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The Best Teaching Clocks for Classrooms

a father teaching his son to tell time on an analog clock
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It may seem that analog clocks have become artifacts of our recent past. Almost everyone has a phone or watch with a digital clock now, even a lot of kids. However, telling time on an analog clock remains a valuable skill that schools continue to teach children. Here are some great clocks for that purpose, whether you need one for your classroom, homeschooling room, or playroom to help your kid practice.

Time to Buy a Clock?

Take a moment to think about the following:

  • Age: Teaching clocks target specific age groups. For example, you’ll find brightly colored wooden block teaching clocks for students who are still learning colors and numbers. There are also battery-operated clocks that look like regular ones but are color-coded to promote learning.
  • Modality: Oftentimes, teaching clocks for the very young are unmechanized and interactive. But you’ll also find speaking clocks, analog alarm clocks, and more. Look for a design that’s appropriately easy to understand for those you are buying it for.
  • Location: If you’re a schoolteacher, you may be looking for a wall-hanging clock. There are also small clocks with kickstands suitable for desks so that every student can have their own. Smaller children will enjoy clocks they can touch and interact with on a table or floor.

Best Overall: Wise Hedgehog Telling Time Teaching Clock

Female teacher holding clock. Students surround her.
Wise Hedgehog

The Wise Hedgehog teaching clock uses the classic, effective way to teach kids how to read the clock. First, have them find and record the number at the end of the short hand then the number at the end of the long hand. Lesson complete! The innovative, color-coded numbers and hands make it easier for kids to learn. Wise Hedgehog supplies purchasers with an eBook, complete with tips on how to improve accuracy when reading the clock.

Best Alarm Clock: Tinload Analog Alarm Clock for Kids

Brightly colored analog clock, outer rim is green, minutes and hours are color-coded

The Tinload alarm clock presents several time-telling methods. Around the edge of the face clock, every minute/second is marked with a number rather than the conventional reference mark. The hours and minutes are color-coded. It’s also an alarm clock! It ticks silently; when time’s up, it beeps gradually louder. There’s also a five-minute snooze button and a light button. The light shines for six seconds and then shuts down. It also comes in lots of colors!

Best Alarm Clock

Tinload Analog Alarm Clock for Kids, Telling Time Teaching Design, Silent Non Ticking, Increasing Beep Sounds, Battery Operated Snooze and Light Functions

This alarm clock offers snooze and light options, no annoying ticking, and a great approach to teaching time.

Best Wooden Sorting Block: Coogam Color Sorting Clock

rainbow wooden clock with different-shaped blocks for each hour

The Coogam teaching clock is not just incredibly cute. It’s a hands-on experience for little kids to learn shapes, numbers, and become familiar with the clock. The clock face looks just like an ordinary clock, with minute marks and hour and minute hands. The wooden, numbered blocks are painted all the colors of the rainbow for yet another opportunity to learn!

Best Wooden Sorting Block

Best for Toddlers: Best Learning Talking Learning Clock

Self-standing alarm clock with black clock face and yellow and red hands
Best Learning

The award-winning interactive talking clock by Best Learning gives kids an opportunity to have fun while learning to read an analog clock. It’s simple. Just set the hour and minute hands, and the toy will read aloud the time. Bonus features include a sleep mode and quiz mode. It may sound like a complex gadget, but don’t worry; it’s easy to set up!

Best Budget: Learning Resources Big Time Student Clock

Student and teacher sitting together with super bright yellow teaching clocks
Learning Resources

It’s hard to ignore the charm of this bright, school-bus-yellow teaching clock by Learning Resources. In fact, the clock face colors make it easy for kids to read. The hours are displayed in bright red and the minutes in blue. As your child pushes the minute hand forward, the clock mechanically updates the hour hand, displaying the time.

Best Budget

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