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The Best Tall Floor Vases

🕚 Updated May 2022

Do you have an empty corner in your home that could use some sprucing? Check out these tall decorative vases to make your home decor feel complete.

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  Top Choice Best Bohemian Design Modern and Sophisticated Best Moroccan Design Abstract Design
Large Floor Vase
24" High Wood and Grass Floor Vase
Beach Nostalgia Large Weathered Wood Vase
Metal Brown Grey Tones Moroccan Embossed Floor Vase
Deco 79
Eclectic Ceramic Vase
Our SummaryThis tall wooden vase is handcrafted and available in 14 color options.This woven wood and grass floor vase has a simple, rustic look.A beach-inspired floor vase that can stand alone or hold and accentuate a floral arrangement.This artistic metal floor vase brings a look of luxury to any room it's in.This 22-inch tall floor vase features a textured, multi-patterned exterior for a distinctive look.
ProsHandmade, eye-catching, slim bottle shape, made of 100% mango wood, can hold flowers or other decorations or be displayed alone.24 inches tall, can hold wood and grass, bohemian look, umbrella or cane holder, made of eco-friendly materials.Wooden vase, ocean-inspired design in a rippling blue wave pattern, comes in three sizes that can be mixed and matched.Elegant, 28.5 inches tall, metal with multi-colored finish, fits in with classic or modern decor, can hold water with a liner inserted.Eye-catching, made of durable stoneware, engraved with textured designs, neutral white and gray tones complement any color scheme, weighs 7 pounds. 
ConsNeeds hard and flat surface.Doesn't hold water/fresh flowers.Not designed to hold water, needs to be weighed down.May need to be stabilized.May shatter if dropped or knocked over.
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The Best Tall Floor Vases

Slim bronze floor vase, tall light blue floor vase, tall ombre brown to silver floor vase

Buying Guide for Tall Floor Vases

A home with a tall red vase and grass inside.

Why buy a tall floor vase?

Floor vases are lovely and versatile home decor items. They’re available in almost any color, shape, and size imaginable and can add interest to each room in your home. You can use them to showcase real or artificial flowers, pampas grass, and other decorative items or use them as a stand-alone piece. Simply placing a tall floor vase in a forgotten corner or hallway can spruce up the entire space.

What should you look for in a tall floor vase?

  • Material: It’s best for tall floor vases to be made of sturdy materials since they might be placed near walking and living areas where people can bump into them. Metal, stoneware, bamboo, wicker, and wood are suitable, durable materials for these vases.
  • Size: Select a vase in a size that is appropriate for your space. A floor vase that is too large may overwhelm a small space, while one that is too small will look dwarfed in a larger room.
  • Style: The style of the floor vase is also important to consider. Make sure to choose a style that complements your decor. For example, if you have a modern aesthetic, you may want to choose a sleek and simple tall floor vase.

How can you stabilize a tall floor vase?

You can put a couple of inches of small pebbles, marbles, or sand at the bottom of your floor vase to keep it stable and prevent accidental tip-overs. It’s also a good idea to place your tall vase in an area with lower foot traffic.

Our Picks for the Best Tall Floor Vases

Top Choice

Leewadee Large Floor Vase

This tall wooden vase is handcrafted and available in 14 color options.

Pros: This elegant wooden floor vase from LEEWADEE boasts an eye-catching, slim bottle shape. The handmade wood vase is made of 100% mango wood that has been carefully processed to ensure higher quality and durability. This unique piece is ideal for displaying branches, pampas grass, or flowers but is a stunning focal point on its own.

Cons: This slim floor vase is lightweight and may not stand well on carpet. A solution may be to place a flat surface like a wooden or tile board underneath it.

Bottom Line: LEEWADEE’s tall floor vase can be a perfect addition to your home decor if you want a simple yet sophisticated statement piece. It works best on hard floors.


Best Bohemian Design

Hosley 24-inch High Wood and Grass Floor Vase

This woven wood and grass floor vase has a simple, rustic look.

Pros: Add a natural, bohemian look to your decor with Hosley’s 24-inch tall wood and grass floor vase. This versatile vessel can be used to display decorative artificial flower or grass arrangements, but it can also work well as an umbrella or cane holder. Made of eco-friendly materials, this floor vase measures 9.06 x 9.06 x 24.02 inches and comes in natural wood color or classic white.

Cons: This vase doesn’t hold water, so it wouldn’t be appropriate for fresh flowers.

Bottom Line: You can get creative with this attractive floor vase and use it for a variety of decorative and functional purposes. The only real limit is its inability to hold water for fresh flowers.


Modern and Sophisticated

Beach Nostalgia Large Weathered Wood Vase

A beach-inspired floor vase that can stand alone or hold and accentuate a floral arrangement.

Pros: Stonebriar’s wooden vase has a beach-inspired design in a pattern reminiscent of rippling blue waves. The weathered finish gives it a rustic vibe. It’s This stylish vase comes in three sizes, perfect for a mix and match display.

Cons: This vase is another wooden option that is not designed to hold water, so it won’t accommodate real flowers. Also, it’s quite lightweight, so you’ll want to be sure to add some kind of weight to the bottom to ensure stability.

Bottom Line: This light blue vase can fit in well with almost any decor and is beautiful whether you display it filled or empty. Place it on the floor, on a window sill, or even as a table centerpiece. You may want to prep it with rocks or sand at the bottom to add weight.


Best Moroccan Design

Hosley Metal Brown Grey Tones Moroccan Embossed Floor Vase

This artistic metal floor vase brings a look of luxury to any room it's in.

Pros: This striking floor vase can accent your decor whether your style is modern or traditional. The multicolored finish on this metal vase gives it a unique look, and the 28.5-inch height makes it the perfect tall container for flowers or other plant arrangements. And feel free to bring on the fresh flowers this time! This floor vase can hold water as long as you place a liner inside.

Cons: This is another lightweight vase, so you’ll have to be sure to put something inside for stability.

Bottom Line: This beauty from Hosley is a work of art in itself, perfect for giving your space a stylish update. Remember to add weight to the bottom and use a liner if you’re planning to showcase real flowers in this lovely tall floor vase.


Abstract Design

Deco 79 Eclectic Ceramic Vase

This 22-inch tall floor vase features a textured, multi-patterned exterior for a distinctive look.

Pros: If you’re looking for a tall floor vase that delivers a bold splash of personality, you may want to consider this one from Deco 79. This distinctive floor vase is made of durable stoneware and is engraved with intricate, textured designs. The neutral white and gray tones complement any color scheme and can add a contemporary look to the room you place it in.

Cons: Unlike wood or metal floor vases, this stoneware vase has a risk of shattering if it’s dropped or knocked over.

Bottom Line: This eye-catching floor vase may be just what you need to bring a room to life. A neglected, bare corner can suddenly become an interesting focal point with this vase! You may want to avoid placing it in high-traffic areas since it could shatter if knocked over.

Final Thoughts

Floor vases are versatile decorations for spaces that may need a little oomph. Whether you want to fill a neglected space next to your sofa or add a regal design to your entryway to greet your guests, one of these tall floor vases will be up to the task!

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