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The Best Tennis Ball Machines for Training

A person wheels a black tennis ball machine across a tennis court with their left hand.

Tennis ball machines help players have the freedom to independently train to improve their skills. With automated throwing, tennis ball machines can replicate a variety of realistic playing match scenarios, including different spins. To prepare to the best of your abilities, we recommend these tennis ball machines.

Choosing a Tennis Ball Machine

There are several tennis ball machines to choose from for your training regime. Consider some of these factors when making your selection:

  • Shot Variety: Spin, height, speed, and oscillation are the keys to choosing a tennis ball machine that’s right for you. Based on your playing level, you may need more varied shot options that will help you prepare for game day.
  • Portability: Since some machines have a greater holding capacity than others, their size and weight could affect their portability. If you travel with your machine often, be sure to check if it will be convenient enough to take with you.
  • Features: Tennis ball machines can have useful additional features, thanks to technology. For example, you can look for tennis ball machines that have remote controls, are programmable, or can be connected to your phone.

Best Overall: Sports Tutor Wilson Portable Tennis Machine

A Wilson tennis ball machine filled with yellow tennis balls is shown against a white background.
Sports Tutor

Wilson’s rechargeable tennis machine holds up to 110 balls and has a built-in oscillator that can deliver shots from anywhere on the court for up to four hours. It includes a topspin and underspin that is adjustable from light to heavy and releases balls up to 75 MPH from every 1.5 seconds to every 10 seconds. The machine also has elevation control that can change a ball’s trajectory from groundstroke to lob. The ball hopper folds down and comes with a built-in towing handle and large towing wheels for easy rolling.

Best Overall

Wilson Portable Tennis Machine - from The #1 Name in Tennis - Wilson Sports

This machine is manufactured from high-impact injected molded plastic to be conveniently portable.

Best for Kids: Sports Tutor Tennis Twist Ball Tosser

A spiral tennis tosser filled with green tennis balls and has the logo "Tennis Twist" on it.
Sports Tutor

This uniquely shaped, battery-powered ball tosser holds up to 28 balls. The device features an adjustable ball toss that reaches from 12 to 20 feet, and it throws balls every five seconds that can reach up to 15 MPH. Weighing in at only 11 pounds, this machine makes an especially effective and safe choice for kids training to play tennis.

Best for Kids

Sports Tutor Tennis Twist - Ball Tosser for Kids - Battery Powered

This ball tosser features a unique spiral design to make playing convenient and fun.

Highest Capacity: Sports Tutor Tennis Tutor Prolite

A black tennis ball machine filled with yellow tennis balls.
Sports Tutor

The rechargeable Sports Tutor tennis machine can hold up to 125 balls and provides up to three hours of playing time per charge. With easy-to-use control knobs, it can deliver random oscillation and ball tosses 10 to 60 MPH at a rate from every 1.5 to 10 seconds. Conveniently, the machine is only 12 inches high and weighs less than 30 pounds.

Highest Capacity

Tennis Tutor Prolite - Tennis Tutor is The #1 Selling Tennis Machine Brand Worldwide.

This tennis machine includes a smart charger that fully charges the battery overnight and shuts off automatically to prevent overcharging.

Best Shot Customization: SPINSHOT PLAYER Tennis Ball Machine

A green tennis ball machine filled with green tennis balls.

The tennis machine by Spinshot-Player is highly customizable so that you can be ready for anything your opponent throws at you. Easily programmable with any type of speed, spin, height, angle, and feed rate, it can help you practice every type of drill you desire. This machine also features a patented de-jam design for a seamless training experience. The convenient wheel system and 19-kilogram weight make this machine easy to transport around the court.

Best Shot Customization

Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine (Best Seller Ball Machine in the World)

This tennis ball machine comes with 12 pre-programmed drills, which give you a full variety of shots.

Best Portable: Match Mate Tennis Ball Machine

A front and side view of a blue Rookie tennis ball machine against a green background.
Match Mate

Made with heavy-grade aluminum, this rookie tennis ball machine only weighs 22 pounds. The machine offers speeds up to 30 MPH and varying delivery times and height adjustments, as well. The battery charge lasts up to five hours to give you plenty of practice time to perfect your swing. Complete with a transport handle, it makes for great training on the go.

Best Portable

Match Mate Rookie by Match Mate Tennis Ball Machine

This tennis machine has an aluminum outer shell and a urethane pitching wheel for long-term durability.

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