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The Best Table Number Holders

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🕚 Updated July 2023

If you've ever been to a wedding, you've probably seen table number holders in action. These simple items sit atop the table to display the number that each table has been assigned. Here are some we recommend for your next event.

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  Top Choice Best Rustic Choice Cute Design Tallest Choice Best Double-Sided
Mini Place Card Holders
Rustic Wood Place Card Holders
10pcs Table Number Holder Stands
Urban Deco
Steel Table Card Holders
Acrylic Gold Frame Table Number Holders
Our SummaryAn affordable set of classic, no-nonsense, yet still attractive gold wire table number holders.With their swirly wire heads and wooden bark bases, these table number holders are the ideal choice for rustic-style weddings.Bring a little extra cuteness to your wedding or event table settings with these heart-shaped table number holders.Thanks to the extra-long necks of these understate table number holders, your guests won't have any problems finding their assigned table.These more unique holders will fully frame and encompass your table numbers for a more secure fit.
Pros✓ Good value
✓ Cute design
✓ Surprisingly sturdy
✓ Wide base
✓ Cute rustic style
✓ High quantity
✓ Paper slips included
✓ Real wood
✓ Cute and elegant design
✓ Can also hold photos, signs, and cards
✓ Set of 10
✓ Sturdy yet lightweight and easy to transport
✓ Wide decorative base
✓ Comes with a reusable zip closure bag for storage
✓ Tall
✓ Multiple color options
✓ Sturdy steel body
✓ Match most styles
✓ Several sizes
✓ Two color options
✓ Double-sided
✓ Acrylic screen included
Cons✗ Short
✗ No alternate colors
✗ Too lightweight for outdoor use✗ May need to be secured
to table to prevent tipping
✗ May become intertwined with each other during transport
✗ Pricier
✗ Less decorative
✗ Expensive
✗ Some assembly required
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The Best Table Number Holders

Decorated table bride and groom with flasks for candles, flowers, candles and candlesticks and number of the table.
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Buying Guide for Table Number Holders

Floral decor in a jar on the table for the wedding ceremony.
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Why buy table number holders?

Wedding tables, in particular, tend to be fraught with wine glasses and centerpieces, which makes it all too easy for table numbers to get lost or swallowed up in a crowded table setting. And even if the table number is placed at the edge of the table, it’ll likely be hard for people to spot from certain sides or angles. If the number is printed on a simple slip of paper, it may not stand upright on its own, either. This is where table number holders come in. They grip or hold the table number upright so it doesn’t fall over, fall off the table, or get lost in the shuffle. Extra-tall models can elevate the numbers over top of the other table settings and decorations so anyone can see them from any side or angle. Some even provide a sleeve or frame with a glass or acrylic cover to prevent the number from getting dirty, stained or ripped. Table number holders can also be as simple or elaborate, monochromatic or colorful as you like to fit a wedding or event’s theme, adding to the table settings’ overall look and decoration.

What should you look for in table number holders?

  • Size: Table numbers cards are usually relatively small (3×5 inches or 4×6 inches or 5×7 inches), and most holders will be able to support these standard sizes. Still, if you have tiny table numbers, you may want to opt for smaller holders so everything is proportionate or find something larger if you have extra-large number cards. And if you opt for frame-style holders, you’ll have to make sure the dimensions fit the number cards perfectly. Also, keep in mind how tall the holders are, especially if you want to ensure they can be seen over the table settings and decorations. Most will be somewhere between 8 to 12 inches tall, but shorter and taller models are also available.
  • Design: The standard model is a tall, slim, usually metal holder with a rounded clip at the end to hold the number. These simple models will serve their purpose wonderfully, and they can be mounted on a base for further decoration or come in many different metallic colors. There are plenty of picture frame-style holders, which are nice because they offer an extra layer of protection and can be reused for actual photos after the wedding. If your wedding has rustic or farmhouse-style decorations, there are wooden and metal options to better fit your theme.
  • Quantity: While they’re almost always sold in packs, keep in mind that, depending on the set of holders in question, the number of holders per set may not align perfectly with however many you need. They’re often sold in packs of 10, 12, and 16, but smaller sets aren’t unheard of either. You may buy more than one set and thus end up with, say, 24 holders when you only need 22—though having a few extra on hand isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Where can you use table number holders other than weddings?

Though they’re commonly featured at weddings, there are plenty of other places where table number holders come in handy. Any event, such as a charity dinner, that involves a big, fancy meal will tend to have table numbers and holders so guests can easily find their seats. They’re especially useful if the meal is served buffet-style—guests can be called up to serve themselves by table number. If you often entertain at home, you may also find uses for table number holders at dinner parties or get-togethers; you can always use them to hold cards that label certain dishes or your guests’ names if you want everyone to sit in an assigned seat. If you tend to be the family host for the holidays, you’ll likely find holders useful for these same purposes at big family dinners.

Our Picks for the Best Table Number Holders

Top Choice

Jofefe Mini Place Card Holders

An affordable set of classic, no-nonsense, yet still attractive gold wire table number holders.

Pros: If you’re planning on smaller wedding table numbers or want holders that are aesthetically pleasing but won’t take up too much space, you can’t go wrong with these miniature table number holders. They have the classic table number holder shape, with double loops and a cute, swirled base design for a little bit of a fancier decorative look. The base is also nice and wide to provide greater stability for each holder. And despite their small size, you will be surprised at how sturdy they are with the wider base and the metal wire. On top of all of this, you get 20 pieces for an inexpensive price for more bang for your buck, which is always a helpful factor when wedding planning.

Cons: Nice-looking as they are, these are miniature holders. They’re recommended for 4×6-inch table number cards and smaller—they probably won’t be able to support anything larger, and they aren’t especially tall or long-necked.

Bottom Line: This cute little golden set will look great with any classic wedding decor with a slightly updated design of the traditional table number holder shape. They’ll do their job admirably and with surprising sturdiness for their size without taking up any undue room on the wedding tables.


Best Rustic Choice

Winlyn Rustic Wood Place Card Holders

With their swirly wire heads and wooden bark bases, these table number holders are the ideal choice for rustic-themed weddings and events.

Pros: From the swirled wire heads to the bases made from 100% real dried wood and bark, sanded to resemble tree stumps, these table number holders are excellent for rustic, farmhouse, and similarly themed weddings. In addition to their considerably cute and natural appearance, these holders provide an amazing bang for your buck. Not only do you receive 30 holders per set, more than enough to cover all the tables at most weddings, but 30 kraft paper cards with a laurel leaf print also come included. This means that you not only have to pay less for your table numbers, but you know that the cards will fit the table holders and match their look—and, by extension, match the rest of your wedding decorations as well.

Cons:  They’re pretty lightweight and thus easily knocked over, so these may be best for indoor receptions.

Bottom Line: Rustic and farmhouse-style weddings are an extremely popular trend, and if you plan on decorating your special day with such a theme, you’ll want table number holders that match the rest of your decor. Thankfully, these adorable tree-like holders were designed specifically to pair with these sorts of wedding themes.


Cute Design

Jofefe 10pcs Table Number Holder Stands

Bring a little extra cuteness to your wedding or event table settings with these heart-shaped table number holders.

Pros: Cute, versatile, and elegant, these heart-shaped table number holders will add a touch of love-themed charm to your wedding or Valentine’s Day dinner. Suitable for holding photos, signs, or cards as well as table numbers, these holders come in a set of 10 that are just the right size to hold 5×7 or 4×6 table numbers, cards, and/or photos securely. The wide, swirled wire base adds to their stability while providing an extra decorative touch. The holders are sturdy and reliable yet lightweight and easy to transport. They also come with a reusable zip-closure bag for convenient storage and transportation, ensuring they remain in pristine condition for future use.

Cons: While the lighter weight of these table number holders is handy for transportation, it also means they tip over more easily; you may want to secure them to the table with tape, especially if the reception is outside. They may become intertwined during transport, meaning they’ll have to be untangled during setup.

Bottom Line: Weddings are often elaborate, highly decorative affairs, even to the most minute details. These heart-shaped table number holders will add a small decorative touch to your reception and will match just about any wedding theme or style.


Tallest Choice

Urban Deco Steel Table Card Holders

Thanks to the extra-long necks of these table number holders, your guests won't have any problems finding their assigned table.

Pros: At 12 inches tall, these traditionally shaped table number holders are the choice for ensuring that your table numbers will be easy to spot over and amongst table settings, centerpieces, and any other decorative items. Non-fussy and no-nonsense, the classic shape and the solid, single metallic color can match any wedding theme or style, especially since these holders come in four colors that match most classic wedding hues. There’s even a matte silver option if you want something less shiny and metallic. Alternatively, you can easily spray paint them to whichever color you want. And since these holders are made entirely of stainless steel, from the top loop to the wide rounded base, they’re durable and will work equally well in indoor and outdoor venues.

Cons: These holders are a touch on the simple side, so even with the different color options, and though you get 16 holders per set, they are a bit more expensive.

Bottom Line: If ensuring that your table numbers are clearly visible is the most important factor to you, this set of classic table number holders will suit your needs admirably. Though simple, they’re shiny and metallic, so they’ll look sleek and aesthetically pleasing no matter which color you pick.


Best Double-Sided

HIIMIEI Acrylic Gold Frame Table Number Holders

These more unique holders will fully frame and encompass your table numbers for a more secure fit.

Pros: Frame-style table number holders are great for protective purposes. They’re available in several different sizes, two standard options and one slightly larger, rather than a single size, making it easier to find a set that can hold your table numbers. Even more noteworthy is that they’re double-sided—if you want to print the table number on both sides of the card or display the menu, drink options, or a message for your guests on the back of the table number, you can do so with this frame. The acrylic screen and a stabilizing base come with your purchase for greater protection and sturdiness, and the frame is available in gold or silver.

Cons: These frame table number holders are a bit pricier, especially since you only get six frames per set, which is definitely on the lower quantity side. Also be sure not to wait until the day of the wedding to set up these table numbers, as they require some assembly.

Bottom Line: If you’re concerned about your table numbers becoming damaged or ripped or bent by mistake, a set of frame-style table number holders tend to be a good option since they provide a bit of extra protection. These gold-finished frames are an excellent choice since they’ll make even cheap table numbers look more elegant.

Final Thoughts

Though they’re one small piece in the wedding planning puzzle, a good set of table number holders will be a boon to your guests and any servers working the wedding. Nor are they restricted solely for weddings—if you work at a restaurant or often entertain at home, you can use your new holders on a egular basis as well.

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