear. You’ll likely get the longest-lasting use out of a set of metal swivel bar stools. However, they may not be the comfiest and they tend to be squeakier than other materials. Also be sure to look for a rust-resistant model. Wood is the next most durable material, it won’t rust, and many people like its warmer aesthetic as compared to metal. Just be sure that you look for wooden swivel bar stools made out of hardwood or pinewood, rather than MDF or particleboard as these woods aren’t as strong. If you do opt for a plastic model, be sure it’s extremely high-quality and sturdy plastic, though these stools still won’t be as strong, durable, or stable as metal or wood.

Our Picks for the Best Swivel Bar Stools for Your Home

Best Black Leather

Leopard Outdoor Products Square Swivel Bar Stools

A pair of plush faux leather bar stools with supportive backs for maximum comfort.

Pros: You get a two-for-one deal with these swivel bar stools, as they’re sold in pairs rather than individually. Both stools are height adjustable between 24 and 31.5 inches, so it’s a simple matter to alter them to the proper height for your counter or home bar. You can better match these stools to your home by way of color, too; if the standard black PU leather doesn’t suit your decor or you’d prefer to explore all your options, these stools come in 22 other colors. You shouldn’t have an issue finding the right shade for your living space.

Cons: While these swivel bar stools do have a nice little footrest where you can comfortably rest your feet, it isn’t as extensive as those on other stools. The footrest bar only stretches around about half the stool’s base rather than the full 360 degrees. So, if you ever spin your stool around to face backward, you’re not going to have a place to comfortably rest your feet. Many users also find that these stools tend to squeak when you move or shift on them, especially if you move side-to-side.

Bottom Line: A lot of swivel bar stools, with or without backs, tend to come in circular shapes. This pair of stools, however, have a more unique square shape, similar to most regular chairs. Some people may find these stools more comfortable for that reason. And with a 250-pound weight capacity, they should be able to support most full-grown adults. As long as you don’t mind some squeaking and the less extensive footrest, these swivel bar stools will be a comfy addition to your kitchen or home bar.

Foam Seat Cushion

Boraam Augusta Bar Height Swivel Stool

A sturdy swivel bar stool with a high back that's every bit as comfortable as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Pros: While most swivel bar stools offer a decent selection in terms of colors, this model goes above and beyond when it comes to stylistic choices. It comes in an impressive 19 different styles and three different height options. These styles can range from slight differences in the design or height of the stool’s back to more intricate or studded designs to models with armrests, and more. Thus it’s that much easier to find a style that perfectly suits and enhances your home decor, whether you plan to place your new stool in the kitchen, basement bar, or another room. This swivel bar stool doesn’t lack color options, either. There are 24 colors available; note that these color choices tend to refer to the color of the wooden frame, though the cushion color may change depending on which wood color you pick. Not all of the benefits of the bar stool are aesthetically based, either. The frame is made of hardwood, which is stronger and more durable than plywood, MDF, or particleboard. The supportive back comes padded for extra comfort.

Cons: For the most part, this stool isn’t available as part of a set. A few styles can be bought in pairs; otherwise, you’ll have to buy each stool individually. This can be handy if you need to buy an odd number of stools (since sets are usually sold in even numbers). However, purchasing individual stools is less cost-effective than buying them as part of a set, so if you need more than one stool, be prepared to pay more money for a complete set. This stool also doesn’t have the typical height adjustment lever that many contemporary models tend to come with. Be sure to measure your bar or countertop’s height and make sure you know which of the three height options will fit your bar area properly; if you buy the wrong height, you’re out of luck. Also keep in mind that this stool will require some assembly. This isn’t so unusual for most furniture, but it will likely take you a bit longer to put together than other similar models. The tools and parts come included, but you may want to ensure you have your own tools on hand as they may prove more effective.

Bottom Line: You shouldn’t have trouble picking out a version of this stool that perfectly suits your decor. With a truly impressive array of designs and color choices, there’s a stool for almost every style and taste. As long as you don’t mind buying the proper amount of stools you need individually or the lack of height adjustment, this swivel bar stool offers the ideal balance of comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Best Retro Design

SUPERJARE Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools Set

A pair of classically designed swivel bar stools that will suit just about any kitchen decor.

Pros: Height-adjustable swivel bar stools are a nice plus, especially for households where the members have a wide variety of heights; a stool that’s the right height for a 6-foot person isn’t going to work as well for someone who is 5 feet tall, and vice versa. This particular pair of swivel bar stools offer a nice height range of 33 to 42.5 inches, wider than that of many similar models. They also offer an above-average weight capacity. Each stool is capable of supporting up to 350 pounds each, about 100 pounds more than most swivel bar stools. And the wide base is designed to be gentle on your floors to reduce the risk of scratching them as you move or spin. Most notable, however, is the unique design of the seats. While they may look slightly unusual, they serve a very specific and useful purpose. This design provides greater back support, taking pressure off your lumbar region. Thus, these swivel bar stools are especially accommodating for those with bad backs.

Cons: While these swivel bar stools do have backs, they aren’t super tall. So the unique design provides great support for your lower back but less so for your upper back. You may also find them less comfortable if you’re someone who likes to lean backward in your seat. Furthermore, they don’t offer multiple color options the way many other similar models do. The retro brown shade is the only option, so these swivel bar stools won’t match every home decor style or color scheme. And they are made out of plastic rather than hardwood or metal, so they aren’t quite as durable or sturdy as these other materials. Also bear in mind that the footrests don’t extend the full 360 degrees around the stools’ base; they’re only located at the front.

Bottom Line: If you have a retro-style bar, this pair of swivel bar stools will fit in well with your decor. The wide range of height adjustment, a range of almost a full 10 inches, makes it easier for family members and guests of all sizes to alter the stool to the perfect height for their personal needs. Since these stools are on the taller side, they’re an especially good choice for those with taller bars or countertops. And the specialized design is great for people prone to back pain, as these bar stools can help to relieve it. If you have a shorter bar or home decor that doesn’t match the brown color, you’ll want to pass on these particular stools but otherwise, you’ll love the extra support they offer.

Classic Design

BIG RED Torin Swivel Bar Stool

A quintessential swivel bar stool that allows you to bring a little piece of your favorite diner or bar into your home.

Pros: Reminiscent of classic restaurants and diners, this little swivel bar stool is much sturdier than its smaller frame and height suggest. The cushion is nice and thick, made of extremely dense foam padding for extra comfort. The chrome-plated frame not only provides a sleek and shiny look but is anti-corrosion and anti-rust, ensuring that you can clean them easily and use them for an outdoor and/or pool bar if you so desire. The rubber hats on the base’s feet ensure that they won’t slip and slide around as you’re swiveling and turning. They also help to protect your floor or deck from scratches. And it’s lower priced than many individual swivel bar stools.

Cons: If you prefer bar stools that offer back support, you’ll want to look elsewhere, as this particular stool is completely open-faced. It doesn’t have a back at all. If you have a bad back or are prone to lumbar pain, this isn’t going to be the swivel bar stool for you. It also lacks a height adjustment lever that allows you to raise or lower the stool, so if its 28-inch height is too short for your bar or counter, you’re out of luck. And you will have to buy each stool individually. There aren’t any pairs or sets. The lower price of this stool means that this isn’t as pricey an endeavor as some other stools, but it is still less cost-effective than buying a set.

Bottom Line: This swivel bar stool, while great for its appointed task, isn’t necessarily relegated to your kitchen or bar area. It works great in garages, workshops, and desks. It’s also a great option for someone with a table that is on the shorter side or if you’re especially tall and find that higher bar stools tend to boost you up too high. However, if you have a bad back or posture, you’ll probably want to opt for a swivel bar stool that offers some degree of back support, which this model conspicuously lacks.

Luxury Choice

COSTWAY Swivel Bar Stools Set

A value set of four swivel bar stools with that will add a touch of lavishness to your kitchen or home bar.

Pros: Whether you buy these swivel bar stools as a pair or in a set of four, you know you’re getting a good bang for your buck. Each stool in the set is made with a sturdy iron base with an intricate metal design on the backs to enhance their already pretty appearance. They also all come equipped with a footrest that wraps around the entire base, so no matter which angle you spin your stool or direction you face, you’ll be able to comfortably rest your feet in one convenient spot. The backs are nice and tall as well, providing support for your upper and lower back while sitting.

Cons: Even though the iron frames are nice and strong, these stools do have a slightly lower-than-average weight capacity. While they can technically support up to 250 pounds, this may be pushing it a bit; 200-230 pounds is closer to the weight limit for these bar stools. They also don’t have a plush or foam-based cushion as compared to many other similar models, so they may be less comfortable in the seat. You won’t be able to raise or lower the seat, and if the deep brown and red color scheme doesn’t match your home decor, you’re unfortunately out of luck.

Bottom Line: These swivel bar stools are a fantastic blend of beauty and function. The intricate design of the backs coupled with the deep brown iron frame, rich dark reddish seats, and gently curved legs paint a pretty picture no matter which room you plan to display and use them in. The tall backs and full footrests ensure greater comfort, while the iron frame provides durable strength. As long as you don’t mind a less plush cushion and the color scheme matches your home, prepare to impress your guests with these lovely swivel bar stools.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for new stools for your personal home bar or to eat breakfast on while sitting at your kitchen countertop, a nice set of swivel bar stools is a great option. They’re the ideal balance of fun, comfortable, and practical and can offer great decorative and supportive features, too.

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