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The Best Tackle Boxes

🕚 Updated April 2022

A well-organized tackle box can save you a lot of time and stress when you're fishing at your favorite spot. If you're searching for the perfect storage solution for your next fishing trip, don't overlook these next-level tackle boxes.

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  Best Overall Best Soft Case Best with Tackle Best High-Capacity Best for Kids
7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System
Fishing Tackle Bag
Tackle Box
137401 Tackle Box
Cosmic Children's Fishing Equipment
Our SummaryThis durable tackle box offers plenty of storage capacity and the ability to organize your tackle for easy access.This rugged tackle bag features a roomy interior and plenty of pockets to store your gear.This budget-friendly tackle box comes with quality starter tackle that is perfect for beginners.This high-capacity tackle box can be customized to accommodate your specific fishing needs.This adorable children's tackle box is ideal for your kid's first fishing trip.
ProsSpacious design, durable option, easy to organize, comes with three bait racks.Size and color options, moisture-resistant nylon construction, easy-access compartments, highly-rated.Affordable price, comes with 132 pieces of starter tackle, lightweight and portable, great for beginners.Tons of storage space, durable build quality, lightweight design, comes with four 3700 series boxes.Great for young kids, cute and functional, includes starter tackle, two color options, nice tray depth.
ConsToo much for some.Minor durability concerns.Limited storage capacity.Too large for some applications.Not ideal for older kids.
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The Best Tackle Boxes

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When you’re fishing, the last thing you want to do is waste minutes struggling to find your favorite bass lure or sinker. Luckily, there are plenty of high-quality tackle boxes on the market that will not only protect your fishing gear, but keep your bait, lures, and hooks organized for easy access.

Buying Guide for Tackle Boxes

A fishermans rod reel and tackle box filled with lures and bait ready for the start of fishing season.
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Why buy a tackle box?

Aside from your fishing pole, your tackle box (and its contents) may be the most important thing that you bring to your favorite fishing spot. Tackle boxes keep your fishing gear organized and protected while you are out on the water. They also afford you a convenient place to store your hooks, lures, fishing line, and other fishing accessories, whether it’s at home or at your favorite pier. Many people can’t imagine fishing without their preferred tackle box, so find one that makes your life easier.

What should you look for in a tackle box?

  • Capacity: While some people like to haul all of their fishing gear to the lake in a high-capacity tackle box, others prefer traveling light so that everything is easy to find at a moment’s notice. For this reason, be sure to choose a tackle box that sports a suitable storage capacity for your style. Some people even invest in multiple smaller tackle boxes so that they can bring one for the occasion, whether it’s bass fishing at the lake or marlin fishing at the ocean.
  • Organization: Most tackle boxes come with built-in organizers that keep your tackle separate so that you can organize your gear to your heart’s content. You can also opt for a tackle box with a multi-tiered design or a variety of fold-out storage trays that will make organizing and retrieving your tackle as simple as possible.
  • Durability: Unsurprisingly, your tackle box is bound to get wet (and banged around) from time to time. Investing in a tackle box that is weather-resistant and durably constructed will help ensure that your tackle box is just as reliable a decade from now as it is the first morning you take it out to the water.

Should you invest in a tackle bag?

Soft tackle boxes (or tackle bags) are relatively new on the fishing scene compared to the hard tackle boxes we used as children. These come in a variety of sizes and often have many storage pockets that can be used to store electronics, gear, and fishing accessories. They can also accommodate plastic tackle racks but are somewhat harder to organize since they don’t utilize a fold-out design like most traditional tackle boxes. Tackle bags are a convenient option for those who like to travel light, but they usually lack the durability and convenience of your average high-quality hard tackle box. However, they are still a solid choice preferred by some anglers.

Our Picks for the Best Tackle Boxes

Best Overall

Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System

This durable tackle box offers plenty of storage capacity and the ability to organize your tackle for easy access.

Pros: Featuring a spacious design that is durable enough to take years of abuse, the Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System is a solid tackle box that is suitable for a wide variety of anglers. This tackle box comes with three removable bait racks and sports a transparent top access point, which makes storing your most often-used bait and tackle as easy as possible. It also includes four removable StowAway utility boxes to keep all of your tackle secure and organized so that you’ll always know where to find it in a pinch.

Cons: This tackle box will definitely exceed the storage needs of many people out there, especially beginners who haven’t been collecting tackle for decades. It’s also a fairly pricey tackle box, but it’s hard to knock it for this since its capacity and durability are top of the line.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a durable hard tackle box that makes it easy to keep your tackle organized, this one scores top marks. However, those who prefer organizing a compact tackle box to take fishing will likely prefer to invest in a more manageable storage solution for their gear.


Best Soft Case

KastKing Fishing Tackle Bag

This rugged tackle bag features a roomy interior and plenty of pockets to store your gear.

Pros: The KastKing Fishing Tackle Bag comes in a nice variety of sizes and colors and sports a waterproof bottom to keep its contents dry. Its rugged nylon construction also impresses in terms of durability and water resistance, and the bag sports a number of large pockets for easy access to your most important gear. This tackle bag is also roomy enough for quite a few tackle trays (regardless of the size you choose), so you won’t be too limited in terms of the tackle you can bring.

Cons: While this tackle bag is one of the more durable products of its type, some reviewers have noted having issues with the pull tabs that come connected to its self-repairing zippers. Also, it’s important to note that tackle trays are sold separately, so if you don’t already have a few available, your investment will be considerably pricier.

Bottom Line: While this isn’t the most budget-friendly tackle bag on the market, this product from KastKing distinguishes itself from the pack in terms of craftsmanship and durability. While this bag’s self-repairing zippers are a huge plus, it would be wise to handle them with care to prolong the life of your tackle bag.


Best with Tackle

Ready2Fish Tackle Box

This budget-friendly tackle box comes with quality starter tackle that is perfect for beginners.

Pros: If you’re looking for a tackle box that is tailor-made for young beginner anglers, the Ready2Fish Tackle Box offers a lot of value for its budget-friendly price. This lightweight tackle box comes with 132 pieces of (surprisingly handy) starter tackle and two fold-out trays to keep everything organized. While it’s not the most rugged product on the market, it’s deceptively durable given its bargain price, solidifying it as a fantastic investment for someone’s first fishing trip.

Cons: Although this product has a decent storage capacity for most beginner anglers, those with a lot of tackle to store will probably need to invest in a larger tackle box. That being said, it’s still a budget-friendly option for those who like to head out to the water with pretty much just the necessities in tow.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re looking for a tackle box for your child or testing the waters with getting back into fishing yourself, the Ready2Fish Tackle Box is a reliable product at a fair price. Most tackle boxes that include tackle do so as an afterthought, but this set comes with a nice array of quality tackle that is perfect for beginners and experienced anglers.


Best High-Capacity

Plano 137401 Tackle Box

This high-capacity tackle box can be customized with specialized 3700 series boxes to accommodate your specific fishing needs.

Pros: If you have tons of tackle, the Plano 137401 Tackle Box makes storing and retrieving your gear as streamlined as possible. This large, spacious tackle box comes equipped with four 3700 series boxes that can be swapped with specialized boxes of the same size for your Alabama rigs or spinnerbait. Despite being large and durable, this tackle box is also surprisingly lightweight, so you probably won’t have to struggle to haul it into your boat.

Cons: This tackle box’s size can be a disadvantage in tight quarters, so you may want to take some measurements and figure out if the 137401 Tackle Box is a good fit if you tend to fish in a small boat. Also, this tackle box is definitely on the more expensive side, although this is to be expected due to its high storage capacity and rugged design.

Bottom Line: Not everyone likes to bring a behemoth of a tackle box out fishing, but those who do will love the versatility that this product has to offer. In terms of storage capacity and build quality, tackle boxes at this price point don’t get much better than this. Also, if your spouse has been complaining about your fishing gear taking up too much space, this tackle box can provide a reliable home base to help keep the peace.


Best for Kids

Shakespeare Cosmic Children's Fishing Equipment

This adorable children's tackle box is ideal for your kid's first fishing trip.

Pros: If you’re buying a small child their first tackle box, this one from Shakespeare is every bit as functional as it is cute. Featuring two eye-catching color options, this tackle box sports a deep tray to help prevent spills when held in uncoordinated hands. It also comes with some choice pieces of starter tackle, including hooks, a bobber, and some bait. It’s hard to ask for more from a kid’s tackle box at this price.

Cons: As your child gains years and experience (not to mention additional tackle), they are bound to quickly outgrow this tackle box. Nevertheless, this product is designed to outlast your child’s need for it and is durable enough to be passed down to the next little fisher in your family.

Bottom Line: If you’re in the market for a tackle box that’s suitable for a lucky child’s first fishing trip, this one arrives with everything they will need. Don’t let this product’s cuteness fool you; it’s definitely not a toy that you should leave with an unsupervised child.

Final Thoughts

Fishing is a way of life for people all over the world, so investing in the perfect tackle box is important. These tackle boxes are trusty tools for many.

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