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The Best Tape Dispensers for Your Office

a desk with a blue Scotch tape dispenser and other office supplies

When you need a piece of tape, you don’t want to have to dig for it in a drawer or fidget with a roll to find the end. Tape dispensers can make life much easier by keeping tape readily available on your desk in your time of need. Here are some we recommend.

Purchasing a Tape Dispenser

There are a few things you can consider to help make sure the tape dispenser you choose is the best for you:

  • Bottom: the bottom should have something to help keep it on the desk and not easily moved, also without damaging the top of the desk, such as felt or sticky feet.
  • Teeth: you don’t want to be fighting with the tape dispenser to release the tape, so make sure the teeth are sharp and of good quality.
  • Size: for desk-top dispensers, the size can be a bit larger, but sometimes smaller dispensers are great for smaller projects
  • Tape-Style: from packing and masking tape to clear office tape, it’s a good idea to make sure the tape dispenser you choose will be able to cut and holds the type of tape you will need (for reference, this article is focusing on clear office tape).

Best Overall: Scotch Magic Tape with Dispenser

black tape dispenser with six green packs of Scotch tape

This back dispenser comes with six rolls of matte-finished tape that is designed to become invisible when applied to almost any surface and is able to be written on with a pen, pencil, or marker.  The tape dispenser allows for the tape to easily be released and offers a smooth cut.

Best Overall

Scotch Magic Tape with Dispenser

Coming with six replacements of clear magic tape, this device allows for easy unrolling and cutting.

Best Multi-Pack: Klingy Electrogen Four-Pack Desktop Tape Dispenser

four pack black tape dispensers with rolls of tape
Kingy Erectogen

Perfect for both schools or offices, this pack of four dispensers features nonskid bases as well as quality cutting blades and comes with three extra replacement cores.

Best Multi-Pack

Kilingy Erectogen Four-Pack Desktop Tape Dispenser

Clean cutting edge with a nonskid bottom and replacement cores.

Best Design: VIBRANZ-LAB Cute Tape Dispenser

pink and yellow flower print tape dispenser with roll of tape

Featuring a modern design with a flower print, this tape dispenser has a weighted base with a high-quality cutting blade that is ideal for one-handed tape dispensing. It can even be matched with VIBRANZ-LAB other office supplies for cute and chic desktop style!

Best Design

VIBRANZ-LAB Cute Tape Dispenser

Features a cute floral pattern with a weighted base and high-quality blade.

Fun Option: Animmo Panda Style Desktop Tape Dispenser

panda tape dispenser with roll of tape

Available as a range of fun animals from a panda, a cat, a horse, a shark, and even an elephant, this tape dispenser is sure to add a wild flair to your desk. The tape roller is removable for easy replacements with a smooth steel-tooth tape cutter. There is also special velveteen felt cloth attached at the bottom for anti-slip and desktop protection.

Fun Option

Animmo Panda Style Desktop Tape Dispenser

Available in a range of animal designs with sharp cutting teeth and a velveteen nonslip bottom.

Best Small: Scotch Magic Tape Rolls

six pack of clear Scotch tape disposable rolls with one displayed in front

Designed for a range of uses, this tape can fix small tears or hold up posters and can easily be written on by a pen, pencil, or marker. The dispensers roll and cut tape easily and can be held in your hand or taken where needed. Available in both a six- or four-pack, they are great for stashing until needed or taking with you.

Best Small

Scotch Magic Tape Rolls

These dispensers are great for a variety of small uses and can be easily tucked and stored away.

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