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The Best Tea Bag Organizers

🕚 Updated October 2022

Are you a tea lover? Then you know the struggle of clearing cupboard space to house boxes of your favorite teas. We can help you ditch the boxes and make more room with these recommended tea organizers.

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  Top Choice Best Value Largest Capacity Best Rotating Display Most Beautiful Design
Plastic Stackable Tea Bag Organizing Bin
Mind Reader
9-Drawer Removable Tea Bag Organizer
3-Drawer Plastic Tea Bag Caddy
360-Degree Spinning Tea Carousel
Big Natural Bamboo Tea Box
Our SummaryDurable, shatter-resistant plastic makes tea extra accessible.Budget-friendly way to store more tea in a single space.Smaller design footprint with maximum tea storage.Stylishly showcases up to 60 of your favorite teas.Attractive, eco-friendly tea stash for your kitchen.
Pros✓ BPA- and chlorine-free plastic
✓ Lightweight
✓ Hinged lid
✓ 12 compartments
✓ Holds 120 bags
✓ Stackable
✓ Faceless cabinet
✓ Available in three colors
✓ Organizes by tea flavor
✓ Spacious boxes
✓ Up to 150 bags
✓ Two extra storage bins
✓ Durable plastic
✓ Fits in pantry
✓ Available in four colors
✓ Includes 27 storage departments
✓ Drawers include knobs
✓ Displays fronts of teas
✓ Small footprint
✓ Fun and unique
✓ No walls or lids
✓ 360-degree view
✓ Spinning carousel
✓ Great for small spaces
✓ Displays up to 60 tea bags
✓ Made from metal
✓ Chrome finish
✓ Windowed bamboo box
✓ Sophisticated vibe
✓ Lid secured by magnets
✓ Long-lasting material
✓ Stores up to 120 teabags
Cons✗ Not dishwasher safe✗ Too large for many drawers and cabinets✗ Not dishwasher safe✗ Handle gently as to not push and pull the light carousel✗ Temporary glue odor upon arrival
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The Best Tea Bag Organizers

Traditional tea ceremony setup, teapot, and tea cup with herbal tea bags.

Buying Guide for Tea Bag Organizers

Yellow and red tea bags in a wooden box.
Fabio Alcini/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a tea organizer?

If you’re a regular tea drinker, investing in an organizer will help keep your cabinets clear of multiple bulky boxes, and you’ll never have to dig through drawers and cupboards in search of a flavor. Organizers also help you sort teas by brand, flavor, or color; when you’re in the mood for a specific blend, simply open, browse, and pluck. Plus, these containers are pretty compact (with maximized storage) and easy to store in drawers or on countertops.

What should you look for in a tea organizer? 

  • Style: There are a lot of different tea organizers out there: boxes with lids and individual tea compartments, upright models with small sliding bins, or an open caddy with dividers. You’ll also find a lot of spinning carousels and miniature chests with drawers. Any of these styles will do the job, so all you need to consider is the aesthetic and function you’re looking for.
  • Design: Most tea organizers are wood, plastic, or metal, and each has its pros and cons. Wooden tea containers are usually made from gorgeous, durable bamboo—and they might take more counter space than others. Plastic organizers may be less durable, depending on the plastic, but their see-through design is handy and matches any kitchen. Though metal tea organizers are the least common, they’re durable, mainly featured in spinning tea carousels.
  • Capacity: The number of tea bags your organizer can hold depends on how many compartments, bins, or drawers it features. Most containers can hold at least a few-dozen tea bags, while others can hold 100 or more. Think about your tea collection and how often you drink it to find an organizer that fits your everyday lifestyle.

What else can you store in your tea organizer?

Depending on the size of your kitchen, there could be dozens of small ingredients and necessities sitting around without proper storage, like toys, cosmetics, medications, and office supplies. It’s way too easy to shove these odds and ends into a random drawer or cupboard, only to regret it days later when you can’t find what you need. A tea organizer will keep these important (and annoyingly displaceable) items accessible and within reach and, dare we say, help clear your junk drawer.

Our Picks for the Best Tea Bag Organizers

Top Choice

mDesign Plastic Stackable Tea Bag Organizing Bin

Durable, shatter-resistant plastic makes tea extra accessible.

Pros: Most tea organizers have clear sides, or a window lid, so you can easily see and select teas. This mDesign organizer takes it a step further, constructed with transparent, BPA- and chlorine-free plastic for a sleek, modern look that allows a quick peek and easy access. The bin is lightweight with a hinged lid to keep loose-leaf fresh and dust-free. It features 12 compartments for standing or stacking up to 10 tea bags—roughly 120 per container. It’s also small enough for countertops and drawers, and if you purchase more than one, you can stack them.

Cons: This tea box is not dishwasher-safe.

Bottom Line: See-through, plastic organizers make it a breeze to browse, pick, and brew your favorite teas, and this mDesign box is shatterproof, stackable, and easy on the eyes.


Best Value

Mind Reader 9-Drawer Removable Tea Bag Organizer

A budget-friendly way to store more tea in a single space.

Pros: It’s tea, up close and organized. There’s no need for a lid with this fun, faceless tea cabinet, available in three colors from Mind Reader. It helps keep teas organized by flavor, so you don’t have to second-guess which blend you’re going to get. With nine removable, spacious boxes, you can store up to 150 bags (more or less), and it features two extra storage bins at the bottom, in which you can store stirrers, honey packets, or sugar. The standing container is made of durable plastic and designed for years of use.

Cons: If you’re looking to hide your tea in a drawer or cabinet, this organizer may not be for you.

Bottom Line: When it comes to standing organizers, like this fun, unique option from Mind Reader, you’ll gain a ton of storage space and an adorable addition to wherever you enjoy your tea.


Largest Capacity

mDesign 3-Drawer Plastic Tea Bag Caddy

Smaller design footprint with maximum tea storage.

Pros: This plastic, nine-drawer organizer is available in four colors and is space-maximized with 27 storage compartments. Simply pull out a drawer (includes convenient, mini doorknobs), pick your blend, and push gently to close; it’s like a jewelry box for your precious teas, letting you display their unique packaging. These containers are also stackable for ultimate storage and feature a small footprint for space-saving display on countertops.

Cons: This is a non-dishwasher-friendly tea organizer.

Bottom Line: This is an excellent option between hiding and displaying your teas. It’s not completely clear but gives you a quick view of your favorites, making it easier to pick and choose without sorting through teabags. Purchase multiple, and you’re on your way to a cute, vertical tea display.


Best Rotating Display

Nifty 360-Degree Spinning Tea Carousel

Stylishly showcases up to 60 of your favorite teas.

Pros: Carousels are a fun, effective way to store tea—no walls or lids in the way of your favorite brands. This metal carousel, by Nifty, features a Lazy Susan base that spins for a 360-degree view, leaving no tea unturned! These little stands, finished with chrome plating, are excellent for small spaces and add a luxurious vibe to your kitchen. Store and display up to 60 tea bags at one time. This carousel is made to last, hard to break, and easy to clean.

Cons: This light, 7-inch carousel is easy to push and pull if using too much force.

Bottom Line: What a fun way to display your tea without taking up counter space. They’re stylish and allow for maximum access to tea. Use it gently, and it’ll store your tea with elegance and ease.


Most Beautiful Design

RoyalHouse Big Natural Bamboo Tea Box

Attractive, eco-friendly tea stash for your kitchen.

Pros: Windowed boxes are an attractive, sophisticated way to store things we love, especially some of our favorite colorful, creatively packaged tea brands. If you’re looking for a classic tea box, you’ll find it in this RoyalHouse bamboo box, secured by magnets and made with natural bamboo, a material that doesn’t quickly wear or discolor. Its eight deep compartments easily store 120 tea bags (upright or horizontally) without any crowding, and a large, see-through lid skips a step, allowing you to pick your blend before opening the box.

Cons: When your box arrives, you might notice a slight chemical smell off the bat (most likely wood glue or epoxy). Simply keep the lid open for a day, or two, before filling with tea, allowing it to air out.

Bottom Line: There is no need to sacrifice aesthetics for storage with this beautiful bamboo organizer; it’s large and durable without taking charge of your kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Most of us would benefit from a cup of hot tea daily, whether green, black, white, herbal (the list goes on), and with a quality tea organizer, you can skip the only bad thing about consuming tea—storing it. These spacious, quality tea organizers would be an attractive, helpful addition to tea time, helping free up counter and drawer space for the actual junk.

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