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The Best Tall Plant Stands

🕚 Updated December 2021

If you're a plant dad or mom, there's a certain level of pride you take in the process of supporting and housing your leafy green babies. Here are some great plant stands to keep them safe and standing tall.

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  Best Multi-Tier Pedestal Stand Best Metal French Style Also Great
Bamboo Plant Stand
Decor Therapy
Accent Table
Amazon Basics
Plant Stand
Home Furnishing Plant Stand
Kate and Laurel
Accent Table
Our SummaryThis plant stand is 48 inches tall and crafted from an eco-friendly material built to withstand mold and bugs.This plant stand is designed with an ideally slender frame and protective base padding.This tall plant stand employs a modern display approach for delicate potted plants.This tall plant stand is molded in a lovingly classic appearance that can dress up any room or potted plant.This plant stand has style to spare across its frame and 13 different color options.
ProsIncludes six tiers and seven spots for placing plants, 48-inches tall, crafted from eco-friendly bamboo.Designed in a traditional approach that fits with most environments, 13 color options, scuff-proof leg pads.Features a secondary shelf at the base of its structure, forged from non-corrosive metal for reinforced power.Classic and traditional look, all-wooden construction, holds up well over time.Stylish, collapsible, 13 different color options, bowl design provides 360-degree border to prevent item breakage.
ConsRequires a six-step assembly process, light frame weight can be tipped over, hefty price tag.Lacks the storage space of other options, MDF construction doesn't hold up over time.Can be easily tipped over, potentially wobbly legs.Wood lacks protective varnishing so it's best used inside, lack of color options.Magnetic tray adhesion to legs can come loose, collapsible legs don't grant a great sense of stability.
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The Best Tall Plant Stands

Several potted plants on different stands in a room.

Take care of your plants by propping them up on a plant stand. This ensures optimal protection for your shrubbery, as they’re far and away from harm’s way and at a great height to appreciate them. If you’re in the market to truly take care of your plants, then here are a few tall stands we think you should check out.

Buying Guide for Tall Plant Stands

A tall and skinny plant stand holds a potted plant on it next to an upholstered chair in a living room.
Amazon Basics

Why buy a tall plant stand?

As noted previously, a tall plant stand will limit the type of damage a plant might normally take when placed on the floor or ground. Outside, plants low to the ground, potted or not, are likely to be trampled, picked at, tripped over, and subjected to harsher temperature conditions. Inside, low plants can also deal with the first few factors if kids or house pets get too curious. In addition to greater safety, a tall plant stand furnishes your home in a wholly unique way.

What should you look for in a tall plant stand?

  • Construction: First and foremost, you should consider the type of material your preferred plant stand is made from. This factor isn’t just important when you’re seeking ample style, but it’s crucial when you’re considering sturdiness and the anticipated longevity of an option. A stand that’s crafted from solid wood is susceptible to rot but can hang in for multiple years and withstand some pretty hard hits along the way. A stand made from metal is likely to be among the strongest options you could invest in, but some may argue that it doesn’t make for the most appealing designs.
  • Storage: It’s also important that your stand accommodate the space you need to store a few or a handful of plants. Plant stands are available in several design styles with plenty of storage. Of course, with more tiers comes a larger size, which directly ties into our next consideration.
  • Dimensions: The taller the plant stand, the safer your plants might be, but is that height right for your environment? Typically, a “tall” plant stand hovers at no less than 20 inches in height and can extend to as tall as 45 inches and beyond for some larger options. However, plant parents might need to save some space. Remember to pair the overall dimensions of your choice with the overall dimensions that your environment will allow.

How can you ensure longevity for a wooden plant stand?

There’s a lot standing in the way of a plant stand made entirely from wood, as its raw, untreated frame is a breeding ground for moisture-related rot and insects who love to burrow their way into the material. However, you can ensure the appropriate amount of protection for your wooden stand by upholding a few key qualities. First, it’s important to prioritize a stand made from real wood as opposed to compressed wood, given that the former can be water-resistant depending on a specific type of wood (i.e., cedar, redwood lumber, etc.). If you purchase a wooden choice outside of these boundaries, you can still protect it by coating it with a few layers of an impermeable varnish and by keeping the stand inside at all times.

Our Picks for the Best Tall Plant Stands

Best Multi-Tier

Gar-Life Bamboo Plant Stand

This plant stand is 48 inches tall and crafted from an eco-friendly material built to withstand mold and bugs.

Pros: With an abundance of storage space from the top to the bottom of its structure, here’s a plant stand that understands you’re raising more than just a single succulent. Across 48 inches of its frame are six tiers that can hold up to seven small- to medium-sized items, like plant pots, books, picture frames, and varying pieces of art. The frame itself is crafted from 100% bamboo material and layered with a protective varnish, giving the design a brighter sheen and optimal protection from bug infestations and mold.

Cons: Though minimal, this tall plant stand still requires a six-step setup after removal from its package, so this is definitely isn’t fuss-free. Because this stand only weighs 5.5 pounds, it’s imperative that you place the heftiest items at the bottom to prevent a top-heavy disaster.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a plant stand that allows plenty of opportunities to accessorize its overall look, this Gar-Life Bamboo Plant Stand features plenty of multipurpose storage in an eco-friendly package.


Pedestal Stand

Decor Therapy Accent Table

This plant stand is designed with an ideally slender frame and a protective base padding.

Pros: Designed with a bit more traditionalism than modern options, this plant stand wouldn’t feel out of place in a study or backyard porch. It’s a round side table that measures 24 inches in height and is available in 13 color options that would blend into almost any corner of the home. It also features dense rubber padding at the base of each leg to ensure floor scuffs are kept to a minimum.

Cons: Its smaller size can be an issue for some plant owners. While easier to place than some taller choices, it doesn’t grant a lot of space to place items. This stand is also crafted from MDF materials—an engineered alternative to wood that’s less expensive but not nearly as durable in the long run, leaving it susceptible to various forms of wear and tear.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a solid helping of classic style for your medium- to large-sized greenery, then this Decor Therapy Accent Table brings you ample surface space and plenty of colorful models to select from.


Best Metal

Amazon Basics Plant Stand

This tall plant stand employs a modern display approach for delicate potted plants.

Pros: This plant stand is another simple but sturdy choice. Unlike stands that are made from wood, this option utilizes an all-metal approach for reinforced power and a contemporary look. The dependence on metal means this plant stand can thrive in both indoor and outdoor conditions, given its anti-corrosive surface that resists moisture. The secondary shelf at the base of the stand adds more storage space.

Cons: Despite its metal frame, this plant stand weighs just 5.5 pounds, so it can be easily tipped over and might be wobbly. Each shelf is only capable of supporting items up to 5 pounds, limiting your display to smaller plants only.

Bottom Line: A thoroughly modern look that’s tougher than most available options, this Amazon Basics Plant Stand offers a simple look and two display levels for your smaller-scale vegetation. 


French Style

Frenchi Home Furnishing Plant Stand

This tall plant stand is molded in a lovingly classic appearance that can dress up a room or potted plant.

Pros: If you’re after something a bit more classic, with an almost whimsical sense of self, then look no further. Across 26 inches of this plant stand are traditional stylings that work well in most homes and know how to place your plant on a throne of its own. There are a variety of soft curvatures that define its open profile, from the scalloped edges bordering its tabletop to the slight arch at the top of each leg. Its all-wooden construction, available in two color choices, also adds to the timeless look.

Cons: Of course, a wooden plant stand often needs more protection if you plan to place it outside or subject it to constant moisture. This option does not feature additional safeguarding varnishes, so you’ll have to keep it indoors only. The lack of color options can feel limiting to those who want to personalize their selection.

Bottom Line: For the plant lover who has a taste for a good throwback, this Frenchi Home Furnishing Plant Stand provides ample space in a lovingly old-school package that can support at least two potted plants.


Also Great

Kate and Laurel Accent Table

This plant stand has style to spare across its frame and 13 different color options.

Pros: Prefer your stand to make a statement alongside your greenery? Here’s an option that features an exuberant amount of sophistication throughout its expertly structured frame. It’s forged entirely from metal, with various color options featuring a smooth surface and others employing a surface with a textured feel. However, the constant between each model is a slick tabletop that’s available in 13 different shades. The tabletop itself is built into a bowl, so there is a 360-degree border that won’t let your plants slide off the surface.

Cons: Because the tray top isn’t directly molded or screwed into its legs, there’s a chance for the top to come loose. Additionally, this stand’s legs are collapsible; while that’s great for storage, it’s not great for the table’s overall sense of stability. Some color options can cost you a pretty penny.

Bottom Line: A must-have for those looking for the kind of plant stand that looks fantastic without getting in the way, this Kate and Laurel Accent Table grants that one-of-a-kind look.

Final Thoughts

A tall plant stand could be just what your home needs to keep your pretty green babies safe, accessible, and on display. Take a look at our recommendations to find the right one for you.

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